[NEW PRODUCT RELEASE] The best friend of your best friend

We all know Ultimate is a dog sport. So over the last year, we have been working hard to present the cleats your family was missing, your best friend’s best friend.

To satisfy every dog owners we worked with a dog expert doubled with a dog lover: Klára Lipertová (you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram)

Introducing the TOKAY Doggo Booty

Endless fun, endless love

While you and they would never stop playing, you don’t want them to get injured.

Protect their paws under any weather conditions, they boots are ideal for hiking on hard rocks, snow sports, jumping and barking of course.

Just look at this beauty

I know you’re picturing Kira running in slowmo right now.

Your dog could have the same shine at the park.

Unleash their potential

Your companion is the most beautiful and talented dog that ever existed on earth, that’s for sure.

With the light, breathable and grippy TOKAY Doggo Booty they will feel more confident than ever and prove you they still have a lot to show you!

About this collaboration, Klára said: “I am proud I participated into this project that will for sure help all of us staying safe. They fit perfectly!! Helps Kira fly higher than usual ❤️”

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Picture credit: Klára Lipertová (you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram)