We have 5 winners! Here is their story.

On September 13th of 2016, we started a contest that would give the opportunity to the 5 winners to win the first pairs of TOKAY cleats. The principle was simple : the more you’d bring people to register to the contest, the higher you’d go in the queue!

On October 13th, it ended with outstanding results, gathering more than 2500 players. We want to thank all of them to believe in our project, talk about it, twitt it, facebook it and email it for an entire month!

We are very proud to have participants from all around the world as shows the origin of our 5 winners, from 3 different continents!

To give you an idea of the excitement we had during this month chatting with participants – discovering new stories and new ultimate Frisbee horizons – we didn’t find a better way than sharing with you their own words.

Om “O.S.” Savani

Credits : Madhav Bhimsariya

  • Years played : 1
  • Club : Game Changers, Surat, Gujarat, India
  • Club number : 7

“Our club team is just beginner and we all are passionate amateurs! I started playing ultimate at age 13 because I was very much impressed by my friends’ skills and the way they used to Snatch, Grab and Layout for the disc, shout outs to my friends Ansh Kapadia and Swayam Narang for teaching me ultimate before I opted my sport preference in school as Frisbee.

My objective for this year is to improve my throws, grabs and layouts. I prefer backhand the most as I can get full control on the disc and swings while I used backhand.

According to me this is a very nice game for Fun and Fitness and probably the only sport which teaches us how to behave with people. According to me this sport has a very bright future and hope to see it in upcoming Olympics.”

Scott “Scottie” Xu

“There’s somewhat of an inside joke between me and my teammates that instead of running or lifting weights, I play DDR to train for ultimate.  There is some truth to this, since I do think it is a fun way to cross-train for footwork and agility instead of doing ladder drills all the time.  And for the record, I do also do the team workouts, in case coach is reading this…”

Sam “Mckeen” McStay

  • Years played: 3
  • Club: Possum Party, Durham, UK
  • Club number: 64

“Having taken up ultimate in my second year at Durham Uni it rapidly became my main sport. After enjoying a hugely successful year in the inter-collegiate league with Van Mildert I joined up to the University team at the end of the year. At the end of the year I took part in the Durham Hat 2014, this excellent event would inspire me to go on to run the event in 2015 and 2016 (and potentially 2017!).

Over the next two years I took part in numerous events with many of the Northern UK teams including the Carlisle Lakers, Possum Party, SMOG & The Brown. While impacted by injuries over the last year I’m hoping to once again return to Tour again alongside running a couple of events in Durham this year.”

Hernan “Bueno” Bueno

“I don’t just practice off season for myself, I practice for my team. I want my team to dominate this year and win States like we did 2 years ago. I also want myself to be a great player, not someone who has great throws, but someone who has great leadership, sportsmanship and skill.

My favorite sentence is by K.Sakiya Sandifer and it says : True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.”

Matthew “Silva” Silverman

  • Years played: 3
  • Club: Darkwing, Mansfield, MA, USA
  • Club number: 98

Credits : Lauren Kraemer Photography

“I learned about ultimate at Wentworth for the first time – it only existed as pickup in my hometown of Stoughton, MA. At a tech school like Wentworth where no one leaves their rooms unless there is an offer of free pizza, joining a team like Concrete Jungle was amazing – it created some friendships that will never fade, and some experiences that I will never forget; throwing a scoober is by far the coolest way to break a mark or throw a score.

I am a master student in at WPI and I am studying robotics engineering, which leave almost no time for ultimate or training. As a result, after the end of this year’s season I have quickly gotten out of shape. So I guess my objective for this year and next, ultimate-wise, is to start training properly and get back to that “freshman level of fitness” that I had coming into college. I think I plan on taking a season off from club, and just playing summer leagues, but I always say things like this (” I will not get hurt at wildwood this year”) and it always happens anyway. “

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