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Our socks are designed to dry fast, limit the risk of blisters and last long thanks to their carbon-based thread under the foot.

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cushion socks worn
Cushion your feet

Premium quality threads and flat stitching to cushion your feet and limit irritations and blisters.

Our material comply with Oeko-Tex 100 standard for non-toxic substances.

Ventilation zone Tokay cushion socks
Moisture Wicking

Thanks to ventilation zones and knitting pattern, the sock absorbs and wicks perspiration away.

Black Tokay cushion socks

Built to resist your strong cut, with a carbon-base thread under your feet, our socks are made with high quality materials. Composition: 30% X-Dry (PP), 35% X-Pro (PA), 31% Carbon Resistex ,4% Lycra

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Robyn Fennig

DC Scandal, USA

Robyn started playing ultimate in 2007 and is a founding member and captain of Heist. Robyn has three world championships: WUCC 2014 with Drag’n Thrust, WUGC 2016 and WCBU 2017 with Team USA. Beyond world championships, her competitive drive has taken her overseas to compete with YAKA in Noisy-le-Sec, France in the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Beyond elite ultimate, you can find Robyn playing in various Madison ultimate leagues, playing pick up, or trying to get everyone to play goaltimate.

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Robyn Fennig, DC Scandal, USA –

My long feet have struggle to find cleats that fit. Many of the American football and soccer cleats fail to hug my feet the way I want, while maintaining functionality on the field. TOKAY’s cleat pattern were designed with the demands of ultimate in mind so I can change directions easily and get the right amount of traction to react quickly and explosively. The best thing: they lasted me an entire year of intense play through the AUDL, European and American seasons of 2018, on top of all of the training! Tokay cleats are lightweight, durable, and look really cool — all the details that contribute to a great playing experience no matter where I am!

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