[Dream Team] Michelle “Mish” Phillips, Bauhaus, Australia

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Mish Phillips has played with Bauhaus Ultimate for the entire ten years of both her playing career and the club's existence, and captained or coached the team for the last six. She represented Australia five [...]

[Dream Team] Mario O’Brien, Seattle Sockeye & Cascades, USA

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Mario O’Brien is the Producer and Creative Director of RISE UP, Ultimate's only professional instructional video series. He currently plays pro/elite ultimate for Seattle Sockeye and the Seattle Cascades. How did you come to [...]

[Dream Team] Manuela & Valeria Cardenas, Revolution, Colombia

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Credits : Jolie J Lang, Ultiphotos Playing both world finals (WUGC 2016) and junior semi-finals (WJUC 2016) the same year is not common! But that’s part of the accomplishments of Cardenas twin sisters this [...]