Hogwarts Fundraiser


We’re organising a fundraiser to go to the Anniversary Quidditch tournament in the Carpates.

We’ve heard y’all like TOKAY cleats as they have proven their worth during the last Quidditch cup! If you get a pair through our fundraiser you’ll help us fund our trip!

🪄 We know a bit of magic but not yet how to create money, so we appreciate your help in making this project a reality! 🧚

Help us fund our trip

How does it work?

Buy a fresh pair of TOKAY Ultimate footwear through our fundraiser. We have negotiated prices with them that will allow us to keep a part of the order to fund our project.

To participate, just fill in the spreadsheet and transfer the amount of your order to the following account by 03/05/2023:

IBAN: Bank of Wizards – Rabbits Quidditch