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Every detail of TOKAY ultimate frisbee cleats is designed for Ultimate frisbee and engineered to maximize performance, comfort, and durability.

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Durable Ultimate frisbee cleats

We understand Ultimate is a demanding sports, we demand the same for our production process! The combination of high speed cuts, long runs and pivots makes a lot of constraints on the materials.

For example, to have your TOKAY lasting long, we reinforced the junction between the upper and the outsole, and use only high quality components. If something was to happen, we offer personal and fast service to get you playing as soon as possible.

Most sport cleats fit are too narrow, which put the materials at stress and leads to a blowout on the forefoot. We never heard of this happening to TOKAY cleats.

Tokay flight cleats shoes team usa

Go wherever you want, whenever you want. We understand your ultimate cuts are so sharp – often more than 90° – and performed at full speed.

We put a lot of studs, including the toe one, and an extra one under the heel. The small studs on the side are super useful for sharp cuts on turf and the many studs prevent pressure points under your feet.

The toe stud and numerous studs is something you’d never find in soccer cleats, because they have a negative impact on ball control.

Tokay Flight cleats shoes light grey

We all love playing Ultimate in warm summer conditions, but as soon as the temperature picks up, your feet could start over-heating, especially on artificial turf. A lot of blood flows into your feet so letting them breathe will help regulate your entire body temperature.

TOKAY Flight’s fabric based upper helps aerate the most sensitive parts of the foot and limit the sensation of heat, as well as smell.

In other sports, it’s rare to find breathable material on top of your cleats, either because it limits ball control in soccer cleats, or because it doesn’t withstand the strong impacts football cleats have to endure.

Tokay Flight cleats shoes inside light grey

Ankle sprain, black toenails and blisters are common injuries in Ultimate. While playing you don’t look much at your feet and your muscles aren’t responding as quick after a few games, which increases the risk of injury.

TOKAY Flight’s wide outsole protects ankles from twisting by providing more stability to your feet. The high toe box prevents black toenails. The heel counter will protect you from blisters.

The narrow outsole and low-cut of soccer cleats do not help protecting your ankle, as their instability is critical to dribble. Most of the football cleats will ruin your toes due to their low shape in the toebox.

Tokay Flight cleats shoes back team usa

Most cleats require a break in when you buy them, and they’ll hurt your feet until you made them to your shape, which can take weeks, but not with TOKAY.

The wide inner shape, higher toe box and our 3D mesh lining provide a slipper-like feeling, every tournament we see players leaving the booth with their new cleats on, as they already feel better than their old ones.

Most cleats on the market today come with a narrower than average fit for a variety of reasons, from aesthetics to ball control.

Tokay Flight cleats shoes light grey

When you’re not on the fields, you dream of putting your cleats on to get ready to run fast, jump high, cut hard, layout for the disc and burn your mark. Your cleats are your most important tools to fly!

To perform you need light, comfortable and long lasting cleats. Our motto comes from the best compliment we got so far: “I forgot about my Tokay cleats the entire game!”

We want to challenge you to find out if Tokay cleats are the best cleats for Ultimate! The question always stays open for us, how can we make it even better? Let us know your feedback and ideas!

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Robyn Fennig

DC Scandal, USA
Robyn Fenning american ultimate frisbee player

Robyn started playing ultimate in 2007 and is a founding member and captain of Heist. Robyn has three world championships: WUCC 2014 with Drag’n Thrust, WUGC 2016 and WCBU 2017 with Team USA. Beyond world championships, her competitive drive has taken her overseas to compete with YAKA in Noisy-le-Sec, France in the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Beyond elite ultimate, you can find Robyn playing in various Madison ultimate leagues, playing pick up, or trying to get everyone to play goaltimate.

Read her review >
Robyn Fennig, DC Scandal, USA –

My long feet have struggle to find cleats that fit. Many of the American football and soccer cleats fail to hug my feet the way I want, while maintaining functionality on the field. TOKAY’s cleat pattern were designed with the demands of ultimate in mind so I can change directions easily and get the right amount of traction to react quickly and explosively. The best thing: they lasted me an entire year of intense play through the AUDL, European and American seasons of 2018, on top of all of the training! Tokay cleats are lightweight, durable, and look really cool — all the details that contribute to a great playing experience no matter where I am!

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Sarah Eklund

David Rocamora

Good cleats and come with a cool bag


Longest Lasting Cleats Ever!!! I have had my tokays for 1 yr now and I could be be more impressed, normally I wear cleats out within 6 months, but I’m one year in they are haven’t even started ripping, I play 3-4 times a week during the spring and summer and 1-2 per week during fall and winter. Buying ultimate designed cleats is definitely worth it! Will definitely be buying these for the rest of my playing career.


