[NEW PRODUCT RELEASE] Your Best Summer Companion

You dreamed about it without even knowing it was possible. But thanks to the collaboration of 2 international athletes, having both an impressive record on grass and beach, we developed the product that will highlight your summer tournaments, FOREVER.


“I love playing, especially at a high level as I play to chase the excitement of competition. For that reason I train a lot, and get to play on various surfaces, mainly sand and grass. But to give my best on the fields, training is not enough, I also need the best equipment, and this is where I was feeling like something was missing…. When I realized it I started sketching, I contacted TOKAY, and this is when the MAGIC happened!”


“ I’ve always played every time I could, it’s like a second nature to me, it is part of my life, part of me. I’ve grown up running on grass, running on sand, always after that plastic disc. I never really wondered if I was wearing the right footwear to do it. When TOKAY contacted me to take part to this project I said Why Not, and will never regret it, as it changed the way I play now.”

We’re happy to introduce you the Ultimate Flip, a new kind of footwear, the most versatile you’ve ever seen. Developed to perform as much on sand as on grass, it will accompany you all summer long to your leagues and tournament games.

Their elegant design also allows you to match them to your everyday outfit, to bring the fun of the weekend to your office chair!


Their Beach looking design will remind you the best time of your summer, wherever you go.


Is there a most breathable material than air? The answer is NO. Your feet will be surrounded with air, and that will make them happy!


Same sole as on our boots, lots of studs for lots of grip!


By matching an anatomical design to carefully selected materials these shoes will provide your feet with the best feel ever.


“In addition to all the work we put together for month to fine tune the product, I am happy that I could contribute to a project that a lot of players will improve the game of so many players”


“As a young athlete, I am feeling lucky to know that such footwear exists now to accompany me all along my career. And I also feel really happy for the opportunity I had to be part of it!”

The Entire TOKAY team would like to thank Ben Oort and Robyn Fennig for their involvement into this beautiful project, send them love. Also FICUS Ultimate for the inspiration, Amorce and Ulti.tv for the images. Drop a blue thumb to these people, they Rock!

Never Order the Wrong Size Again

We’re stocked to announce the launch of our new service: an App to let you to measure your feet from your smartphone.

As choosing the right shoe size remains the main issue for ordering shoes online – especially for cleats that need a perfect fit – we teamed with another startup to provide this unique service.

Whether you’re looking for your next BCF (Best Cleats Forever) or just want to get your foot 3D scanned on your smartphone, here is the way, in just 2 steps.

1st step: Download the app and follow the flow

To complete the scans you’ll need:


In order to ensure you have a scan as accurate as possible, please make sure you follow these rules:

  • Use a A4 or Letter format paper, and indicate the right format when starting the scan
  • Make sure the sheet is not bent, and lies on a rigid floor (eg. no grass or carpet)
  • Do not move you foot between the 3 picture
  • Make sure the pictures are evenly exposed to light.

Once you have taken the pictures, create you account.

Congrats! You can now play around and brag about the 3D scan of your foot!

Note: This app realizes this magic trick by combining a bunch of sensors and some serious technology. Given the wide variety of smartphones on the market, it can face some issues. If this is the case, please let me know by sending me a description, screenshots and device reference would help!

2nd step : Log on Tokay-ultimate.com

Once on pour product page,  connect to the app by clicking on the


You’ll be proposed your size. To prevent mistakes, we’re using the European sizing, so make sure the page sizing system is set to EU.

Congrats you’re done! 

As easily as this you now just need to choose your model and check out!

Note: if you’re used to US sizing, don’t be surprised to be proposed a smaller size than usual.

Like this service? We’ll be delighted to hear it! Faced issues? We’ll be happy to help!

So let us know

[TOKAY AMBASSADORS] They Joined The Crew

3 players joined our Ambassadors program

Navigate the map to meet the closest one to your practice field, or keep reading to discover what decided them to become part of TOKAY’s Crew.

Why becoming an Ambassador?

We asked the same question to our 3 newcomers, and were delighted to read their answer.

Curious about what they had to say about TOKAY? Well… Read on!

Robyn FENNIG, Madison, WI, USA

Personal code: STATEBIRD

My long feet have struggle to find cleats that fit. Many of the American football and soccer cleats fail to hug my feet the way I want, while maintaining functionality on the field. TOKAY’s cleat pattern were designed with the demands of ultimate in mind so I can change directions easily and get the right amount of traction to react quickly and explosively. The best thing: they lasted me an entire year of intense play through the AUDL, European and American seasons of 2018, on top of all of the training! Tokay cleats are lightweight, durable, and look really cool — all the details that contribute to a great playing experience no matter where I am!

Nathan BRAUN, Portland, OR, USA

Tokay’s changed the way I play ultimate. I would always buy Nike football cleats and my feet were sore for the first 2 months of playing. Even after using shoe stretchers, my Nike’s would make my feet feel like they were being clamped down on. The first time I slipped my Tokay’s on, the feeling was nothing less than magical. My feet and toes had room and the comfort was next level. I instantly felt the difference cutting as well. Sideways cuts, I felt like my feet grabbed the ground and my burst out of those cuts was increased significantly.

