[2019] A Real Life tale

To tell 2019 I have to start with a “Once upon a time” as this year was filled with so many ups and downs, with suspense and surprises. As every tale, it concludes with a moral.

Innovation and sustainability

When planning 2019, I had wanted to organise TOKAY on 2 words: Innovation and sustainability.

On innovation, we achieved quite a lot for a single person team: Launching a feet measurement app, releasing the TOKAY Flight, and of course our Ultimate dedicated Flip-flop, gem of the year.

In 2019 TOKAY also released the Ambassadors program, giving the opportunity to players who had been supporting the project from the early stages to integrate TOKAY more officially. It also included news players who wanted to advocate for the brand they liked. Dear ambassadors, if you read this, thank you for your support!

Sustainability wasn’t such an easy matter to assess. While I could lead some actions that will have a positive effect on TOKAY’s environmental impact – such as reorganising the supply chain – sustainability requires to lead proper studies to evaluate those impacts before drawing conclusions. Those studies are underway, publishing the results on 2020. 

Not an easy start

Early 2019, I realised TOKAY wasn’t doing well, the launch of the company had required more resources than expected. As I had no experience in administration, it took me a while to realise it and take proper actions, the project was about to crash.

To this, added the stealth of the remaining stock. A few months before receiving the TOKAY Flight, most of the pairs from the first model were stolen from my van. The production was also delayed…. I had to cancel last minute my attendance to Tom’s Tourney: sorry again guys, see you next decade 😉

Those news hit me hard, as I was seeing the project tearing apart. I had to face the reality and started sketching a new plan: opening the company’s capital to welcome new investors and set up a better followup of TOKAY finances.

A Crazy summer

The TOKAY Flight arrived just in time for Windmill. Well, a small quantity of them, brought into the luggage of my production partners, the day before Windmill. The little detail is that they arrived to Milan, so I had to drive 15h to Amsterdam to be on time. 

They received a warm welcome from the community, and the intensity of the European Ultimate summer didn’t give me much time to think about anything else, with 2 week long tournaments: the adult and youth European Ultimate Championships in July and August. Adding to this the Club Championship and Master, I guess the European Ultimate Federation staff and partners didn’t get much time to think about anything else either. Congrats for surviving this summer!

The EUROSTARS were also a blast, not only for their victories during the tour, but also for the support I received from the team. Can’t wait to see you all girls next summer!

In October I pushed the travels further and crossed the ocean to Attend Lobster Pot, a College tournament in Portland, Maine. As it was my first trip to present TOKAY in the USA, I made the most of it and gave a bigger tour that end the weekend after at the Boston BUDA fall league. The whole trip was full of insights to help TOKAY develop in North America!

But let’s not get ahead on 2020. This trip in the USA marked the end of the traveling season, and I have spent the end of the year on more boring conventional tasks.

A real life moral

This story is a happy ending one, but the ordeals TOKAY and I have been through this year taught me a lot.

When facing those hard situations, I started working on my mental health, learning how to take care of myself so I kept enjoying what I was doing and wouldn’t lose sight of what is worth in life.

Whatever the situation is, you need people on your side. From my partners to my family I wouldn’t have done anything without them. Out of 2019, my best memories come from the times I’ve spent on the fields and from the people I’ve met.

So I hope you had a great holiday time with the people you love. For 2020, I wish you the best time with those people, and the rest will come along.

On to 2020!

[TOKAY Story] LAST: the Critical Part you can’t see

In the shoe industry there is a saying “Last comes First”. The Last is the shape on which your shoes are built, and that gives their fit. It’s the first thing to determine before validating the upper or the outsole. 

Read on to learn how we made TOKAYs comfortable and efficient for your feet.

What exactly is the last? 

The last is the shape on which the shoes are made, it determines their inner shape.

You can see how they enter into the fabrication process in that video that shows how TOKAY prototypes were made:

To make a last, the shaper uses a standard foot shape, to which they will add or remove some material to adapt it to the requirements.

This shape depends on many parameters:

The making of a last is a subtle mix of art and science, and requires a lot of experience.

