Do you offer group discount?

At TOKAY your team can benefit from:

  • 5 PAIRS: 7% discount
    • Use the coupon code 5FRIENDS
  • 7 PAIRS: 10% discount
    • Use the coupon code 7ONTHELINE
  • 10 PAIRS: 12% discount
    • Use the coupon code 10TOGETHER

For more information, contact me directly by email at

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What size should I order?

After developing a chart, and even an app, it results the easiest way is the most accurate one:

  •     If you’re using a US Men sizing, just go half a size below your usual shoe size
  •     If you’re using US WomenUK or EU sizing, order your usual size

We’re talking here about your usual shoe size. Do not refer to your cleats size, which is sometimes different, especially when you use soccer cleats.

If you’re unsure, check the UK size of the pair of running / training shoes that fits you best and buy the same UK size for your TOKAYs.

Of course each foot is different, and there’s no magic technique to find the perfect size on the internet yet.

Does TOKAY differentiate between men’s and women’s sizes?

TOKAY produces a unisex shoe in a large range of sizes. We do differentiate between men’s and women’s US sizes, but only as a frame of reference for people used to working in those measurement systems. Men can have narrow feet and women can have wide feet, so we chose not to distinguish between the two with a men’s and women’s fit. Instead, the two pairs of insoles delivered with every pair of cleats – the thinner yellow insoles and thicker blue insoles – can be used to customize the width of the cleats.

In what widths are TOKAY cleats available?

TOKAY cleats are currently only available in one width. However, all TOKAY cleats come with two pairs of interchangeable insoles in different thicknesses – one thin and one thick – in order to customize the fit according to your feet. The thin yellow insoles gives wider feet more room within the cleats while the thicker blue insoles give average feet a snugger fit. These removable insoles also allows for users with orthopedic insoles to easily swap these into their cleats.

Shoe weight

Will my cleats stretch?

Additional stitching and material reinforcements have been added in the cleats’ design to minimize deformation of the cleats through use. Some minimal stretching will occur, mainly upon initial use.

Are TOKAY cleats made with animal leather? 

No. We use high quality synthetic leather which is of equal (or better) quality than animal leather and also easier to maintain. We also chose to use artificial leather in order to avoid contributing to the animal suffering inherent in both the leather and food industry, and we were very happy to find out that this choice would result in a higher quality product.

What materials are TOKAY cleats made from?

The outsole is made out of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), a plastic with excellent abrasion resistance. The upper is made externally of synthetic leather with an additional layer of TPU for extra abrasion resistance. The inner lining of the upper is made of a 3D Mesh for additional comfort. In the mid-cut model elastane is used for the sock. The insole is EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), a lightweight material commonly used as a shock absorber in sports shoes.

Where are TOKAY cleats manufactured?

TOKAY cleats are manufactured in China.

Why should I take care of my TOKAY cleats?

Taking good care of your cleats will make them look better for longer, and (more importantly) it will keep your cleats in better working condition. They were designed and made to be durable, and taking care of your TOKAY cleats will help them to last even longer.

How do I take care of my TOKAY cleats?

By playing ultimate, your cleats will often get dirty and wet. That is totally fine. But it is much better for your cleats if they do not stay muddy and wet for too long. So: clean them, let them dry, and use your cleats like cleats.

CLEANING – clean your cleats regularly

Mud gets into the fabric pores and over time this affects the breathability, flexibility and therefore also the durability of your cleats. Simply use a wet towel or sponge to remove the mud off of your cleats after a muddy training or tournament. Do NOT use solvents to clean your cleats and do NOT put your cleats into the washing machine. This will moisten the inner foams and help the growth of bacteria.


DRYING – allow your cleats to dry

Encourage your cleats to dry naturally by placing them in a dry and well-ventilated area. Remove the insoles and let these dry separately. Insoles usually retain a lot of water and absorb most of your foot sweat. If your cleats are very wet you can also put some balled up newspaper paper into them to help absorb out the moisture. For many of us, just taking our cleats out of our bags after practice is a good first step in the right direction.


Even more importantly: do not actively dry your cleats by putting them in the dryer, on a radiator, or blasting them with a hairdryer. As with all cleats, active drying methods are quite bad for cleats and will cause the materials to break more quickly.


OFF FIELD TIPS – use your cleats properly


Finally, use your cleats like cleats. Work them hard, but please do not walk on concrete in your cleats. This will damage the studs and might even sharpen them. While that might sound cool in theory, it can hurt quite a bit in practice. So stay safe, and change out of your cleats if you need to walk across an area of concrete.


Wear flip-flops between games, but don’t wear your cleats like flip-flops. The reinforced heel counter plays an integral role in the functionality of your cleats, wearing your cleats like flip-flops will damage the heel and decrease functionality of the cleats overall. Taking your cleats off between games is also really good for your feet. Pop on a change of socks and you and your cleats will both feel brand new.

What forms of payment does TOKAY accept?

We accept credit card or PayPal as well as Apple, Google pay and Link as standard payment options within our online sales platform.

If you would prefer to pay by check or wire transfer, please get in touch so we can make arrangements.

What is Paypal 4X?

The 4x PayPal Payment is a new offering provided by our payment partner, PayPal, allowing you to now settle your purchases in four installments. The first installment is due at the time of purchase, followed by 3 subsequent repayments made every 15 days thereafter.

This service is completely free of charge.

