Innovation and Community need has always been our priority, that’s why we are happy to present today the: TOKAY RollyRoll.

While the recent events have forced us to react quickly, and develop on the fly this new roll we are sure that you will instantly notice the quality wasn’t left behind!

2X More Absorbent: Unlike other brands, with TOKAY RollyRoll, you don’t have to fold or bunch to make your toilet paper feel cushiony soft. It’s a win-win for the whole team.
– Your best travel companion: We sourced high resistance materials to make RollyRoll your best travel companion, either in your tournament or Outdoor adventures.
– Cushiony Softness: TOKAY RollyRoll has a cushiony touch and is designed to feel comfortable in use and will deliver the softness you love. Enjoy the go with America’s next favorite toilet paper!
– Choose your deal: Now available in single roll or team deals.

TOKAY, Beyond the RollyRoll:
– Rainforest Alliance Certified
– Responsibly Sourced: 100% of the pulp used to make our toilet paper is from responsibly managed forests.
– Roto-Rooter Approved: clog-safe and septic-safe TOKAY RollyRoll, your next roll.

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