Group Orders

Are you an Ultimate Frisbee club that wants light, comfortable and efficient cleats? Or a group of friends who wants shine on the fields? You’re on the right page!


Quarantine is the right time to make a group order and get back to the fields with the best cleats! At TOKAY you can benefit from:

  • 3 pairs: free delivery
  • 5 pairs: 10% discount and free delivery
  • 7 pairs: 15% discount and free delivery

For more information or to get the discounts, contact me directly by email:

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It’s not because we’re stuck home that we can’t think about the moment when we can go out again, throw discs and high five! (Do you remember the high five?: D).

The world of Ultimate has been badly affected by this crisis. Not only your team trainings and the work of the volunteers organizing the tournaments, but also the brands.

Just like local businesses, which participate in the life of the territories, you will have the possibility to support the Ultimate brands by buying from them rather than from the big retailers, this will allow us to better pass the crisis and continue to participate in the life of our community!

Forget You’re Wearing Cleats

We’re stoked to present the new version of our Ultimate specific cleats the TOKAY Flight.

Lighter, Stronger, more Breathable, still Grippy as hell, that’s all the features of the TOKAY Flights that will make you forget you’re wearing cleats to concentrate only on your game.

Discover more about TOKAY Flight.

Durable Ultimate frisbee cleats


The fabric based upper helps to aerate the most sensitive parts of the foot and limit the sensation of heat and odors.


Among the lightest cleats on the market, you’ll quickly forget you’re wearing cleats, without compromising with performance or durability.


The position and shape of each stud was custom designed to optimize grip and movement control, allowing you to go wherever you want to go.


Many players left their review on Facebook and our website so you can have an idea of what playing in TOKAY feels like before ordering.

Picture credits: NSOM, Pict Your Company