[TOKAY AMBASSADORS] They Joined The Crew

3 players joined our Ambassadors program

Navigate the map to meet the closest one to your practice field, or keep reading to discover what decided them to become part of TOKAY’s Crew.

Why becoming an Ambassador?

We asked the same question to our 3 newcomers, and were delighted to read their answer.

Curious about what they had to say about TOKAY? Well… Read on!

Robyn FENNIG, Madison, WI, USA

Personal code: STATEBIRD

My long feet have struggle to find cleats that fit. Many of the American football and soccer cleats fail to hug my feet the way I want, while maintaining functionality on the field. TOKAY’s cleat pattern were designed with the demands of ultimate in mind so I can change directions easily and get the right amount of traction to react quickly and explosively. The best thing: they lasted me an entire year of intense play through the AUDL, European and American seasons of 2018, on top of all of the training! Tokay cleats are lightweight, durable, and look really cool — all the details that contribute to a great playing experience no matter where I am!

Nathan BRAUN, Portland, OR, USA

Tokay’s changed the way I play ultimate. I would always buy Nike football cleats and my feet were sore for the first 2 months of playing. Even after using shoe stretchers, my Nike’s would make my feet feel like they were being clamped down on. The first time I slipped my Tokay’s on, the feeling was nothing less than magical. My feet and toes had room and the comfort was next level. I instantly felt the difference cutting as well. Sideways cuts, I felt like my feet grabbed the ground and my burst out of those cuts was increased significantly.

Personal code: NAT20

Ben HORNUNG, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Personal code: BBDD

After we met at Windmill, I Wanted to let you know the cleats I brought with me have held up through the rest of my summer backpacking adventure and more-than-occasional pick-up play through Germany, Denmark, Sweden, & Norway, not to mention a championship-winning fall league season (plus a so-so indoor one) back here in Philadelphia! My longest-lasting cleats yet, hands down.
I think they are super-sturdy and comfortable cleats, which is rare on their own to find, and furthermore I think their ultimate-focused specifications and high-quality manufacture by association help increase the reputability of ultimate as a legitimate internationally quality-recognized sport.

What is the TOKAY Ambassadors program?

The goal of this program is to bring TOKAY closer to you to provide a better, more human and friendly service.

Our Ambassadors are high level players who have been playing with TOKAY last season and want to share their experience.

You can reach them, either on the big wide web, or on the sideline, to ask your questions or get some tips about feet and footwear!

They also have some discounts for you!

You’re a happy TOKAY owner? You’d like to share your experience and join us to build the brand?


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