Once the wooden last has been validated, it is scanned and scaled in each size. The lasts are then produced to be used for production. In a project such as TOKAY, approximately 100 lasts are required. They are made in a plastic that can be melted and re-used at the end of the project.

How is our last specific to Ultimate?

In Ultimate we don’t need to control anything but our body with our feet. This allowed us to make a more anatomical shape, bringing more comfort and movement efficiency to the players. 

Most of the cleats on the market are too narrow, either because the sport they are made for requires to control something with the foot – like in soccer – or for aesthetic reasons -like most of the football shoes.

A narrow last compresses your feet, while those would rather require some space to expand naturally. Why? When you run, the arches of your feet – formed by your bones and bent by your tendons – expand to absorb and then restore the energy between your body and the ground. If your feet cannot expand naturally, not only do you prevent them from working at their best, but you also increase the risk of injuries.

The changes we made to a traditional last

  • Wider sole base: a wider sole base gives more space to the foot to naturally expand when running. It also limits the wear and tear on the side of the shoe, by limiting the tension on the soft materials. At last, a wider sole base allows for a wider outsole, providing more ankle stability.
  • Wider toe box: As well as the sole base, the wider toe box allows your toes to move more naturally inside the shoes when cutting.
  • Higher toe box: A higher toe box prevents the top of the shoes from pressing on your toenails, preventing blue nails.

If you have a closer look to TOKAYs forefoot, you could almost say they look like sneakers. In reality their shape is in between soccer and sneaker, as too much room would let your feet crawl into the cleats, creating other problems such as blisters. 

That’s when the art of the last maker comes in…

Our last’s (but not least) story.

The way you spent the time on a 14h road trip.

When I started TOKAY, I had a roadtrip to the holy place of shoemaking in Europe: Montebeluna, Italy. It also happens to be the region of Prosecco if you ever tried that sparkling wine (haven’t you? You should 😉 ).

North of Italy is still very industrialized, most of the sectors are full of small, very specialized companies, strongly bonded together to deliver outstanding products. Italian craftsmanship is outstanding, most of these companies rely on very technical experts that could be called artists in their field of competence.

We took the road with my brother and crossed all the north of Italy from West to East to meet a shoemaker I was in contact with. Even if we didn’t end up working together, he gave me the address of one of the most famous Last making companies in the area. 

I tried to call them but had no answer. As it was our last day in Italy, I decided to go and visit them anyways.

As I wasn’t expected I was received directly by the Last maker, instead of the usual sales representative. Wed could have a chat with him for 2 hours, explaining the sport and its movements. He took out of the shelves a couple of existing lasts to understand how he could work from them to make the exact right shape that would fit you best.

A few weeks later I received the last I’m still using on the TOKAY Flight.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and could learn more on how cleats are made. If you have any question related to the article, drop it in the comment section!

[UltiLeague] The Fair Ultimate Pro League

Have you heard about UltiLeague? The new professional league proposed by Mike Palmer and 7 year Windmill crew member Milan Goud (yeah, no less than the people rocking the Ulti Broadcast company Ulti TV!). 

We have interviewed them, we got excited, and I think you will be at the end of this interview too. 

Why? Read on!

What’s the general idea behind Ultileague?

It’s the Ultimate League: it’s community controlled and powered by people, it’s mixed gender because we strive for equality, we go for diversity of cultures and languages from around the world; it’s a story about ultimate that wants to be told and spread.

Community controlled because we see a sport league that is influenced by the people doesn’t exist on this scale. There’s the basketball tournament’ in the US that does community engagement to a great point, and it works like a charm. There’s a Dutch professional cycling team that is sponsored by a community of 16000, it competes on the highest level. We want to do the same for Ultimate on a global scale.

We say nobody’s equal until everyone is equal, we should start showing children that games should be played with women and men in one team. Young girls should be empowered to go and play on the highest level.

The above is everything that makes the ultimate story unique, and what we think the existing pro ultimate leagues don’t get right. To be frank, we like every ultimate initiative, but we try to do it our way which is in our opinion the fastest way to grow ultimate.

That sounds promising, and when do you plan to release it?