Personal code: NAT20

Ben HORNUNG, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Personal code: BBDD

After we met at Windmill, I Wanted to let you know the cleats I brought with me have held up through the rest of my summer backpacking adventure and more-than-occasional pick-up play through Germany, Denmark, Sweden, & Norway, not to mention a championship-winning fall league season (plus a so-so indoor one) back here in Philadelphia! My longest-lasting cleats yet, hands down.
I think they are super-sturdy and comfortable cleats, which is rare on their own to find, and furthermore I think their ultimate-focused specifications and high-quality manufacture by association help increase the reputability of ultimate as a legitimate internationally quality-recognized sport.

What is the TOKAY Ambassadors program?

The goal of this program is to bring TOKAY closer to you to provide a better, more human and friendly service.

Our Ambassadors are high level players who have been playing with TOKAY last season and want to share their experience.

You can reach them, either on the big wide web, or on the sideline, to ask your questions or get some tips about feet and footwear!

They also have some discounts for you!

You’re a happy TOKAY owner? You’d like to share your experience and join us to build the brand?


[TOKAY AMBASSADORS] Meet our Fantastic Four

Pic. Credits : SAT: Karl J Kaul, Ywan: Nathan Kolakovitch

As the year begins, we’re launching the TOKAY Ambassadors program.

What is the TOKAY Ambassadors program?

The goal of this program is to bring TOKAY closer to you to provide a better, more human and friendly service.

Our Ambassadors are high level players who have been playing with TOKAY last season and want to share their experience.

You can reach them, either on the big wide web, or on the sideline, to ask your questions or get some tips about feet and footwear!

They also have some discounts for you!

You’re a happy TOKAY owner? You’d like to share your experience and join us to build the brand?


Navigate the map below to meet our Fantastic Four

[2018 WRAP UP] The Very Best Of Our Blog

This awesome 2018 year is about to end.

As simply as this, we analysed the visits of our blog to extract what interested most our readers.



Few people know that many feet problems can be changed by modifying the lacing technique.
Wide feet, pressure points, slipping heel and much more…

For the next blog articles we stay in the

HOW TO Category


Finding the perfect match for your cleats can be a headache.
These 6 tips are here to help you sorting it out


Did you ever think on how to tie your shoes since kindergarten?
Learn how to make more secure and faster knots, for sure the best way to brag on the sideline.


Not sure about your size?

We tell you here how to make sure you’ll order the right one!


Finding the right pair of cleats isn’t easy, and when you have them you hope this relationship will last as long as possible.
Here are a few tips to make ANY pair of cleats last longer!

Coming up next:


THE AOAST Unabbreviated

Discover the story, the ambitious goals and the team behind the Asian-Oceanic All Star tour.


All you need to know about the Tour and the team that brought the Americus Cup back to Europe.

As we know you like:



Find here all the interviews we made of the teams we sponsored for WUCC.


Read our 5 part history of Ultimate Frisbee Cleats, from their invention by King Henry VIII to GAIA Cleats.

[EUROSTARS] All You Need To Know About the Tour

After a huge success last year, the EUROSTARS Tour is coming back to put their hand on the Americus pro cup

Beyond the cup and the game results, the EUROSTARS is an awesome project built to promote gender equity in Ultimate
through professional, elite level women’s games and clinics. Their key objectives are:

  • INSPIRE women and girls worldwide
  • HIGHLIGHT the widespread female talent found across Europe.
  • PROVIDE dedicated European women the opportunity to play semi professionally in a team deep with talent.
  • SHARE spirit globally, in all its glorious international flavors.
  • PROMOTE and feature female athletes.

So first of all please make sure you follow the EUROSTARS in their journey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

TOKAY is proud to be the official footwear supplier of such a beautiful project, so we have gathered below all the relevant information you could need to follow the Tour.

Cover Photo Credits: William D Walker.

Americus Pro Cup

The format of the Americus Pro Cup is easy:

The EUROSTARS teams – made of 16 European Elite Club players from 12 countries – will face 7 of the top US and Canadian Club teams over 2 weeks.

The points are earned as follow:

  • Win by 1: 1 Pro-cup point
  • Win by 2 or 3: 2 Pro-cup points
  • Win by 4+: 3 pro-cup points


Team EUROPE: 12 Results Team AMERICA: 6




Aug. 14



Aug. 16


San Francisco

Aug. 18



Aug. 21


Brute Squad

Aug. 23



Aug. 25


Washington DC

Aug. 28


Best of luck girls!

[Welcome] Meet Ingeborg, TOKAY’s new community manager

TOKAY is growing, with Ingeborg Kuijlaars recently joining our team as your community manager.

Her primary mission is to use all her creativity to run the social media accounts with beautifully designed artworks and heartbreaking poetry, plus the many little joys a startup job brings you every day.

