[Dream Team] Maxime Garros, Tchac, France

Playing since 1998, Maxime has experienced ultimate in the UK, Canada, and of course France, where he coached his club twice to victory in the French championship and to a 3rd place at EUCF this year. He’d tell you : “Whatever it takes, do it strong with passion!“

How did you come to play ultimate?

It all began when my sister started playing. She brought a disc back home, and taught me how to throw. I loved that, and next year I joined the local club with her.

And how did you stick to the sport?

I love throwing Frisbees.

But then I think that the community helped me a lot to stick to the sport. It allowed me to know new people, to make friends when was traveling…

I was lucky also to start at a time when a lot of things were to be built in ultimate and I could follow the evolution of a sport from something still quite amateur to the very professional events I could take part to this year (WUGC, EUCF).

What’s your best memory about ultimate?

Without doubt my best memory is the games were we ended up 3rd of Canadian championship with Mephisto (2013), which allowed us to play the clubs world championship in Lecco. As a team we had prepared for two years for it, and at that time I had my reached my best technical and physical level.

But unfortunately, this memory is also linked to my worst one… We did pretty bad next year at Worlds (22nd).

What’s your vision about the future of ultimate?

In Europe I think we should really change our vision of game advisors, they help accelerating the game and reminding the rules. After all they do not affect the spirit of the game. For me it’s two different things that have to grow together: the better we will be able to rule games, the the better we will be able to communicate strong around the spirit of the game and the overall Ultimate values.

Then I think that we should enlarge the base of leisure players, by communicating, and proposing more possibilities to play for fun, like city leagues or dedicated places.

What’s you thoughts about ultimate frisbee cleats?

I think it is very important for our sport to have cleats that are dedicated to Ultimate in terms of communication and community.

American football is the most significant sport close to Ultimate where cleats are made for cutting moves (especially Wide Receiver cuts), those spikes are quite good but miss some particularities of our sport.

I wish future cleats to be light and resistant as long as comfortable and having a good stability on the field. We are made to be “360° sprinters” enjoying the fastest way to reach a disc in the air or on the ground, with a strong spirit behind!

Maxime’s timeline

  • 1998 – Friselis Club Versailles (France)
  • 2001 – EUCC, Prague, 4th with France Junior
  • 2004 – Ultimate Birmingham University (Uk)
  • 2007 – President of Friselis Club Versailles
  • 2008 – WUGC Vancouver, 11th with France Mixed
  • 2010 – WUCC, Prague, volunteer
  • 2011 – Montreal Mephisto (Canada)
  • 2013 – US Open Raleigh, Spirit of the Game player
  • 2013 – Canada Ultimate Championship, 3rd medal with Montreal Mephisto
  • 2014 – WUCC, Lecco, 22th with Montreal Mephisto
  • 2014 – Pornichet Tchac Coach & France Open Captain
  • 2015 – Champion of France with Pornichet Tchac
  • 2015 – EUC, Copenhagen, 3rd medal with France Open
  • 2016 – Champion of France  with Pornichet Tchac
  • 2016 – WUGC, London, 9th (exaequo) with France Open
  • 2016 – EUCF, Francfort, 3rd medal with Pornichet Tchac

What’s your best memory about ultimate?

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