We are continuously revealing information, ideas, and milestones step step by step! We went live with the idea in the summer and the response was overwhelming. For me—Milan—personally I launched some companies before, but never it got picked up so fast by people and with such passion. It’s an amazing feeling but also daunting. That is one of the reasons why there was a short silence after all this momentum, we all needed to get our ducks in a row. We needed to get a lot of stuff sorted personally and professionally, from the website and all the forms, to personal long distance relationships.

There’s so much possible in this idea, and where and how to start moving forward is crucial. First thing on our agenda is to prove that fans want this almost just as much as the players. We need the first validation from the fans, we aim to persuade the fans of the players that want to play in UltiLeague.

That is why we improved our website to focus more on the fans. These fans are people that will hear about ultimate through a friend, colleague or family member. They probably know one or more ultimate players, but they are not religious—like us players—yet. The players usually can’t stop talking about it, but now they have a way to convert their close ones into fans by offering value. The value UltiLeague offers to people is in entertainment, fair entertainment that is. We offer exciting live streams and amazing game days.

Did you already drive a lot of interest to the project?

Can you imagine we’re closing in on 1000 players that already applied, just in Europe.

Players applied in the masses! People from ultimate companies are emailing us, people are buying memberships; it’s phenomenal, the response we got. It gets our hearts racing and our fingers typing during late nights and during the weekends. So many players applied to play—I totally get that—because what if you can start making a living from playing and spreading something you love, and an activity you now pay a lot of money for.

The trick is to drive interest in people that are not yet fans of ultimate, that don’t play it, but they can become and start playing it, and in turn their kids. That’s the way we want grow ultimate in the world.

So, how can I be a part of it?

We would like to change the way people interact in this world, Ultimate as a sport is our medium, our vehicle to drive this change. It has the best values. You can be a part of that by going here https://www.ultileague.net/join-ultileague  

When you’re a player and want to make a living playing and spreading the sport you love, apply to UltiLeague in Europe here. www.ultileague.net/apply-player

Everyone around the world can be part of it. Either by sponsoring a player, team, or the complete league. Just go to Ultileague.net and check out the options. www.ultileague.net/

Thank you Milan for your time.

As you got it, at TOKAY we’re 100% with you!

[TOKAY] Black Friday Invitational

Edit: Our Black Friday Offer is over. You can still find all our products on our shop page.

Find all our BLACK FRIDAY Coupon Codes on our shop page, valid until Dec. 6th. Limited stock.

Either you badly need a new pair of Cleats, you want to bring some SWAG on the fields, you want to start the season on the right foot, you want to check by yourself what it feels like to play with Ultimate Specific High-Quality cleats or if you’re getting ahead of schedule for Christmas presents

…You’ll be making a BLACK FRIDAY Deal!

What’s that Big Deal?

The more pairs you order the better the discount, Warning, Limited stock.

  • 1 or 2 pairs ordered : 10% discount
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  • 5 pairs and more : 30% discount + free shipping

Find all our BLACK FRIDAY Coupon Codes on our shop page, valid until Dec. 6th or register below.

After registering you will receive an email with your early codes (don’t receive it? Check your spams, or get in touch with us). These access will be valid until Friday Dec. 6th.

You can find below an estimate of the price of a pair, all taxes included depending on the discount you get:

Discount: USD Price EUR Price CAD Price*
10% (1 or 2 pairs) 112.5 107.1 149
20% (3 or 4 pairs) 99.96 95.2 132
30% (5 pairs and more) 87.5 83.3 116

‘* Canadian prices are an estimation based on an exchange rate of 1.32 with USD, the purchase has to be made in USD.

3 Tips to Save Money on Your Order

Finding the perfect pair of Ultimate Frisbee Cleats is a challenge. That’s why we developed TOKAY with all the little details we need to play in mind, creating for you a great Fit, a sharp cleats pattern and removing all the unnecessary to have them as light as you could dream of.

Thanks to TOKAY, you’ll enjoy your practices and games fully, and we’re pretty sure making a deal on your best pair of cleats will only add to that feeling! That’s why today we share with you a few tips to save on your order at TOKAY.

