Reach your WUCC goals, from your sofa

Its WUCC time!

With 128 teams in attendance, thousands of people are making their way over to compete and view these championships on the ground in Cincinnati, Ohio. But many more of us are going to be at work or at home quite a distance away.

We’re here to help you get the most out of WUCC from you sofa.

To the best of our knowledge all of the information below is accurate, please do get in touch if you spot a mistake or can correct an omission. Thanks!

Cover Photo Credits: The Ultimate Life of John Kofi

Watch the Livestreams

Up to 4 games per time slot will be livestreamed, giving the fans back home plenty of options to choose from.

You can find the livestream schedule with links to the broadcast channels here.

Live Stream Schedule

Or head directly to the streaming platforms with the links below.

Youtube WFDF
Facebook WFDF
Ultiworld Live
Olympic Channel
World Games Channel
Fanseat Website
Fanseat Facebook

Most streaming coverage will be available free online. Fanseat will be covering an additional field of matches with a focus on European teams that seems to require a Fanseat subscription. Furthermore, while Ultiworld’s live streaming will be free; you will require an Ultiworld subscription to view those same matches after the fact.

Play Ultimate BINGO

Add extra fun to your Ultimate viewing party with this BINGO sheet.

A quick reminder how BINGO is played:

  1. Decide on the winning pattern before playing: e.g. one completed line, full sheet filled, etc.
  2. When an event described in a square happens during the game, cross out that square.
  3. Once you have crossed out enough squares to complete the desired pattern, shout Bingo!
  4. First player to correctly should Bingo wins eternal fame and glory.

*** If a player wearing TOKAY cleats completes this action, you automatically win!

Download the printable BINGO sheets by clicking the button below. Or screen capture the individual bingo sheets below that and play along in your phone’s photo edit mode.

Follow the Media

UltiPhotos, Ultiworld and the ShowGame are the tournament’s official photography and writing partners. Keep an eye on their web and social media addresses to stay up to date.

UltiPhotos Facebook
Ultiworld Facebook
The ShowGame
The ShowGame Facebook

Follow the Teams

You can follow the tournament schedule by following the link below for scores, stats and upcoming games per division or team. But you can also follow the social media accounts of the competing teams. We have attempted to gather links to each team’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you can follow all of the juicy news your favorite teams share.

Please note, just because we found links to what appear to be a team’s account, does not mean that the team will actually post any news there (or that a team remembers they have a twitter account).

Happy Stalking! and have an incredible WUCC from afar!

Navigable Schedule
W 6ixers CAN link insta twitter
W AeroSoul COL link insta twitter
X AMP USA link insta twitter
X Anchor CAN link insta twitter
X Argentina Ultimate Club ARG link
W Atletico FIN link insta
M Bad Skid DEU link insta twitter
W BambOo COL link insta twitter
X Banana Cutters CAN insta twitter
X Battleship CAN link insta
X BFG USA twitter
X Black Eagles GBR link insta
X Black Sheep NZL link
X BOOM! KOR link
W Brilliance RUS link twitter
W Brute Squad USA link insta twitter
X Café de Luida JPN link insta
X Charrúa URY link
W ChCh Chicks NZL link
M Chevron Action Flash GBR link insta twitter
X Chuckies SGP link insta
M Clapham Ultimate GBR link insta twitter
M Colony AUS link twitter
X Colorado DEU link insta
M Comunidad El Oso COL link insta twitter
X Cóndor Ultimate MEX link insta
M Crackerjacks SGP link insta twitter
X Crash CAN link insta twitter
M CUSB ITA link insta
W CUSB Shout ITA link insta
M Daione Kumay TPE link
W Daione Kumay TPE
M Devon GBR link insta twitter
X Disco Sout CHL link insta
X Disctèrics ESP link
M Doublewide USA link insta twitter
W Ellipsis AUS link insta twitter
M Euforia COL link insta twitter
W FABulous CHE link insta twitter
M Family Ultimate DEU link insta
M Fenix Ultimate MEX link insta twitter
M Flying Angels Bern CHE link twitter
X Flying Rabbits Ultimate Club BEL link insta
X Freakshow SGP link
M Freespeed CHE link insta twitter
M Freezzz Beezzz BEL link
X Friskee AUS link insta
W Fury USA link insta twitter
W Fusion CAN link insta twitter
M >>FWD>> AUT link insta twitter
M General Strike CAN link insta twitter
W Gentleladies BEL link insta twitter
X Glasgow Ultimate GBR link insta twitter
M GOAT CAN link insta twitter
X Hässliche Erdferkel DEU link twitter
W Havoc SGP link insta
M Heat Haze JPN link twitter
W Helsinki Ultimate FIN link insta
X Hong Kong Neon HKG
M Hot Chilly AUS link insta twitter
W HUCK JPN link insta
W Iceni GBR link insta twitter
X IKU JPN link insta twitter
W Iris CAN link insta twitter
M IZNOGOOD FRA link twitter
M Juggernaut AUS link insta twitter
W Kaos AUS link insta
M KFUM Örebro Frisbee SWE link insta twitter
W KFUM Örebro Frisbee SWE link insta twitter
X Kisumu Frisbee Club KEN link insta twitter
M Long Donkeys ZAF link
X Macondo COL link insta
W Mainzelmädchen DEU link twitter
W Malafama MEX link insta twitter
W Mantis AUT link
X Marvellous DC NZL link insta
X Mixtape USA link insta twitter
W Molly Brown Ultimate USA link insta twitter
M Mooncatchers BEL link twitter
X Mubidisk ESP link insta
W MUD JPN link
X Mulatto Pilipinas PHL link insta twitter
W Nice Bristols GBR link insta twitter
M Nomadic Tribe JPN
M OTSO FIN link insta
W Ozone USA link insta twitter
X Panthers Bern CHE link twitter
M Pelt Ultimate IRL link insta twitter
X Pie Wagon AUS link
M Ragnarok DNK link insta
W Rampage SGP
M Ranelagh IRL link insta twitter
X Reading Ultimate GBR link insta twitter
M Relámpagos DOM link insta twitter
W Revolution COL link insta twitter
M Revolver USA link twitter
M Ring of Fire USA link twitter
X RusMixed RUS
W Seagulls DEU link insta
W Seattle Riot USA link insta twitter
X Sesquidistus FRA link insta twitter
M Shanghai Chuchai CHN insta
X Shinshu Loose JPN link twitter
W Sirens CHN link insta
X Slow White USA link insta twitter
X SMOG GBR link insta twitter
M Sokol RUS link insta twitter
X Stall7 IND link insta
X Sugar Mix DEU link
W Swampybarg JPN link
W SYC GBR link insta twitter
M Tchac FRA link insta twitter
M thebigEZ AUT link insta
W Traffic CAN link insta twitter
W Troubles POL link insta
X UCT Flying Tigers ZAF link insta twitter
W UNO JPN link twitter
X Urosoul COL link insta
X Vanguard AUS link
X Voltaje COL link insta
M Warao Ultimate Club VEN link insta twitter
X Wildcard USA link twitter
M Wildcats NZL link
X Wizards CHE link insta twitter
W YAKA FRA link insta twitter
X Yanomami VEN link insta twitter
W ZUF CHE link insta twitter

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