[Team Interview] The Ugliest Erdferkel of them All

Hässliche Erdferkel have always been a happy bunch of Ultimate playing Ferkels. And this year, with WUCC to prepare for, they leveled up to become a really seriously happy bunch of Ferkels. Find out what about the “ugly” they have in store for their opponents in the interview below!

ps. Hässliche Erdferkel translates into Ugly Aardvark. That might help some of this make a bit more sense.

Cover Photo Credits: Get Horizontal

Fact Card

Club: Hässliche Erdferkel
Year club was founded: 1997
City, Country: Marburg, Germany
Division: Mixed

Best Results:
National Championships: 1st 2017
Continental Championships: EUCF 3rd 2016 & 4th 2017
World Championships: we are going to see in July

What are the goals of the team at WUCC and beyond? How are you preparing to accomplish these goals?

The “Hässliche Erdferkel” from Marburg are going to play the WUCC 2018! – Who would have thought that? After the decision was made that we are going to Cincinnati, a unique journey began. For the first time a season was planned “professionally”. We started with training camps with and without other teams (e.g. Sugar Mix and Grut), played more than one preparation tournament (G-Spot, Talampaya, Windmill) and had team challenges for individual fitness training. During this time we grew as a team and defined goals for us: Our goals are to play our best ultimate in every game, stay positive as a team and show the world the great “ugly” spirit.

Hässliche Erdferkel celebrating their G-Spot 2018 victory
Photo Credits: Get Horizontal

What should the world know about your team and its journey to Worlds?

Well, we are a traditional mixed team, most of us are students. We had a focus on mental strength training and team building, because it’s the first time to play together in this constellation. Therefore we chose our pick up players not only for their ultimate skills, rather for their connection to the team.

It is damn hard to describe the feeling of being a member of this team: We are just a committed and empathic bunch of Ferkels. Short: It’s amazing!

Hässliche Erdferkel showing off their TOKAY cleats in style
Photo Credits: Hässliche Erdferkel

What can your opponents expect from you this season?

Dear opponents,

we like to play ultimate with a our ugly flow and love to show you a variety of set plays. Be aware of chilly talks on the sideline, smiling faces and our fighting spirit. Whatever the score will show after the game, we are going to sing a song for you. Beside a huge selection of German children songs, we prepared English songs as well for those, who want to understand the lyrics. We are looking forward to meet you.

Ugly regards: Your Hässliche Erdferkel.

Hässliche Erdferkel, looking ready to take on the world!
Photo Credits: 
Hässliche Erdferkel

Thank you Hässliche Erdferkel, for letting us publish your letter warning your opponents of the overwhelming “ugly” they will encounter. Best of luck this season you wonderful bunch of Ferkels 😀

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