But who could introduce her better than herself?

With the Power PUF Girls at Rising High

[Credit: Daan van Duijn]

“I first started drinking coffee seriously in 2007, when I started studying architecture. Incidentally also the same year I found out about Ultimate. I joined the newly founded D.C.U. of Downing College at Cambridge University. As a lefty and a recreational player with a heavy course-load, I managed to avoid learning the forehand until studying for my master’s at the TU Delft. Initially joining Force Elektro as a ploy to make friends, I buckled down to develop some actual Ultimate skill and made the Dutch National Women’s Team for the EUC in 2015 and the WUGC in 2016.
In the Netherlands I also got involved with the organisational aspects of Ultimate. Joining the board of my club for two years, I later became a trainer for Force Elektro and co-founded the women’s team, a challenging move in a technical university town. Along the way I picked up the additional role of co-coordinating the Dutch Indoor Competition, a role I felt compelled to adopt after advocating for the creation of a Dutch Women’s Competition. The Competition (both indoors and outdoors) only counts 8 to 10 teams; but I am absolutely proud of her unofficial role in its creation, and my more active role in its continued existence.

With the FE women’s team at the Dutch Outdoor Competition 2017

[Credit: Martine Bootsma] 

My first year as a trainer and captain of the FE Women

[Credit: Caroline “Bubbles” Jaffe]

Until recently, I worked as an architect in the Hague. As a licensed architect, and therefore a hyper-critical and detail oriented design professional, I had a lot of experience balancing form and function. This experience will come in useful for creating the content that will dazzle you and your news feeds. I am incredibly excited to be joining the TOKAY team to help bring our ultimate specific cleats to as many happy feet as possible. My first trip with TOKAY will see me back home to the Netherlands to attend the European Youth Ultimate Championships in Veenendaal. If you’re at the EYUC (from Tuesday to Friday), do come by our stand at Tournament Plaza to say hi (if you don’t have this chance, you still can say hi here!).”

[Job] We hire a community manager


TOKAY develops shoes destined to ultimate frisbee players all over the world.  Within the scope of our product launch, we are looking for someone to support the development of our brand on the internet, mainly via social networks.

Directly linked to the founder, you take part to the setting up of the product launch strategy and execute it.


Our ideal candidate has exceptional oral and written communication skills and is able to develop engaging content. If you are experienced in social media and brand management, if you are interested in diving into a new adventure and be part of the development of a brand on every continent, we would like to meet you.

  • Set and implement social media and communication strategies
  • Set up the web marketing tools
  • Provide engaging text, image and video content for social media accounts
  • Plan and coordinate the publications on social networks and blogs
  • Respond to comments and customer queries in a timely manner
  • Monitor and report on feedback and online reviews


  • Proven work experience as a community manager
  • Master the graphic design and video editing tools
  • Hands on experience with social media management for brands
  • Attention to detail and ability to multitask
  • Writing skills and good spelling expected
  • English mandatory, other langages highly welcome
  • Knowledge of the sport is highly valued


Fixed-term, part time contract.

Based in Chambéry, Fr.


Please send your application at:

  • Robin
  • Founder
  • robin@tokay-ultimate.com

Press Review

Find below all the artciles published about our project, in a chronological order.

In English:

Hello Robin. Can you tell us a little bit about your background in Ultimate?

Hi Mark, well my background in ultimate is not the most impressive; I’m now entering my 3rd year playing. I started to play thanks to a friend, and stuck with the game and all the things surrounding it: the spirit, the community, the tournaments… Read More…

TOKAY’s Story

As in most modern fairy tales, TOKAY’s story begins around a beer, chatting with teammates about life, the universe, and obviously…ultimate. I can’t remember how the subject of ultimate dedicated cleats came into the conversation, maybe arguing about what existing cleat out there had the best grip or ankle support. Read more…

You don’t need much to play ultimate, and that’s always been a selling point. A field, a disc, eight cones, some friends, and cleats cover your non-negotiables.1 Most of those items can be borrowed — but not your footwear. Read more…

Ultimate players’ feet are clapping! Cleat Appreciation Day may be a thing of the past!

A new “frisbee gear brand” – TOKAY – claims to be producing a cleat for the sport of ultimate. The ultimate cleats are designed … to run faster, cut harder, and jump higher. A “swaggy” ultimate frisbee shoe is also in the works. Read more…

En Français :

Robin Lamy, ex-responsable du cluster Sporaltec, a créé la start-up Tokay en vue de développer des chaussures spécialisées pour la pratique de l’ultimate frisbee. Il vient de lancer une campagne de financement participatif sur la plateforme Kick Starter. Lire plus…


Contrôle et agilité sont les deux direction qui ont présidé à la conception de la chaussure d’ultimate proposée par Tokay.

Cet été, la start-up Tokay devrait mettre sur le marché une chaussure dédiée à la pratique de l’ultimate.  Lire plus… (lien réservé aux abonnés)