Con10ent: The All Black Tour

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More than a Tour, Con10ent is a masterplan, imagined by Shanye Crawford, Founder and CEO of Disc Diversity, to build support and create a safe space for black players into our community.

A radical change

“Rather than fixing a broken system, in a community that’s already like none other, let’s be radical”

Shanye Crawford

To make our sport more inclusive, Con10ent pursues 2 goals:

“Affording current Black players every imaginable support White players have had in order to raise up the absent Black leaders the ultimate community needs.” A tour is a unique opportunity to raise the future leaders in our sport by creating visibility and role models. As Crawford says “I believe that by uplifting black players in this way we will inspire the absent leaders that the ultimate community requires but that black players don’t have to be”.

“Bringing Black youth into an unprecedented support system… at a time like this! Let’s offer ourselves as a refuge in which Black children and Black parents can thrive!” to shortly expand our community in a meaningful and lasting way. Black parents don’t feel safe to bring their kids in an all white environment as they’re not sure how well they’ll be welcomed. We need to actively show them the Ultimate community is a safe place.

The Tour

To accomplish this meaningful task, here is what Con10ent has set up for all of us.

The tour will take place in fall 2021 and mark 3 stops in Philadelphia, the Bay area and Seattle. Each stop will see a game between 2 teams composed of a core of 5 Black women’s players and 5 Black men’s , picking up an additional 20 local players — 10 youth and 10 adults — in each host location. Each team will be coached by some incredible pairs of coaches:

  • Amel Awadelkarim and Khalif El-Salaam
  • Opi Payne and Christian Boxley
  • Jasmine Childress and Yusuf Abdullah
  • Chupzi Lema and Trent Dillon
  • Shanye Crawford and Jesse Bolton

Community projects

Each stop will be organizing a 6 week paid youth summer program in every host cities organised around a community project of their choosing targeting 5 topics:

  • Education
  • Play
  • Mental Health
  • Politics
  • Music & Art

The projects will be presented before each game.

Apply to local summer camps here

How to support the tour

Like similar showcase tours in the past, Con10enT is attempting to crowdfund the resources necessary to make the event possible, setting an initial goal of raising $50,000 from the community.

The project has already crowdfunded $37,664.08 thanks to their sponsors, donations and the jersey bid war.

Read more and donate now

The money raised will help fund the following tour components:

  1. Core
    1. Transportation: airfare & local
    2. Per diem
    3. Lodging & meals
  2. City
    1. Media team & promotion: traveling + remote crews
    2. Venue(s)
    3. paid 6-week summer ambassador program for 15 youth in each city

For now only donation option is available, but a new bid war jersey will be available soon.

Visit the bid war jersey page