Never Order the Wrong Size Again

We’re stocked to announce the launch of our new service: an App to let you to measure your feet from your smartphone.

As choosing the right shoe size remains the main issue for ordering shoes online – especially for cleats that need a perfect fit – we teamed with another startup to provide this unique service.

Whether you’re looking for your next BCF (Best Cleats Forever) or just want to get your foot 3D scanned on your smartphone, here is the way, in just 2 steps.

1st step: Download the app and follow the flow

To complete the scans you’ll need:


In order to ensure you have a scan as accurate as possible, please make sure you follow these rules:

  • Use a A4 or Letter format paper, and indicate the right format when starting the scan
  • Make sure the sheet is not bent, and lies on a rigid floor (eg. no grass or carpet)
  • Do not move you foot between the 3 picture
  • Make sure the pictures are evenly exposed to light.

Once you have taken the pictures, create you account.

Congrats! You can now play around and brag about the 3D scan of your foot!

Note: This app realizes this magic trick by combining a bunch of sensors and some serious technology. Given the wide variety of smartphones on the market, it can face some issues. If this is the case, please let me know by sending me a description, screenshots and device reference would help!

2nd step : Log on

Once on pour product page,  connect to the app by clicking on the


You’ll be proposed your size. To prevent mistakes, we’re using the European sizing, so make sure the page sizing system is set to EU.

Congrats you’re done! 

As easily as this you now just need to choose your model and check out!

Note: if you’re used to US sizing, don’t be surprised to be proposed a smaller size than usual.

Like this service? We’ll be delighted to hear it! Faced issues? We’ll be happy to help!

So let us know


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