Wow, you’ve made it to the Team USA U24, Congratulations!

Team USA U24 – Usefull information about your cleats

If you’re reading this, it also means you had the good idea of claiming your pair of TOKAY Flight. I’ve created this page to help you choose the right size and get some useful information about your brand new cleats.

How to choose your size

Please test your size on a clean surface and try not to mix the sizes 😅.

The big number on the boxes is the UK size, the US sizes are written below. You’ll find a table at the bottom of this page reminding the sizes you asked and their UK translation.

You should be able to test multiple sizes. Generally your bigger toe should end between the 2 red lines shown on the picture. When you think you have found your size I will always recommend you to test a half bigger size just to make sure you really have the right one.

Please do the final test standing up with your cleats laced up. And don’t forget to double check both cleats are the same size!

If you feel any discomfort while trying the shoes on:

– if the discomfort comes from the width of the cleats, you can try to untie your laces until the toes.

– if the discomfort comes from the length, there’s not much to do about it, just try a bigger size.

Generally if you feel any discomfort while wearing the cleats, go for the half size bigger. I’ll explain you next how to improve the fit of your cleats.

Useful information about your cleats

The TOKAY Flights are specifically adapted to Ultimate, you can find more information about how we did that on the Flight’s page, but here is a quick summary:

  • Grip: our specific cleats pattern is designed to provide the grippiest grip, with sharp studs plus a front and a bock one for instragramable layouts and strong cuts.
  • Anatomy: the shape of the cleats is made to let your feet work naturally, providing a better reactivity and preventing some injuries. Another advantages, they’re so comfortable and will prevent blue toenails.
  • Quality: Ultimate is very demanding on the cleats, these are made to be both light, breathable and durable.

What’s that extra pair of insoles?

TOKAY cleats come with two pairs of removable insoles. Pick the thinner yellow insoles if you have wider feet or would like a bit more room. Alternatively, pick the thicker blue insole if you have normal to narrower feet or want a little less room. Or remove them all together to put in your own insoles.

Additional adjustments to the fit of the cleats can be accomplished through lacing techniques, so read on!

Our best lacing tip

It took me 2 years after creating TOKAY to discover this lacing tip. It will lock your heel into the cleats, providing a much better control and preventing blue toenails and blisters:

Some information about TOKAY

We’re a startup dedicated to Ultimate footwear, created in 2016, the pair you have in your hands is the result of 6 year of research, development and improvement from customers feedback.

I do really hope you enjoy playing with these cleats. If you have issues or feedback you’d like to send us, please write me an email at:

If you want to learn more about TOKAY or let know you friends about us, here are a few links you can read or share:

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What size did you order and what’s the UK translation?

You’ll find all the information here:

Go to the spreadsheet