Love the cleats, there is no break in period, they instantly fit and don’t hurt your feet. I can cut really well in them. The “heel lock” lace tying strategy really makes these cleats fit perfectly.

HOWEVER, they only lasted 9 months on very limited wear. I am not thrilled with the longevity, hence the retraction of a star.

Kyle C

These are the best cleats for Ultimate. Hands-down. So comfortable!

Jason Reskin

Got my new TOKAY cleats last Thursday and played 2 back-to-back games in them yesterday. They are much more comfortable and stable than previous cleats. I wouldn’t go quite as far as to say that they were as comfortable as my sneakers but for cleats they are awesome! I love the look. They are super light-weight and provide excellent traction. Thank you for recognizing the need for appropriate footwear in my favorite sport!

Mark Piper

These are easily the most comfortable cleats I’ve worn in 25 years of ultimate. I also love the placement and length of the extra toe and heel cleat.

Garrett Martin

Incredible clear for ultimate. I’ve struggled for the last couple years to find a cleat that I felt like I could play my best in without worrying that my clear doesn’t feel right or that I’d have to keep replacing them every 4 months with more flexible cleats. I have slightly wider feet than normal so most cleats feel like they’re smashing my feet but when I go a size up to adjust the length wasnt right. These cleats have a slightly wider toe box that fits me perfectly. They’re made from lightweight materials so it really doesn’t feel like you’re wearing cleats at all. Then to make the fit even more customizable, they come with two sets of insoles to allow you to pick which one you like which is especially helpful if you have two slightly different sized feet. I’ve absolutely loved my Tokay cleats so far and I hope this is the end of my struggle to find the perfect cleat for me. Highly recommend these to anyone.

Daniel Smith

Great Cleats! They are comfortable, grip the ground well and are light. The customer service is superb!


Tokays are awesome to play in. They definitely fit a wide foot, and fit to size, as is not the case with soccer shoes.
In dry/not completely muddy conditions the traction is excellent, I can wear them for days, breaking ankles and not encountering any issues all the way. For playing in mud I’d still use cleats with less studs though.
Feels good to wear something that just feels like it’s made for frisbee, and drips. Love to Robin for making Tokay awesome.

Inês Bringel

Best cleats I’ve ever had! Comfortable and so light. Actually, you forget you’re wearing the cleats.
Whatever the surface, doesn’t matter, TOKAY cleats can do it all.
These cleats are AWESOME, I’m addicted ??

Thank you to Robin, for the amazing job you have done ??

#forgetyou’rewearingcleats #TokayUltimateFrisbee #light #comfortable #ultimatelife #ultimatefrisbee


These are hands down the most comfortable cleats I’ve ever worn. The first time I tried them on, it felt like wearing a sock. The best thing was there was no breaking in required. My old cleats tore before a tournament and I wore my tokays for the first time at a tournament and had no foot aches.

I instantly felt a new burst in my cuts, they just feel more grippy than other cleats. I’ll never buy any other cleat again.

Lāsma #8

The cleats are the best and most comfortable. I have had the chance to try the first model of Tokay’s. With those I didn’t like the high ankle support so I cut that out. But I love that you can choose the insole. If you need more support – pick the yellow one. If not – the blue one. That is a great idea especially if you wan to get a better feeling of the field or get more support on landing after jumps.

I love how Tokay is coming up with new technologies and I also love the cleat studs – those are better than on any Nike football cleats.

Also special thanks to Robin who showed me how to tie the cleats in a way that never fails on the field.


Great shoes, lightness, adhesion, perfect for ultimate !

Cinier Matisse

J’ai eu les tokay en debut de saison et c’est un bonheur les appuies sont plus simple et le confort est inimitable
Je les recommandes fortement

Liz Clark

I bought these cleats because the reviews were so positive, and I was not disappointed. The first time I wore them was for a tryout weekend and my feet were fine!! They are incredibly light and comfortable, and the spike pattern is perfect for quick direction changes.


Got the tokays last season and am super happy with them. great cleats honestly! Thank you!!

Emmett Schlager

I am a year-round competitive high school ultimate player and after doing research, I found this company had the best cleats for this amazing sport. However, they were out of my size so I got the next size up which is still a bit big. I am waiting to grow into them within the next half year but I am beyond excited for that day. These cleats seem to have everything that I personally look for in good cleats; padding, insoles, lightweight, etc. Not to mention they look awesome! Can’t wait for the day they fit.

John Kofi

I felt the difference right away. Slip less, cut better, I’m more confident on the field with my Tokay cleats and I’m proud to support the Ultimate community !


