[Welcome] How to Lace your Cleats

The lacing technique you use on your cleats can make a significant difference to your feet and therefore impact your overall performance. We want you to make a deliberate decision about what lacing technique best suits your feet, because happy feet make for a happier player.  

We have compiled a small selection of functional lacing techniques that will accomplish things like relieving the discomfort felt by athletes with wide feet, narrow feet, high arches, and everything in between including toe pain and heel slippage. We’ve also included two lacing alternatives for those of you whose shoes fit just right but still want to get in on the fun of different lacing styles.

Once you’ve laced up those cleats, give our shoe tying article a look for tips on how to keep your laces tied.


This lacing style will loosen your entire shoe.


Alternative lacing style if your entire shoe feels too tight. In this technique the laces are more evenly distributed giving a more comfortable fit.


This method will tighten your entire shoe, but make sure you can still flex your feet normally. Avoid over tightening your shoes since that could prevents normal blood flow causing numbness and even bruising.


Alleviate pressure on a particular part of your foot by skipping two eyelets above an area where you experience a lot of tightness (e.g. the forefoot if you have especially wide forefeet or the middle of your shoe if you have high arches). This will reduce pressure without losing a lot of support.


TOKAY cleats have been designed to give your toes more room, but this lacing method will lift the toe cap and give your toes even more space. Be sure to thread from your big toe up to the opposite top.


Use this finish in combination with your preferred lacing technique to avoid getting blisters and wearing out the heel of your cleats. It secures your heel without tightening the rest of the shoe and even provides additional ankle support.


This method will allow you to quickly and evenly tighten your shoes by pulling on the loose ends.


Difficult to tighten, but the hash symbol nicely shows off the gradient coloring of the low-cut’s tongue. #WOW #nice


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