TOKAY X Ultimate Sweden

At TOKAY we’re proud to support the German community. If there’s one good gear you need to play Ultimate it’s the cleats, our goal is to make Ultimate specific cleats that are so good you forget you’re wearing them.

As a European brand we’re also happy to provide friendly and easy customer service with:

  • Easy sizing : just order your usual European shoe size
  • Fast delivery : the shoes ship from France, which means no custom issues
  • Friendly customer service : just give it a try, send me your question :

Get back to the fields with the shiniest cleats ever! At TOKAY your team can benefit from:

  • 3 PAIRS: free delivery
  • 5 PAIRS: 10% discount and free delivery
  • 7 PAIRS: 15% discount and free delivery
  • 12 PAIRS: 15%, Free delivery and a free pair of Cushion Socks with each pair of TOKAY Flights+ some gifts for the one organising the whole group order
More info about group orders

Not sure about your size?

After developing a chart, and even an app, it results the easiest way is the most accurate one: just order your usual EU shoe size.

If you’re used to use different size for casual or running shoes and cleats, use your casual or running shoe size. Of course each foot is different, and there’s no magic technique to find the perfect size on the internet yet.

Forget You’re Wearing Cleats

We’re stoked to present the new version of our Ultimate specific cleats the TOKAY Flight.

Lighter, Stronger, more Breathable, still Grippy as hell, that’s all the features of the TOKAY Flights that will make you forget you’re wearing cleats to concentrate only on your game.

Discover more about TOKAY Flight.


We understand Ultimate is a demanding sports, we demand the same for our production process! The combination of high speed cuts, long runs and pivots makes a lot of constraints on the materials.

For example, to have your TOKAY lasting long, we reinforced the junction between the upper and the outsole, and only use high quality components. If something was to happen, we offer personal and fast service to get you playing as soon as possible.


Go wherever you want, whenever you want. We understand your ultimate cuts are so sharp – often more than 90° – and performed at full speed.

We put a lot of studs, including the toe one, and an extra one under the heel. The small studs on the side are super useful for sharp cuts on turf and the many studs prevent pressure points under your feet.

The toe stud and numerous studs is something you’d never find in soccer cleats, because they have a negative impact on ball control.


Most cleats require a break in when you buy them, and they’ll hurt your feet until you made them to your shape, which can take weeks, but not with TOKAY.

The wide inner shape, higher toe box and our 3D mesh lining provide a slipper-like feeling, every tournament we see players leaving the booth with their new cleats on, as they already feel better than their old ones.

Most cleats on the market today come with a narrower than average fit for a variety of reasons, from aesthetics to ball control.


Many players left their review on Facebook and our website so you can have an idea of what playing in TOKAY feels like before ordering.

Picture credits: NSOM, Pict Your Company