[Team Interview] Tchac? Tchac. Tchac! *araaarw*

A French team on the rise in Europe (and maybe the world?), we caught up with Tchac as they prepare to get a top 12 spot at WUCC. Find out how this group of friends are working to remain themselves while becoming an increasingly awesome Ultimate team. ?

Cover Photo Credits “OMG, We’re Almost Twinning!”: FOCUS Ultimate

Fact Card

Club: Tchac
Year club was founded:  The two clubs LUCE and DUC were founded in 1997, and merged in 2007 to form Tchac.
City, Country :  Pornichet, France
Division: Open

Best Results :
National Championships: French Champion (4 titles including 3 in a row)
Continental Championships: 3rd at the EUCF 2016
World Championships: 20th at WUCC in 2014

Crowdfunding Campaign?

“They’re Bringing Seagulls Back *araaarw*”
almost all of Tchac in one place

What are the goals of the team at WUCC and beyond? How are you preparing to accomplish these goals?

The goal is to finish within the top 12 at World’s as the 2nd European team with the best possible Spirit; all while maintaining our identity which is the driving force of our union as a team. Rigor, sharing and mastery are keywords in our engagements and actions on the field.

We improved our preparation this year with better management of the individual physical preparation (a complete program supported by trainers). We also did a preparation tournament in Paris at the very beginning of the season. It allowed us to effect some of our first adjustments in preparations for Bruges (Tom’s Tourney). Our main point of focus this year has been our defense and ability to counterattack.

Tchac at the IZNO Invite early this season
Photo Credits: FOCUS Ultimate

What should the world know about your team and its journey to Worlds?

They must know us as a team that evolves and carries with it the great strengths of cohesion and character. We are initially a team of friends that has grown over the years and accumulated experience to become a team attracting the best players in the region.

The group’s cohesion is very important to us and is the basis of our strength and identity. For example, we like playing with nicknames, sharing our emotions, exchanging “physically” our joys and fears. We try to be tactically and structurally intelligent as a team. It’s been 5 years since we grew up and reached a high level within Europe. Our victories and failures are important steps in our current development. We are currently at a stage of adolescence, so to speak, and we still have a lot to learn to become a mainstay on the Ultimate scene.

Tchac at the IZNO Invite early this season
Photo Credits: FOCUS Ultimate

What can your opponents expect from you this season?

We do the Seagulls.

A little video of Tchac’s epic defense cheer
for those of you wondering what “Do the Seagulls” means

Thank you Tchac for this concise insight into your team, and the best of luck achieving your goals this season!

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