Maintain your cleats – Rainy day edition 🌧️

When playing ultimate, your cleats can get dirty and wet. That is totally fine, but your cleatss will llast longer if they don’t stay muddy and wet for too long.

TOKAY cleats were designed and made to be durable, and taking care of them will help them last even longer.

Here are our recommendations to make them look better for longer, and (more importantly) keep them in better working condition.

Our cleaning guide to maintain your cleats after a rainy game or practice :

 – Let’s start with the 🚫 don’t:

⚠️ DO NOT use any kind of solvent

⚠️ DO NOT use a washing machine or a dryer: that would harm the materials, moisten the inner foams and help the growth of bacteria.

 – You can now follow these steps:

Step 1 – Clean your cleats right after practice

Step 2 – Remove the mud under the outsole
Mud gets into the fabric pores and over time this affects the breathability, flexibility and therefore also the durability of your cleats.

Step 3 – Clean your pair with a towel or at the faucet if they are already soaked
Simply use a wet towel or sponge to remove the mud off of your cleats after a muddy training or tournament. You can either clean directly at the faucet if they are already soaked.

Step 4 – Remove them from the bag
For many of us, just taking our cleats out of our bags after practice is a good first step in the right direction. The most important step!!

Step 5 – Remove the insoles
You can also remove the insoles from the shoes straight after your game. Insoles are made of foam and absorb a lot of moisture. Removing them will help the rest of the shoe dry faster.

Step 6 – Insert paper into your shoes
If your cleats are very wet you can also put some balled-up newspaper paper into them in order to absorb most of the moisture. Just remember to remove it after a few hours to allow natural ventilation.

Step 7 – Let the cleats dry naturally
Encourage your cleats to dry naturally by placing them in a dry and well-ventilated area.