[Dream Team] Laura Chagneux, YAKA, France

Credits : Quentin Dupre Latour, Focus

Incessant traveler, Laura has been playing in 8 clubs during her 11 years carrier, which led her 3 times to EUCF (won one, with SUN, 2014 Mixed division). She also took part to WUGC this year with the French mixed team.

How did you come to play ultimate?

In middle school, my sports teacher introduced us to ultimate frisbee. I found it very fun so when I came back to school in September,  I started to look for a club, and I found OUF club… And the adventure began.

And how did you stick to the sport?

As I have started relatively young, the players I have met became my friends…and then really good friends. The fun we have at each tournament is unbelievable, thanks to the sport, the spot of the tournament and my friends. By playing more and more, I got addicted to competition. It’s a huge opportunity to play at this level…There are not a lot of sports where players can experience the same. I love playing hard with my friends to reach the top!

What’s your best memory about ultimate?

Credits : Quentin Dupre Latour, Focus

1: Last June, at the WUGC in London when we won against UK, which allow us to be 4th at the world championship. A feeling of pride, love, hope…not easy to describe but a pure moment of love.

2 : One year ago at EUC in Copenhagen, we won the game to be third. 10 minutes after the french open team had won also their game for the 3rd place. We crossed the fields to join them and celebrate… A pure moment of joy ☺

What’s your vision about the future of ultimate?

I sincerely hope that we will manage to get more sponsors to make the high level practices more professional while keeping the tournaments fun. We work really hard to get a high level in parallel of our daily life… which shows some limits. By getting younger players to this sport, we could make ultimate more famous, and be more professional, a virtuous circle…

What’s you thoughts about ultimate frisbee cleats?

I am really happy that a project has been launched to create finally cleats adapted for one sport and available in many countries (not only in North America). As we play many games in a short period of time, I would like my cleats to be light, comfortable (no blue toenail anymore), resistant and quite waterproof (to play two days in a row).

Credits : Quentin Dupre Latour, Focus

Laura’ timeline

  • 2005 – OUF Club  (France)
  • 2010 – Ultimate Montreal University (Canada)
  • 2010 – Canada Ultimate University Championship with Montreal
  • 2011 – Ultimate Lancaster University (UK)
  • 2012 – Monkey Club (France)
  • 2014 – WUCC, Lecco, 28th with BDM
  • 2014 – Ragging Club (France)
  • 2014 – EUCF, Frankfurt, 1st Medal with SUN Club
  • 2015 – EUC, Copenhagen, 3rd medal with France Open
  • 2015 – 2nd France with Western Ladies
  • 2015 – Iznogood Club (France)
  • 2016 – Champion of France with YAKA
  • 2016 – WUGC, London, 4th with France Mixte
  • 2016 – EUCF, Francfort, 9th with YAKA

What’s your best memory about ultimate?

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