Ce sont des crampons super confortables surtout au niveau de la largeur du pied. Ils ont une accroche nickel, je n’ai encore jamais eu de problème de glissade avec, même sur terrain gras. J’ai la version avec chaussette intégrée et c’est vraiment un plus par rapport à mes anciens crampons, bref ils sont nickel ?

Ben Hornung

Any pair of cleats that has so far lasted me a full year and counting of four indoor and three outdoor seasons, across two continents, without a single significant decay or loss of comfort, feels like a no-brain investment. These (“low-cut M grey”) tokays have only gained a certain fine sheen of dirt over that time. Everything still kicks: heels, tongues, & laces are easily adjustable and give an impressively snug run from the get-go. Fits most ankle braces, even low-cut, quite nicely.
The aglets fell off, but, really, who really needs them anyway? The laces themselves still work, and the spikes haven’t broken nor have the sides or corners torn, so, again: everything still kicks, a year later. The sooner you buy them the quicker you can stop trying other cleats


Tokay’s changed the way I play ultimate. I would always buy Nike football cleats and my feet were sore for the first 2 months of playing because I have wider feet. Even after using shoe stretchers, my Nike’s would make my feet feel like they were being clamped down on. The first time I slipped my Tokay’s on, the feeling was nothing less than magical. My feet and toes had room and the comfort was next level. I instantly felt the difference cutting as well. Sideways cuts, I felt like my feet grabbed the ground and my burst out of those cuts was increased significantly.


very comfortable cleats. Soft, light.


Awesome cleats, most comfortable cleats I’ve ever owned

Koffi #62

So far [1], the new Tokay cleats are wonderful, They are really comfy and stabilize the feet quite well. Comfort is particularly important for me because I easily get blisters.
And Robin really is a super nice and hard working person. Thanks a lot!

[1] I’ve got the cleats about two months ago.

Doctor UAE

Really liked strong heal section, gives a lovely secure/supported feel.

Grip very good. Nice and light.

Comfortable on astro too.

All in all, very happy.


Hey Tokay,
your shoes have a Perfect fit! Like Most of the other shoes they catch a lot of Gras and dirt on the Field but they are still awesome for doing fast cuts.

Annabel Howard

It felt like a gamble buying cleats online but my Tokays have been amazing – not a single problem from day one to Canadian Nationals, playing on both grass and AstroTurf.. My toes have never felt so free. Thank you Tokay.


Très bonnes chaussures et très confortables : on est comme dans des chaussons. De très bonnes sensations sur terrains synthétiques et terrain sec. J’ai hâte d’être à cette hiver pour les tester sur terrain gras.
Seul défaut a ce jour j’ai déjà arraché une languette de talon à la 2ème utilisation…

Heather W

My first thoughts: they fit like slippers! I was surprised by how much room there was for my feet compared to football boots (just right!) and immediately noticed the difference in the grip when turning. No breaking in required!


Great set of cleats. Grip well on the tirf and hold the foot well. Firm and secure feeling even on my narrow feet (once I’ve done them up tightly). Not the absolute lightest set of footwear, but well constructed and should last a few seasons. Cleat pattern is excellent and grips well during cuts without biting so hard you twist ankles/knees during pivoting.

Sadly this aging carbon life form finds that the zero drop style and minimal cushioning means I’m experiencing back pain after running on our hardened fields. (Which is no different to standard football cleats for me – if normal cleats are fine for you, these will be no worse).

So I’m leaving these for wet fields/games, where the ground is a little more forgiving and I can make better use of the grip and reverting to my previous runners/cleats (fell running shoes for those wondering) for the dry. Pity – these would have been great for me 10-15 years ago when I recovered a little better and weighed 15kg less.

Excellent work in designing these.


These cleats are quite exactly what I have been looking for. They are soft and light but can be tightend well to the feet. The sharp-edged studs enable great grip on the field, even in wet conditions, and make me feel more stable on the ground while cutting than any football cleats I have owned before. And, most importantly: the Tokay shape is perfect for my feet which have suffered several long-lasting injuries already. Great job guys!


I’ve been playing for quite some time now and these cleats are the only one that really fit my forefoot. It is usually where I feel unconfortable with the multiple side steps and rapid change of direction ultimate requires. It also came with 2 insoles which is the stupid detail that actually makes a difference as it really helps to get best confort for your feet! Only con would be getting some veyr small kind of blisters on top of the extreme fingers, although it is easy to workaround those things (small piece of tape).
Thanks again Tookay and Robin!


One of the first cleats that didn’t give me any blisters or anything in the first few weeks. After a month of five, I’m still very happy about them. They fit nicely, keep my feet dry and make me stop and turn super fast. I actually like them most on arteficial turf. When it’s super muddy, the front cleats will get clogged, loosing. some of its grip.