Paypal 4X troubleshooting
Pay in 4 might not always be available to you even if advertised. If you do not pass Paypal’s automated internal checks, 4X will not be available for use at this time and the Paypal 4X will not be displayed on our page. In this case please reach out to Paypal directly for any question on this topic.

When Paypal 4X is available to you, you can see this banner on the product page and shopping cart translated in your langage:

In the order page, when choosing Paypal as a payment method, you’ll see both button:

If you can’t see the banners, you may need to connect to the website with your Paypal account’s email address, or just wait until you’re at the order page.

If you still can’t see it, you may try to switch your currency to your Paypal’s account currency in the top left corner of the website.

More about Paypal 4X

When applications are reviewed, several factors could be considered, including, but not limited to, the information you provided in your application, your credit score, your transaction history with PayPal, your repayment performance on open or prior loans, and how long you’ve had a PayPal account.

Each application is a new decision and is not based on the approval or decline of a prior application. However, having open loans and your repayment performance on prior loans may impact whether your current application was approved or declined.

Because each application is subject to credit approval, not every application will be approved.
If your application cannot be approved, you will be sent a secure message on your PayPal account with the details about your declined application.

If your request for 4x Payment is approved, you are effectively entering into a contract with PayPal. This means that PayPal is the lender.

To avoid any surprises, we encourage you to ensure that you will be able to make the payments as scheduled.

To review the terms and conditions on the PayPal website, click here: Link to terms and conditions.

*Credit involves an obligation and must be repaid.

Why can’t I add an item to my basket?

If a colour or size is grayed out and cannot be selected, that means we no longer have this combination of model color and size in stock. Please contact us so we can tell you when your desired order will be available again.


We have 2 warehouses, one in France that handles European orders and one in California, USA that handles orders to the rest of the world. Some of our products may not be available in one or both of the warehouses. When placing your order you can choose your shipping contient in the top right corner. If the product you selected is not available in the warehouse serving your delivery country your will receive an error message.

In case of doubt about the availabilty of a product, please reach out to us at specifying your shipping country and the product, size and color you’re looking for.

How long does it take for my order to ship once it is placed?

All orders will be processed and prepared within 2 working days after the order is placed. Hereafter, TOKAY undertakes to deliver orders within a usual average time of:

– 2 to 3 working days for delivery to Metropolitan France,

– 2 to 5 working days to Europe

– 3 to 6 working days for any other destination.

How much does shipping cost?

We have simplified our transportation fees into a flat rate.

North America
US 8,50 € $9,35
CA 11 € $ 12,1
FR / BE 8,50 € $9,35
DE / AD / AT / SP / IT / LU / MC / NL / PL / PT / CZ / UK / VA 10,50 € $ 11,55
HU / IE / LV / LI / RO / SL / SI / SE 11 € $ 12,1
BG / DK / EE / FI / GR 14 € $ 15,4
CH 18 € $ 19,8
Other countries
Any 30 € $ 33

Can I cancel an order once it has been placed?

If you realised you made a mistake when placing your order, please reach out to us at as soon as possible and we will do our best to stop the shipment.

If we can’t treat your request bfore the order is prepared, we won’t be able to stop it. However, once you have received the shipment, you can cancel your entire order or part thereof within 14 days of the date of receipt of the product(s) and return the products back to us.

There is an issue with my cleats or my order, what should I do?


If you have any issues with your order or your cleats, please contact us directly at:

You can include the following information so that we can most expediently and effectively resolve whatever the issue may be:

  • Order number (if applicable)
  • Description of the issue
  • Pictures of the issue and general pictures of the shoes, as well as a picture of your cleats laced onto your feet showing where you big toe reaches.

There is no problem exchanging them as long as they are new and unused.
To proceed to an exchange we need you to send us back the pairs, and we will send you new pairs for free.

We have a return address in California – USA, in Quebec – Canada and in France.

If you don’t want to cover the cost of shipping the shoes back, you can also see with some of your teammates if they would be interested in buying the cleats that you have. In this case we would offer shipping on the next pair.

What is TOKAY’s warranty policy?

We do our best to find the balance between performance and durability on a product that we know you’ll be hard testing.

But even with a good design and field tests, problems may arise during production. A press that wasn’t hot enough on the first product of the batch, a roll of material that wasn’t properly stored etc… Can lead to a defective product.

We held accountable for our products and offer the following warranty:

– If your pair lasted less than 6 months, we will exchange your product.
– If your pair lasted from 6 to 12 months, we will offer a 50% discount on your next pair
– If your pair lasted from 12 to 18 months, we will offer a 30 % discount on your next pair.

This warranty policy only applies to production issues, which encompass generic production issues (eg a press that wasn’t hot enough and didn’t glue the material properly) or issues linked to a specific production (eg. we know about 5% of the production of July 2019 had a defective material on the heel). Is excluded from this warranty wear and tear related to an intense use of the product, as well as issues coming from maintenance outside of our guidelines.

The date is calculated from 10 days after your purchase. If you have a doubt about the quality of one of our products, please reach out to including if possible:
– Your order number, or the name associated with the order as well as the month and year.
– Pictures of the defect, as well as pictures of the label under the tongue.
– A picture showing where your toes reach into the cleats, with your cleats laced up just like this:
After 18 months, if you think your cleats suffer a production issue, please make sure you reach out to us as well.

This warranty is limited to one exchange per order.