Frizbay – Give your Ultimate jerseys a second life

Frizbay helps you sell or buy Ultimate gear, with all the benefits going to a cause chosen by the seller.

Whether your shelves are cracking under the weight of your old jerseys or you’re looking for a beautiful jersey to brag with when Ultimate restarts, Frizbay’s got you covered.

Buy on frizbay

Just scroll all the jerseys and Ultimate SWAG other players added.

You may find that jersey you never managed to trade, or get some new shorts while supporting a beautiful cause! When purchasing you’ll be able to see which cause the benefits of the sale will go to.

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Sell on frizbay

To sell on frizbay you just need to:

1. sign up and register as a seller. It takes 2 minutes!
2. Choose a cause, or just give to the cause of the month
3. Upload the jerseys you want to sell

Sell on Frizbay

About the project

Frizbay is getting started, and they are looking for potential partners, developers, idea-makers and people to help spread the word.
And of course for buyers and sellers!
If you’d like to work with Frizbay, get in touch with them: or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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