[Team Interview] Ready for a spot of Sympafriz?!

With 1900 likes on facebook, Sesquidistus is the most liked Ultimate club in France. 

Some might argue that Strasbourg isn’t really in France at all, and that since Sesquidistus play Sympafriz instead of Ultimate they disqualify themselves to be the most liked Ultimate club in France. Some people are maybe a bit jealous of the fun, skill and spirit that Sesquidistus bring to Ultimate.

Read on to find out more about their club, their preparations, and their plans for WUCC (getting discovered by an LA producer)!

Cover Photo Credits: The Ultimate Life of John Kofi for Windmill

Fact Card

Club: Sesquidistus
Year club was founded: 1998 (20 years)
City, Country :  Strasbourg, France
Division: Mixed

Best Results :
National Championships:
1st in Mixed (2016-2017) / 3rd (2017-2018)
Continental Championships:
9th in Mixed at EUCF (2016-2017)

Crowdfunding Campaign?
Yes, the campaign is over, but we have raised 9100 euros. (Goal 8000 euros).

Getting a group massage from team Hungary at Windmill
Photo Credits: FOCUS Ultimate for Windmill

What are the goals of the team at WUCC and beyond? How are you preparing to accomplish these goals?

Because of the seeding system, it is difficult to have a real ranking goal. However, we aim to finish in the top half of the ranking (top 24). More generally, our goal is to make it difficult for our opponents, and to export the sympafriz, the origin of which is described (in French) here.

At the French Championship, we have won the SOTG, 5 years in a row. We will try to be irreproachable in our knowledge and application of the rules, in fouls and the application of contact, and remain in a good state of mind and masters of communication (or the contrary …)

We will try to bring our irony and our humor to the fields … hoping that we understand (humor in English is brand new for the Sesquis!).

In terms of preparation, we completed our weekly training with a more specific physical preparation with Jean-Baptiste Ebener, assistant coach of the France U20 Volleyball team. We also spent many weekends together, working and applying game tactics.

Sesquidistus playing Glasgow Ultimate at Windmill, a match that will be replayed during pool play at WUCC
Photo Credits: Maruša Lešnik for Windmill
Check out the stream of this game on Youtube

What should the world know about your team and its journey to Worlds?

This mixed team has been built in recent years, with a base in Strasbourg, which has been joined by a few new players who moved to the Alsatian capital. (Strasbourg is the capital of the former Alsace region).

We can now say that we are more than a team, we are a big group of friends. We spend a lot of time together and one of our main concerns is to fight against gender stereotypes (yes, the little girl in the toy catalog can play with cars !!).

What will we bring with us to WUCC? Our super pre-game musics. Honestly, we have, by far, the best (-worst-) musical tastes in the world, with a playlist where the tracks are linked to perfection (- have no link-). I think after hearing that, a producer in Los Angeles will contact us to help him discover new talent.

Sesquidistus challenging Mubidisk
Photo Credits: The Ultimate Life of John Kofi for Windmill
Check out the stream of this game on Youtube

What can your opponents expect from you this season?

We cheer, we cheer a lot … our inspirations come mainly from the support songs of the Strasbourg Racing Club. We also borrowed the pilou pilou from RC Toulon (Rugby) for our pre-game scream: Hopla Hopla.

Our other cheers pay tribute to Lord of the Rings (Battle of Helm’s Gulf), Friselis Ultimate of Versailles and FU Luzarches.

We also like to compare our team to a house. For 2 or 3 years, we have built beautiful foundations, the structure was very well done. And since the beginning of the season, we have moved in, and begun to live there by bringing our world. Since recently, we even have a coffee table, a plancha and a veranda.

Sesquidistus playing against the current Windmill and European Champions: GRUT.
Photo Credits: Maruša Lešnik for Windmill

Thank you Sesquidistus for sharing some of your cheer and cheers with us. Best of luck impressing that LA Producer who is in Ohio for some reason…? And best of luck on the field!

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