Free Shipping

From 3 pairs ordered, we automatically offer shipping anywhere in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. Just choose the pairs you want and check out.

Visit Our Store

Group Orders

Teamwork is the 101 of Ultimate, if you find 4 or more additional duct taped cleats owner, make sure you reach out to me to get more discount!

Drop me an Email

Set you currency to USD

If you live in the USA, you can set your currency to USD, in addition to saving on exchange fees, our conversion rate is interesting. Here is how you can make that magic happen.

Mobile: go to the menu in the top right corner to access the settings and select USD.

Desktop: Access the setting directly in the header to switch from EUR to USD.


Not receiving the right size is never a good news, but we’ll make our best to make it a good experience. If you didn’t received the right size, you can find someone to test and buy it from you, and we’ll send you your right sizes pair free of charge!

Better checking your size

Too lazy to Measure your feet? 

OK, here is the trick that works most of the time, you can compare our fit to your usual shoe size. If you’re used to buy your cleats a bit bigger than your casual shoes, make sure you compare to your casual shoe size, not your cleats size. We made the Flights so they will cushion your feet, no need to buy them too big for that.

  • If you’re using the European, UK, or US Women sizing system, you can order your TOKAY in your usual size.
  • If you’re using the US men sizing system, you should order you TOKAY half a size smaller than what you’re used to.

If you have wide feet, don’t worry, your TOKAY will handle it. If you have EXTRA Wide feet, then you should consider going half a size higher.

And if you want to make sure about your size….

You should definitely test your size here.

[EYUC 2019] The Unofficial Ultimate Teams Playlist

Yo Gang,
We’re so excited to come at EYUC 2019, Wroclaw, Poland, from Aug. 10th to 17th!
To rock that week with you, we’re setting the EYUC Unofficial Teams Playlist.

How does it work?

Each team can contact me by email, facebook or Instagram to propose one song, and we’ll add it to the palylist! (please make sure it’s available on Deezer)

We’ll run some giveaways based on the playlist during the event, so make sure you send your song and stay tuned on:

Wanna get some early mood? Sound on!

As official footwear supplier of the EUF, we’ll have a booth at EYUC.
We’ll present there the TOKAY Flight.
LighterStronger, more Breathable, still Grippy as hell, that’s all the features of the TOKAY Flights that will make you forget you’re wearing cleats to concentrate only on your game.

As we’ll have limited stock on the tournament we recommend you to either:

– order your pair for a delivery for a home delivery,

– pre-order your pair on using the coupon code: EYUC2019, offering free shipping and a delivery on site in Wroclaw.

Order Now

Check here the songs each team proposed:


AUT Song – Artist AUT Song – Artist
CZE Bang Bang – Jesse J. BEL Bad Boy – Inner Circle
GBR Song – Artist CZE Song – Artist
GER We are family – Sister Sledge FIN Ukkometso – Pate Mustajärvi
HUN Song – Artist FRA Taj – Blr Rave & Crave
ITA Si, ah – Frah Quintale GBR Song – Artist
NED Song – Artist GER Not Afraid – Eminem
SVK Song – Artist IRL I’m Shipping Up To Boston – Dropkick Murphys
FRA Rythm of the Night – Deep Divas ISR Stronger – The Score
ITA The Show Goes On – Lupe Fiasco
NED HUTS – The Blockparty
POL Street Fight – Adam Jensen
SLO Song – Artist
SUI Rolli & Schoggi – Seppli MC
SVK Song – Artist
SWE Legendary – Skillet


Sponsors, Partners and Supportive parents

EUF Song – Artist
LUCKYGRASS Song – Artist
EURODISC Song – Artist
FANSEAT Money money Money – Abba
ULTI.TV Flashlight – Parliament
Duch Gry Champion Song – Crystal Fighters
Ulti Zone Go With It – Oliver, Chromeo
Klara Lipertova Hilltop Hoods – Cosby Sweater
FOCUS Ba ba ba – Miss Li
Graham Maskell Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen
TOKAY  Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore

[EUROSTARS] Get ready for the 3rd Tour

EUROSTAR players showing off their Spirit on TOKAY’s booth at EUC 2019.
Credit: Dina Dumanskaia

In 3 weeks, and for the 3rd year in a row, the EUROSTARS Tour is coming back to put their hand on the Americus pro cup again.

