Pedicure Kit


Take care of the little creatures that allow you to run, cut and jump.
Contains nail clipper, folding scissor, file, tweezers and feet care recommendations

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Pedicure kit
Why Feet Are Important

Our feet have more than 8 000 nerve endings. Now you know why they are so sensitive to tickles!
Find here more information on how to solve major feet health issues.

Black toenails
Black Toenails

In ultimate black nails are generally caused by cleats being too tight on the forefoot, making your nails hitting the front of the shoe.
Soccer shoes have to be tight because you need to kick a ball. TOKAY’s fit solves this by giving more space in the toebox.

Ingrown toenails
Ingrown Toenails

To prevent these – as well as injuries around the nail – cut your toenail straight across and not rounded, just as shown on the picture.

Foot skin injuries
Athlete Foot

The athlete foot causes skin injuries, generally between the toes.
This symptom is due to the high moisture level inside your shoes. Prevent it by keeping your feet as dry as possible (especially after you shower).

smelly feet
Smelly Feet

Smell is because bacterias develop under your nails, or in between your toes. Sweaty feet are prone to be smelly as well.
You can cure your feet with talc to reduce moisture inside your cleats.

smelly shoes
Smelly Shoes

If your shoes are smelly as well, you can isolate all of them in a bag with a lot of talc for a few days, which will kill the remaining bacterias. Use brand new shoes during these few days.