WFBF presents Rules of Ultimate for Masters

We are proud to collaborate with the World FlatBall Federation to present this new set of rules for Ulltimate, specifically thought for Masters. This official version will be effective from Apr. 1st 2024.

“Never lose a call again”


This new set of rules specifically for Masters Ultimate was created with the goal of capturing and recording some of the most usual behaviors of master players before they forget them. 

Please remember not to lose composure when performing these calls. Your attitude will be a major factor in your call being accepted. Also remember to speak loudly, in case the other player has forgotten their hearing aid.

Download the full rule set here


1. Bruised Ego

1.1. A Masters player can call “injury” at any time, resulting in sending the disc back to the action before the bruised ego was caused.

2. Complacency Pick

2.1. When a younger player performs a cut that is too good, the Master player can call “pick” irrespective of the position of the two players (i.e. there is no maximum distance criteria).

2.2. This allows the Master player to poach as much as necessary.

3. Hammer Travel

3.1. In a situation where an older Masters player performs a pivot and throw, where a hammer was possible, the mark can call a “travel”.

3.2. This call is highly encouraged when the throw results in a score.

4. Effort Violation

4.1. When a younger player is trying too hard, “violation” may be called. The player in violation is required to either complete a full cross-field sprint, or chug a beer before they may resume play.

5. Uniform Exception

5.1. Masters players are allowed to wear gray jerseys instead of a jersey matching the color of the rest of their team, as long as the jersey is so old that it has naturally faded to gray.

6. Mandatory Doping

6.1. Tournaments must keep on hand and provide a candy bowl full of Vitamin I (Ibuprofen) to any Masters team that is moving too slowly to the field for their Sunday matches.

7. Alternative Flip

7.1. As an alternative to flipping the disc to determine which team starts with possession, Masters teams may use the following method to determine initial possession:

7.1.1. Each team points at three players from the other team.

7.1.2. The total number of visible scars from ultimate-related injuries and surgeries on those players is added up. Any scar can be visible if the player is brave enough.

7.1.3. The team with the most total scars starts with possession.

7.1.4. In the case of a tie, the total length of the scars will be the tiebreaker.

8. Line Calls

8.1. Because older players need to go to bed earlier than younger players, any player who can show an original Ultimate Players Association membership card can skip to the front of the line for food, drinks, or party entrance.

9. Back in my days

9.1. A Masters player can recall or contest any rule that has been modified since they have entered the Masters category by starting their call with the following words: “Back in my days” and then explaining the former rule (e.g. “Back in my days games were to 17 so get back to your line, this game is not over yet”)

Download the full rule set here


  1. For clarity of this document, we have gathered under the Master denomination the following age groups: Masters, Grand Masters, Great Grand Master, Legends, Scary Campfire Ghosts
  2. A younger player denotes a player that is in a younger age category than the calling player. An older player denotes a player that is in an older age category than the calling player.
  3. Please keep in mind that:
    1. Warm-up is cheating, stretching is doping.
    2. Running sucks, poaching rules.
  4. Masters rules calls must be communicated clearly, loudly and with as many pretexts as necessary. The call does not need to form a coherent explanation. 
  5. Making Masters rule calls will result in the calling player to be forthwith known by all as the Masters player or any synonyms thereof (e.g. “the old fart”, “the old one”, “the slow one”, “Mc Hammer”, etc.).
Download the full rule set here