Beach Socks


Get ready for your summer tournaments with this new kind of beach socks. Our knitting technology provides a perfect fit, protects your feet from the sand and lasts looooong.
Only available in the USA for now, available worldwide in February.

How to order custom beach socks?
  • 1 week delivery
  • 6000+ pairs running
    on 5 continents
  • Payment 100% secure
    Cards and Paypal

You don’t always need a pair of socks for sure, but when you do, you DO!
Whether the sand is too warm, too cold or full of shells our socks are here to make your feet feel comfortable.


Unlike your usual beach socks, these socks are knitted, which provides a perfect fit and ensure they don’t roll around your feet when cutting, jumping or running to the food truck.
Knitting also allows to create a strong and long lasting elastic around your ankle that prevents the sand from entering while playing. Good bye velcros!


TOKAY’s beach socks can be sublimated to your team’s colors! Just like you team jersey.
For any information on sublimation, please reach out to robin@tokay-ultimate.com


The black thread is made to resist the abrasion of the sand and the shells. We tested the durability on our prototypes. Sorry we can’t tell you how long they lasted, because they’re still running!


The silicone print under the foot provides the bits of grip you need during your cuts as well as on any surface you could need to walk on in-between games.


Although you want to protect your feet, you don’t want them to get warm. The breathable knitting on top of the socks help evacuating the sweat to keep your feet dry and healthy.