[Travels] EYUC 2017 Recap

From August the 7th to the 11th we had the distinct pleasure of having a booth at the European Youth Ultimate Championships in Veenendaal, the Netherlands. For a quick impression of our experience, with all of the rainy bits cut out, watch our aftermovie below!

For those of you who prefer to read about our adventures in Veenendaal, read on! From Tuesday onward we had a stand at Tournament Plaza with our fabulous new tent. This day was quite rainy, but we were happy to give others shelter as they tried on the cleats and indulged in some of our additional activities: coloring, nail polishing, stickers and temporary tattoo’s. Robin managed to find some weights that kept the new tent in place despite the buffeting winds; we met volunteer Jolien Meijer, an expert in 3D printing; and Ingeborg tried her hand at commentary and got absolutely soaked.

On Wednesday we set up the Serpentine Challenge; a course of 8 cones for participants to run between with the fastest time for both men and women winning a free pair of TOKAY cleats!

Robin and Ingeborg’s dismal 12”+ times were soon eclipsed by the much fitter EYUC participants. In the women’s division, even the Belgian women were soon outstripped on the leaderboard with a dominant showing by Heta Karjalainen of Finland with 8”96 (spoilers: nobody beat her during the rest of the tournament). Meanwhile, in the men’s division, an initial strong showing by the British Jok Felsberg was bested by the Italian Davide Parodi. Davide looked set to close out the day on top with a time of 8”57, but the late arrival of a contingent of Swiss guys ended that dream. They tried again and again to best Parodi’s time and then each other with layouts becoming essential to a quick finish (surprisingly to me, this tactic actually worked). Eventually they topped the leaderboard with Ralph Daucourt at 8”35 and the twins Louis and Noel Meier both at 8”40. But as night creeped in the Belgian supporter Ward Fock snuck in with the top time of 8”17.

Thursday saw another impressive day on the Serpentine Challenge with Josh East of GB just topping the leaderboard at 8”15. While Robin was busy at the booth, Ingeborg was lucky enough to commentate the U17 and U20 women’s bronze medal games as well as the even more thrilling U17 women’s final.

Friday was already the last day at EYUC. We had a bunch more curious people about trying on the TOKAY cleats, which was awesome. The Serpentine Challenge was set to close at 12:00 and Moons of Belgium snuck to the top of the leaderboard with an impressive 8”07. But just before noon, Josh East came back to best his previous record time and snag himself his free pair of TOKAY cleats with an astounding 7”67! Heta also came by again to confirm her status on top of the women’s leaderboard. While the men’s leader had changed multiple times a day, she just remained the fastest woman all week. An impressive effort that will also be rewarded by a free pair of TOKAY cleats!

Slowly we started to pack up our own tents and the booth while attempting in vain to dry out our sopping wet artificial grass. Robin set out at a reasonable time for the 10 hour drive back home. Ingeborg meanwhile had booked a plane ticket back, cause she was not about to miss the Dutch U20 women’s team taking on Russia in the final. She was rewarded for this decision with a Dutch victory, the Netherlands seemingly the only team able to deny a Russian comeback during bracket play. An exciting end to a great week in Veenendaal.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: thank you everyone who made (our time at) EYUC the awesome event that it was. See you next year!

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