Organising a Fundraiser

We’ll be happy to help you organise a fundraiser for your team, school, or any king of crazy project you would have!

How does it work?

Just reach out to us and we’ll create a special page for your fundraiser (see exemples below).

Then it’s on you to spread the word and let your community know about it!

Players participating will pay their TOKAY products full price to you and you’ll purchase them at a discounted rate.

Your project can benefit from:

  • 5 PAIRS of TOKAY Flight: 7% of the amount (43€ / $45)
  • 7 PAIRS of TOKAY Flight: 10% of the amount (86€ / $91)
  • 10 PAIRS of TOKAY Flight: 12% of the amount (148€ / $156)

If you reach 20 pairs you’d then earn 296€ / $312, etc…

We’ll then be in touch to organise the logistics.

I want to organise a fundraiser

They organised a fundraiser


(wish it was true!)

Credit: Focus Ultimate at EUC 2019, Gyor.