[EYUC 2019] The Unofficial Ultimate Teams Playlist

Yo Gang,
We’re so excited to come at EYUC 2019, Wroclaw, Poland, from Aug. 10th to 17th!
To rock that week with you, we’re setting the EYUC Unofficial Teams Playlist.

How does it work?

Each team can contact me by email, facebook or Instagram to propose one song, and we’ll add it to the palylist! (please make sure it’s available on Deezer)

We’ll run some giveaways based on the playlist during the event, so make sure you send your song and stay tuned on:

Wanna get some early mood? Sound on!

As official footwear supplier of the EUF, we’ll have a booth at EYUC.
We’ll present there the TOKAY Flight.
LighterStronger, more Breathable, still Grippy as hell, that’s all the features of the TOKAY Flights that will make you forget you’re wearing cleats to concentrate only on your game.

As we’ll have limited stock on the tournament we recommend you to either:

– order your pair for a delivery for a home delivery,

– pre-order your pair on using the coupon code: EYUC2019, offering free shipping and a delivery on site in Wroclaw.

Order Now

Check here the songs each team proposed:


AUT Song – Artist AUT Song – Artist
CZE Bang Bang – Jesse J. BEL Bad Boy – Inner Circle
GBR Song – Artist CZE Song – Artist
GER We are family – Sister Sledge FIN Ukkometso – Pate Mustajärvi
HUN Song – Artist FRA Taj – Blr Rave & Crave
ITA Si, ah – Frah Quintale GBR Song – Artist
NED Song – Artist GER Not Afraid – Eminem
SVK Song – Artist IRL I’m Shipping Up To Boston – Dropkick Murphys
FRA Rythm of the Night – Deep Divas ISR Stronger – The Score
ITA The Show Goes On – Lupe Fiasco
NED HUTS – The Blockparty
POL Street Fight – Adam Jensen
SLO Song – Artist
SUI Rolli & Schoggi – Seppli MC
SVK Song – Artist
SWE Legendary – Skillet


Sponsors, Partners and Supportive parents

EUF Song – Artist
LUCKYGRASS Song – Artist
EURODISC Song – Artist
FANSEAT Money money Money – Abba
ULTI.TV Flashlight – Parliament
Duch Gry Champion Song – Crystal Fighters
Ulti Zone Go With It – Oliver, Chromeo
Klara Lipertova Hilltop Hoods – Cosby Sweater
FOCUS Ba ba ba – Miss Li
Graham Maskell Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen
TOKAY  Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore

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