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Find below all the artciles published about our project, in a chronological order.

In English:

Hello Robin. Can you tell us a little bit about your background in Ultimate?

Hi Mark, well my background in ultimate is not the most impressive; I’m now entering my 3rd year playing. I started to play thanks to a friend, and stuck with the game and all the things surrounding it: the spirit, the community, the tournaments… Read More…

TOKAY’s Story

As in most modern fairy tales, TOKAY’s story begins around a beer, chatting with teammates about life, the universe, and obviously…ultimate. I can’t remember how the subject of ultimate dedicated cleats came into the conversation, maybe arguing about what existing cleat out there had the best grip or ankle support. Read more…

You don’t need much to play ultimate, and that’s always been a selling point. A field, a disc, eight cones, some friends, and cleats cover your non-negotiables.1 Most of those items can be borrowed — but not your footwear. Read more…

Ultimate players’ feet are clapping! Cleat Appreciation Day may be a thing of the past!

A new “frisbee gear brand” – TOKAY – claims to be producing a cleat for the sport of ultimate. The ultimate cleats are designed … to run faster, cut harder, and jump higher. A “swaggy” ultimate frisbee shoe is also in the works. Read more…

En Français :

Robin Lamy, ex-responsable du cluster Sporaltec, a créé la start-up Tokay en vue de développer des chaussures spécialisées pour la pratique de l’ultimate frisbee. Il vient de lancer une campagne de financement participatif sur la plateforme Kick Starter. Lire plus…


Contrôle et agilité sont les deux direction qui ont présidé à la conception de la chaussure d’ultimate proposée par Tokay.

Cet été, la start-up Tokay devrait mettre sur le marché une chaussure dédiée à la pratique de l’ultimate.  Lire plus… (lien réservé aux abonnés)



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