We are discountinuing the JET, grab a pair of the remaining stock for half the price.

The essential of TOKAY for your Ultimate adventures: comfort and grip.

The JET is suitable for Junior and recreational players, although we don’t recommend it for competitive players.


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Specific Terms for this offer

After some competitive players reported an issue with their JET we decided to discontinue this product. After further testing with recreational and junior players we’re discounting the remaining stock for half the price.

Every foot and cutting styles are different so issues can still happen, in this case the cleats would be refundable through a coupon code on TOKAY’s website.

In the limit of the available stock, this product is excluded from the group offers.


While developing this model we had in mind to keep only the essential to offer the allrounder of Ultimate cleats. The JET offers grip, comfort and durability in an optimised product.

To achieve our goal we have developed a more simple upper, but we also saved on other aspects like the logistics: offering a box that can be used as shipping carton and producing only one color to limit stock management fees.


Go wherever you want, whenever you want. Your ultimate cuts are so sharp – often more than 90° – and performed at full speed.

We built the JET with the same sole as the TOKAY Flight:  a lot of studs, including the toe one, and an extra one under the heel. The small studs on the side are super useful for sharp cuts on turf and the many studs prevent pressure points under your feet.

The toe stud and numerous studs is something you’d never find in soccer cleats, because they have a negative impact on ball control.


Ankle sprain, black toenails and blisters are common injuries in Ultimate. While playing you don’t look much at your feet and your muscles aren’t responding as quick after a few games, which increases the risk of injury.

TOKAY’s wide outsole protects ankles from twisting by providing more stability to your feet. The high toe box prevents black toenails. The heel counter will protect you from blisters.

The narrow outsole and low-cut of soccer cleats do not help protecting your ankle, as their instability is critical to dribble. Most of the football cleats will ruin your toes due to their low shape in the toebox.