[Team Interview] How to Fly like a Rabbit

The team that inspired these short team interviews is up next: the Flying Rabbits.

Robin had the pleasure of attending one of their team trainings earlier this year and was impressed by the humor they brought to everything they did. Case in point: their warm-up routine is thoroughly rabbit themed and includes “picking the carrots” and “the hunter position”. An awesome club that deserves the world’s attention, everyone who has attended their annual “I Don’t Carrot All” tournament would agree.

Fact Card

I Don’t Carrot All

Club: Flying Rabbits
Year club was founded: 2014
City, Country :  Brussels, Belgium
Division: Mixed

Best Results :
National Championships: 2nd (Mixed Division)
Continental Championships: 2 participations at EUCR-C (Mixed Division)
World Championships: None, yet.

Crowdfunding Campaign?
We did not do a public funding campaign.

Robin attending a Flying Rabbits training earlier this season
Photo Credits: the Ultimate Life of John Kofi

What are the goals of the team at WUCC and beyond? How are you preparing to accomplish these goals?

Our goals are multiple and can be summarized as: to take and offer a maximum amount of pleasure during our week at WUCC. To achieve this, we are working on several aspects.

Sport first. We want to give our best. In addition to our extra weekly trainings, we have a physical training program that we set up many months ago. Tactically, our coach Sigi Bodson has also concocted several custom-made plays and worked a lot on our defensive and offensive maturity.

Onto spirit. We are really aiming to be without reproach during Worlds. We are working on the 5 traditional axes of SOTG, and especially on the category “rules knowledge and use”.

Flying Rabbits at G-Spot
Photo Credits: © Raf Celis

Throughout our preparation, we are also trying to get a maximum amount of experience out of playing other teams.

Collectively, it is also a big challenge to attend with 28 players while keeping good team cohesion, foolproof spirit, and defusing any frustrations. To get there at our best, we have been assisted by two coaches, Caroline Delmeire and Nathalie Ledur, specialized in team development.

All of our preparation has already borne its first fruits at G-Spot and, we hope, will bring even more results during Windmill, which will be the dress rehearsal before WUCC for many teams.

Flying Rabbits at G-Spot
Photo Credits: © Raf Celis

What should the world know about your team and its journey to Worlds?

Our club was created in 2014 by players who were almost all beginners. From the start, the club’s crazy dream was to be “2018 World Champions”. At the beginning of the joke, we did everything to align the stars gradually over the seasons. Last year, after a huge amount of effort, we managed to get second place at the mixed Belgian outdoor championships … all still on track with the original joke!

We hope now that the conclusion of our founding dream will be as crazy as possible.

Flying Rabbits at G-Spot
Photo Credits: © Raf Celis

What can your opponents expect from you this season?

We are quite famous for our Spirit, our songs and our very mixed game. These are characteristics that we will not change, quite the contrary in fact!

For those who would like the crispy details of those Rabbits going to WUCC, every week on Facebook we publish descriptive cards introducing each player. In addition to being very funny, everything we publish is true, so do not hesitate to check out our page.

Robin attending a Flying Rabbits training earlier this season
Photo Credits: the Ultimate Life of John Kofi

Thank you Flying Rabbits for this peak into your team preparations, and the best of luck this year realizing your founding dreams!

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