TOKAY’s first breath

I’m often asked what the name and logo of TOKAY Ultimate represent. Read on for answers!


Naming a project is always a mess. There are plenty of names you love… that are already registered. After some good headaches, I came out with the best idea: ASKING A FRIEND.

Since our design for the Ultimate specific cleats would be based on community input, it seemed appropriate to ask the community for suggestions regarding a suitable name for our project as well. So we held a small contest to help us name the company. The prize? The FIRST, EVER TOKAY product, a swaggy CAP!

The contest was a success with more than 100 responses. Thanks again to all of you that racked your brains for suggestions!

In the end I chose TOKAY – a particularly colorful species of gecko. They are fast, agile, and stick to just about everything; characteristics that to me represent the Ultimate Frisbee player and the cleats they’re looking for.

Since Roubi had the idea of gecko, and KMI found the TOKAY, both won a cap. Here is a tribute to those early helpers. Thank You!

Roubi #7 PAF
(London, UK)

KMI #88 Chamber’Monts Disque
(Chambéry, France)

Here are a few of the other ideas that made our shortlist:

Nickname Idea
Quentin Huddle
Clément ROQUE Huck’n Dive
Gawel Switch


The logo is based on the fingerprint of the TOKAY gecko. TOKAYs can support their entire body mass with a single toe, and the lines in our logo are the bumps that allow the TOKAY to stick so well to almost any surface, including their Frisbee!

Each thumbprint is also unique. We chose this symbol as a commitment to make sure we will always strive to put all our personality into the development of our products.


It was pretty inevitable given our name’s gecko origins that we would find ourselves with a TOKAY mascot. Meet Tropikay!

This adorable little guy keeps the fun alive while we work hard to get you the Ultimate specific cleats that your feet deserve.

Tropikay mascot Tokay Ultimate

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