I have been dreaming about Ultimate specific cleats for years. Since 2015, I have been assembling an enthusiastic team of experts to make this dream a reality: to create a cleat that combines the knowledge of high-end sporting footwear with the demands and joys of Ultimate.

At TOKAY we want to do things right. That’s why we always aim for the best quality through the rigorous application of expertise. Part of that expertise is supplied by our community: our team of experts as well as many ultimate players world wide. Their input and support have helped to make this project a reality.

We strive to make ourselves and our community proud by constantly questionning the path we take. We want to make sure this is not the easy way but the one we think is right. Click on the images below to discover the values that inspire our actions.

Robin Lamy founder Tokay Ultimate shoes


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Sharing the spirit

Keep it safe


Robin Lamy founder Tokay ultimate frisbee shoes


Leading energy of the project, Robin likes to craft, talk, run behind a Frisbee and have beers. Formerly an engineer in the sports industry, he is now 100% commited to TOKAY, to make our sport better.

Tokay Flight ultimate frisbee cleats in light grey and black

Rohan biomechanical advisor Tokay Ultimate
Biomechanical Advisor

In addition to having a PhD in Biomechanical Engineering, he loves tournament weekends and high-fiving random strangers.

Antoine concept designer Tokay Ultimate
Concept Design Guru

Having a coffee” with Antoine takes at least 2 hours if you start talking about shoes.

Quentin photographer Tokay Ultimate
Rockstar Photographer

Founder of Focus, the French magazine on ultimate, and journalist at Get Horizontal.

Tropikay mascot Tokay Ultimate
Mascot Extraordinaire

Total party animal.


Winter ’15

The Spark

Sharing beers with friends is always valuable, and you always come up with great ideas. Once in a while you even make them a reality. That is how TOKAY was born.

Spring ‘16

The Actual Start

The spring was spent in research mode: how to make shoes, a strong brand, a business plan, and, most importantly, discovering what ultimate players are looking for in their cleats.

Summer ’16

Initial Design

We based our initial design on community input and spent the summer gathering feedback at tournaments.

Autumn ’16

First Achievements

The autumn was full of firsts: we launched the blog and website, held our first contest, and produced the first prototype.

Winter ’16


The winter was awesome. We launched the Kickstarter campaign and it was a huge success with backers across 5 continents!

Winter ’17

More Prototypes

We welcomed the second and third prototype to the family.

Spring ‘17

Fitting Tests

We spent the spring on product development, making technical decisions based on fitting tests we ran (literally!) with the third and fourth prototypes.

Summer ’17

Final Changes

This was a very busy summer with the arrival of the fifth prototype (complete with 3D printed outsole), further feedback, team growth, and final changes before commercial production.

Winter ’17

To infinity, and beyond!

We did it! The cleats are done and ready to ship directly to your feet. We hope you enjoy wearing them. If you have any feedback or ideas, please get in touch.


Discover the cleats you were looking for.
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