Beyond the cup and the game results, the EUROSTARS is an awesome project built to promote gender equity in Ultimate
through professional, elite level women’s games and clinics. Their key objectives are:

  • INSPIRE women and girls worldwide
  • HIGHLIGHT the widespread female talent found across Europe.
  • PROVIDE dedicated European women the opportunity to play semi professionally in a team deep with talent.
  • SHARE spirit globally, in all its glorious international flavors.
  • PROMOTE and feature female athletes.

So first of all please make sure you follow the EUROSTARS in their journey on:

TOKAY is proud to be the official footwear supplier of such a beautiful project, so we have gathered below all the relevant information you could need to follow the Tour.

Americus Pro Cup

The format of the Americus Pro Cup is easy:

The EUROSTARS teams – made of 16 European Elite Club players from 12 countries – will face 7 of the top US and Canadian Club teams over 2 weeks.

While the EUROSTARS represent Team Europe, all 7 Teams will represent Team America, after each game, the points will be distributed as follow:

  • Win by 1: 1 Pro-cup point
  • Win by 2 or 3: 2 Pro-cup points
  • Win by 4+: 3 pro-cup points

Support the tour and feel the excitment of the games live:


You’ll also be able to follow all these exciting games from home thanks to Fulcrum Media.

You can support the Tour by ordering your TOKAYs using the coupon code EUROSTARS on Tokay-Ultimate.com

For each pairs purchased with this code, you’ll receive a 10% discount, and the same amount will be given to the project!

Standing & Schedule

Team EUROPE: 14 Results Team AMERICA: 3














Best of luck girls!

If just like us you don’t want to wait for 3 weeks before feeling the excitement of the games, you can watch the games from last year HERE, as well as beautiful highlights videos like this one:

[NEW PRODUCT RELEASE] Your Best Summer Companion

You dreamed about it without even knowing it was possible. But thanks to the collaboration of 2 international athletes, having both an impressive record on grass and beach, we developed the product that will highlight your summer tournaments, FOREVER.


“I love playing, especially at a high level as I play to chase the excitement of competition. For that reason I train a lot, and get to play on various surfaces, mainly sand and grass. But to give my best on the fields, training is not enough, I also need the best equipment, and this is where I was feeling like something was missing…. When I realized it I started sketching, I contacted TOKAY, and this is when the MAGIC happened!”


“ I’ve always played every time I could, it’s like a second nature to me, it is part of my life, part of me. I’ve grown up running on grass, running on sand, always after that plastic disc. I never really wondered if I was wearing the right footwear to do it. When TOKAY contacted me to take part to this project I said Why Not, and will never regret it, as it changed the way I play now.”

We’re happy to introduce you the Ultimate Flip, a new kind of footwear, the most versatile you’ve ever seen. Developed to perform as much on sand as on grass, it will accompany you all summer long to your leagues and tournament games.

Their elegant design also allows you to match them to your everyday outfit, to bring the fun of the weekend to your office chair!


Their Beach looking design will remind you the best time of your summer, wherever you go.


Is there a most breathable material than air? The answer is NO. Your feet will be surrounded with air, and that will make them happy!


Same sole as on our boots, lots of studs for lots of grip!


By matching an anatomical design to carefully selected materials these shoes will provide your feet with the best feel ever.


“In addition to all the work we put together for month to fine tune the product, I am happy that I could contribute to a project that a lot of players will improve the game of so many players”


“As a young athlete, I am feeling lucky to know that such footwear exists now to accompany me all along my career. And I also feel really happy for the opportunity I had to be part of it!”

The Entire TOKAY team would like to thank Ben Oort and Robyn Fennig for their involvement into this beautiful project, send them love. Also FICUS Ultimate for the inspiration, Amorce and Ulti.tv for the images. Drop a blue thumb to these people, they Rock!

Never Order the Wrong Size Again

We’re stocked to announce the launch of our new service: an App to let you to measure your feet from your smartphone.

