TOKAY Flight vs. JET

We want to offer the most suitable footwear option for every Ultimate player, that’s why after our Performance cleats: the TOKAY Flight, we’re proud to present to offer the essentials of TOKAY with the JET.

Here is a bit more information to help you choose.

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TOKAY Flight’s upper material is lighter and more breathable, which will allow you to perform in any weather condition, especially under warm summer tournaments.

TOKAY Flight’s upper is made of layers of breathable mesh and TPU reinforcements, while JET’s upper is made of synthetic leather.


There’s no difference between the 2 models.

You still get plenty of studs to cut as hard as you want, as well as a toe and heel stud for better control.


Both cleats are strong because we know that’s essential.

JET’s upper material is strong, however TOKAY Flight’s lighter materials are reinforced on the key points to offer a perfect mix of performance, lightness and durability.

On top of that, the specific TOKAY fit prevents the cleats from blowing out between the upper and the sole.


Both models are made with our signature TOKAY shape that offers comfort right out of the box.

Although the bulkier material of the JET will not adapt to your feet as much as the Flight.

The JET does not have the extra insole in the box that offers a better fit to thinner feet.


To offer the JETs at a low price point we also worked on other aspects such as logistics.

Offering only one color and packing them into a box that can be used as shipping box helps us reduces these costs.

TOKAY Flights come with a cleats bag included into the box.

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