TokayPedia: Learn about Cleats and Feet in Ultimate

To help you make the most of your quarantine, I’ve compiled for you the best of our blog. You’ll find below 30 links to learn more about your cleats, feet and their specific relationship in Ultimate Frisbee. Hope you enjoy it!

Cleats tips and Knowledge:

Each foot is unique, you can adapt your cleats to your feet by lacing or tying them differently. Maintaining your cleats can only be good too (read on the same topic)

Choosing the best pair of cleats for Ultimate is not an easy task, so we wrote down here what’s important to look at, as well as a few articles on how cleats are made (video)shoes secrets and the lesser known – but most important part for comfort – the Last.

About your feet:

First of all, you may want to participate to our Survey on Footwear, Feet and Lower Limbs Issues in Ultimate.

Here is an article to get to know your feet better, as well as 2 very interesting articles on injuries in Ultimate by practitioners Amanda Moore and Michael Lovich.

Melissa Witmer, from the UAP provides exercises to Warm Up your feet, as well as agility drills. An additional video she just published about quarantine (stopped just at the right time 😉 ).

About TOKAY:

A bunch of useful links to: measure your feetsave money on your order and about shipping. Here you can find out more about our Ultimate frisbee Cleats, Flip-flops and more.

Get to know our ambassadorswhat the Ultimate press says about our cleats, and our partnership with USA Ultimate, get to know also our partners EUROSTARS (with a nice interview here) and Ultileague (read more here).

If you have more questions, of course feel free to reach out to me at:

Ultimate Stories:

Have you seen that video?!

We wrote a pretty cool History of Ultimate Frisbee Cleats in 5 episodes: Here’s the link to the 1st one telling you who invented cleats.

A very nice article about Photographing an Ultimate tournament, by our friends from Focus Ultimate.

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