[NEW PRODUCT RELEASE] Your Best Summer Companion

You dreamed about it without even knowing it was possible. But thanks to the collaboration of 2 international athletes, having both an impressive record on grass and beach, we developed the product that will highlight your summer tournaments, FOREVER.


“I love playing, especially at a high level as I play to chase the excitement of competition. For that reason I train a lot, and get to play on various surfaces, mainly sand and grass. But to give my best on the fields, training is not enough, I also need the best equipment, and this is where I was feeling like something was missing…. When I realized it I started sketching, I contacted TOKAY, and this is when the MAGIC happened!”


“ I’ve always played every time I could, it’s like a second nature to me, it is part of my life, part of me. I’ve grown up running on grass, running on sand, always after that plastic disc. I never really wondered if I was wearing the right footwear to do it. When TOKAY contacted me to take part to this project I said Why Not, and will never regret it, as it changed the way I play now.”

We’re happy to introduce you the Ultimate Flip, a new kind of footwear, the most versatile you’ve ever seen. Developed to perform as much on sand as on grass, it will accompany you all summer long to your leagues and tournament games.

Their elegant design also allows you to match them to your everyday outfit, to bring the fun of the weekend to your office chair!


Their Beach looking design will remind you the best time of your summer, wherever you go.


Is there a most breathable material than air? The answer is NO. Your feet will be surrounded with air, and that will make them happy!


Same sole as on our boots, lots of studs for lots of grip!


By matching an anatomical design to carefully selected materials these shoes will provide your feet with the best feel ever.


“In addition to all the work we put together for month to fine tune the product, I am happy that I could contribute to a project that a lot of players will improve the game of so many players”


“As a young athlete, I am feeling lucky to know that such footwear exists now to accompany me all along my career. And I also feel really happy for the opportunity I had to be part of it!”

The Entire TOKAY team would like to thank Ben Oort and Robyn Fennig for their involvement into this beautiful project, send them love. Also FICUS Ultimate for the inspiration, Amorce and Ulti.tv for the images. Drop a blue thumb to these people, they Rock!


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