The heel cleats where slowly starting to show signs of tearing, but Robin insisted on providing me with a new pair when I showed him (intended just as feedback) during Windmill. Good customer service!

Overall, I’m very happy with these. There not yet the absolute perfect cleat everyone is looking for. But I think the people behind Tokay know that and are actively looking to improve the shoe. Keep it up!


The grip of the shoes was nice but the best remains the comfort, the warmth and keeping my feet dry despite the Irish weather!


After a day, my first feeling is very positive. My feet remained dry despite the high humidity, the grip was good and the comfort excellent.

I didn’t feel the usual foot pain that has me limping at the party and the day after. Now I hope I can rely on durability and quality.


I could play all 8 games of the weekend comfortably and without getting my feet wet.

Sean Meginness

When I compare my tokay cleats to my previous cleats, the things I notice most are
the excellent braking/stopping ability and slightly higher acceleration.

I have wide feet, so they don’t fit too perfectly, but hardly any cleats do. My only real complaint is that the ankle doesn’t feel tight enough.

Damour Nicolas

L’accroche que procure les crampons est excellente et permet des cut… tranchants !!
Le confort pourrait être un poil renforcé sur le modèle midcut si le chausson était un peu plus épais mais c’est un détail.
Le seul vrai point négatif que je relèverais est l’élasticité des lacets. Je vais changer les miens.

Tim Dodwell

Hey guys

Just played my first game in my new cleats – Awesome!!!!

The fit and feel is so comfortable and natural. I love that new leather feel when slipping them on. The cleats gives me great turning ability and no pressure points on the bottom of my feet.

Can’t wait to try them in a 2-3 day tourney in Asia.

Mark Fedorenko

Hi there,

I backed the kickstarter and have to say that I am impressed with the communication, transperency, and consistency of the production process. To asterisk, I have only been able to use the cleats on american football style turf due to the cold and ordered the size 11`.5 Mid-top style.

-Tread pattern is one of, if not the best tread pattern I have used on cleats.
-I really dig the coloring on the bottom.
-I needed very little break in.
-The box and different soles were a nice touch!

-I thought the main exterior color was going to be white.
-The size I ordered is a little big; this causes an air pocket to appear just past the lowest lacing point and makes the cleats feel loose. They feel fine initially but after ~30-40 minutes of play and several retying of the cleats, the bulge remains permanently and gives the ball of my foot too much room to move around.

Personal stuff:
-I would have liked a thicker ankle sleeve,
-I did not get an opportunity to test them on other surfaces or weather conditions. I’d bet they would perform well on shorter grass/dryer grass while more comfortable than my football cleats longer tread pattern.
-My cleat experience is Nike soccer cleats until 5 years ago, when I switched to Nike Lacrosse/Football Cleats.

I thoroughly enjoy the cleats, but I think I need a half size smaller to get full functionality from them.

Thank you!


The cleats fit nicely enough, a little shorter than I expected but once they stretched a bit were comfy. However, the stretch hasn’t really stopped and I need to tighten them several times while playing. We’ll see if this stops in the future.

Also, I didn’t love that the back of the foot can come out of the shoe pretty easily.

Lastly, not a deal breaker as it affects function only marginally, but the strap on the back of the shoe is useless and broke off almost immediately and with hardly any stress.

Chuck D

Got these through the kickstarter and although they were delayed in development, they are well worth the wait. I havnt got a chance to play outside in them but for 3 hat tournaments on field turf they have great control and traction. Very comfortable, but the heel hook needs to be reinforced (one of them tore off). Still much better than any football, soccer, or lax cleat I’ve tried.

Milan van den Bovenkamp

The shoes are the ultimate shoes I want and need. The first day I played on them (which was a tournament ha ha) they were a bit uncomfortable, but after that first ‘getting used to it’—they’re just great.

Myself being a special example, since I have two different feet sizes, I can use the blue sole for the one, and the yellow for the other in order to have the perfect fit.

What I especially like is that they have way more space for your toes, unlike soccer/football shoes, they’re fitted to kick a ball accurately. My toes love me again. ❤️

Florian Gailliegue

Pour l’instant les crampons ne m’ont servi que sur du synthétique mais l’accroche est vraiment plus excellente. J’ai hâte de les essayer sur terrain en herbe naturelle.

Je dispose de la version mid-cut black. et en plus de la stabilité j’avoue un fan de la chaussette anti-morceaux noirs de synthétique cancérigènes!! Le maintien de la cheville est plus que satisfaisant. Et quelle légèreté!

Il ne reste plus qu’à leurs faire connaître l’épreuve du temps et des tournois. Rendez-vous dans un an pour plus d’informations 😉

En tout cas les premières impressions sont prometteuses.


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