As choosing the right shoe size remains the main issue for ordering shoes online – especially for cleats that need a perfect fit – we teamed with another startup to provide this unique service.

Whether you’re looking for your next BCF (Best Cleats Forever) or just want to get your foot 3D scanned on your smartphone, here is the way, in just 2 steps.

1st step: Download the app and follow the flow

To complete the scans you’ll need:


In order to ensure you have a scan as accurate as possible, please make sure you follow these rules:

  • Use a A4 or Letter format paper, and indicate the right format when starting the scan
  • Make sure the sheet is not bent, and lies on a rigid floor (eg. no grass or carpet)
  • Do not move you foot between the 3 picture
  • Make sure the pictures are evenly exposed to light.

Once you have taken the pictures, create you account.

Congrats! You can now play around and brag about the 3D scan of your foot!

Note: This app realizes this magic trick by combining a bunch of sensors and some serious technology. Given the wide variety of smartphones on the market, it can face some issues. If this is the case, please let me know by sending me a description, screenshots and device reference would help!

2nd step : Log on Tokay-ultimate.com

Once on pour product page,  connect to the app by clicking on the


You’ll be proposed your size. To prevent mistakes, we’re using the European sizing, so make sure the page sizing system is set to EU.

Congrats you’re done! 

As easily as this you now just need to choose your model and check out!

Note: if you’re used to US sizing, don’t be surprised to be proposed a smaller size than usual.

Like this service? We’ll be delighted to hear it! Faced issues? We’ll be happy to help!

So let us know

[TOKAY AMBASSADORS] They Joined The Crew

3 players joined our Ambassadors program

Navigate the map to meet the closest one to your practice field, or keep reading to discover what decided them to become part of TOKAY’s Crew.

Why becoming an Ambassador?

We asked the same question to our 3 newcomers, and were delighted to read their answer.

Curious about what they had to say about TOKAY? Well… Read on!

Robyn FENNIG, Madison, WI, USA

Personal code: STATEBIRD

My long feet have struggle to find cleats that fit. Many of the American football and soccer cleats fail to hug my feet the way I want, while maintaining functionality on the field. TOKAY’s cleat pattern were designed with the demands of ultimate in mind so I can change directions easily and get the right amount of traction to react quickly and explosively. The best thing: they lasted me an entire year of intense play through the AUDL, European and American seasons of 2018, on top of all of the training! Tokay cleats are lightweight, durable, and look really cool — all the details that contribute to a great playing experience no matter where I am!

Nathan BRAUN, Portland, OR, USA

Tokay’s changed the way I play ultimate. I would always buy Nike football cleats and my feet were sore for the first 2 months of playing. Even after using shoe stretchers, my Nike’s would make my feet feel like they were being clamped down on. The first time I slipped my Tokay’s on, the feeling was nothing less than magical. My feet and toes had room and the comfort was next level. I instantly felt the difference cutting as well. Sideways cuts, I felt like my feet grabbed the ground and my burst out of those cuts was increased significantly.

Personal code: NAT20

Ben HORNUNG, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Personal code: BBDD

After we met at Windmill, I Wanted to let you know the cleats I brought with me have held up through the rest of my summer backpacking adventure and more-than-occasional pick-up play through Germany, Denmark, Sweden, & Norway, not to mention a championship-winning fall league season (plus a so-so indoor one) back here in Philadelphia! My longest-lasting cleats yet, hands down.
I think they are super-sturdy and comfortable cleats, which is rare on their own to find, and furthermore I think their ultimate-focused specifications and high-quality manufacture by association help increase the reputability of ultimate as a legitimate internationally quality-recognized sport.

What is the TOKAY Ambassadors program?

The goal of this program is to bring TOKAY closer to you to provide a better, more human and friendly service.

Our Ambassadors are high level players who have been playing with TOKAY last season and want to share their experience.

You can reach them, either on the big wide web, or on the sideline, to ask your questions or get some tips about feet and footwear!

They also have some discounts for you!

You’re a happy TOKAY owner? You’d like to share your experience and join us to build the brand?