[Team Interview] The OTSO Bear Pack

Get a peek behind the strong and silent facade of OTSO. These unexpectedly chatty and hard working men from Espoo, Finland are ready to devour the competition this season. Find out about the team motto and sauna sessions that are making OTSO the best it has ever been.

Cover Photo Credits: Maruša Lešnik for Windmill

Fact Card

Club: Espoo Ultimate Club: OTSO
Year club was founded: Espoo Ultimate Club in 1990 and OTSO in 2006
City, Country :  Espoo, Finland
Division: Open

Best Results :
National Championships: 1st, 6 times in a row
Continental Championships: 7th at EUCF 2014
World Championships: 34th at WUCC 2014 in Lecco

What are the goals of the team at WUCC and beyond?

Cincinnati is one big milestone in a long series to come for Otso. We have kept our focus in this summer for couple of years now with dedication and understanding what it means to play in Worlds. Otso wants to play it’s best ultimate at the elite level, work hard and enjoy the ride whatever it brings. And whatever it brings we will cherish for future.

OTSO at Windmill
Photo Credits: OTSO

How are you preparing to accomplish these goals?

Athlete: Preparation for the tournament has allowed us as all to grow as Athletes to a whole new level through great training programs and motivation.

Evolution: We treat our game as an organism that grows, evolves, adapts and becomes stronger with every training, with every tournament and with every season.

Execution: When it is time to execute, we are focused, united, confident and positive towards any challenge.

OTSO playing CUSB at Windmill
Photo Credits: Maruša Lešnik for Windmill

What should the world know about your team and its journey to Worlds?

This is the best Otso ever. We practise hard with good focus but also remember to have fun as well. Our team culture has evolved during the years and our main motto for games and tournaments is “Make mistakes but make them at full speed”. Mistakes happen in every game but if you do it at full speed, you have given your best effort and it’s more “forgivable”. On field you can see it as less frustration, zero yelling at teammates (besides positive yelling) and faster recovering from mistakes, focus on the next play.

Last year in Caorle we played very confident and solid ultimate, just one dark moment in the game that mattered most. Seven wins and only one loss gave us positive vibes and a good kickstart for our journey to Worlds.

Usually the bear is a lonely wanderer but we come as a pack and the team spirit is one of our biggest benefits. We spend lots of time outside the field as well, especially in Sauna, that’s the place where you really bond with your teammates. Between the games we keep ourselves active by playing any small game possible. Here’s few of them: HIV (One touch, one bounce), Läpsy, Lefty Ball. Come play with us and/or teach us new ones!

OTSO playing CUSB at Windmill
Photo Credits: Maruša Lešnik for Windmill

What can your opponents expect from you this season?

A well deserved opponent that enjoys a good fight and great game. We are not too serious though and even though we live in the backwaters of Europe, we are capable of some finely tuned chit chat. We are interested in players and teams across the world, So come meet us!

Thank you OTSO for sharing your team in this chit chat with us, and the best of luck playing at full speed this season!

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