Innovation and Community need has always been our priority, that’s why we are happy to present today the: TOKAY RollyRoll.

While the recent events have forced us to react quickly, and develop on the fly this new roll we are sure that you will instantly notice the quality wasn’t left behind!

2X More Absorbent: Unlike other brands, with TOKAY RollyRoll, you don’t have to fold or bunch to make your toilet paper feel cushiony soft. It’s a win-win for the whole team.
– Your best travel companion: We sourced high resistance materials to make RollyRoll your best travel companion, either in your tournament or Outdoor adventures.
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– Choose your deal: Now available in single roll or team deals.

TOKAY, Beyond the RollyRoll:
– Rainforest Alliance Certified
– Responsibly Sourced: 100% of the pulp used to make our toilet paper is from responsibly managed forests.
– Roto-Rooter Approved: clog-safe and septic-safe TOKAY RollyRoll, your next roll.

TokayPedia: Learn about Cleats and Feet in Ultimate

To help you make the most of your quarantine, I’ve compiled for you the best of our blog. You’ll find below 30 links to learn more about your cleats, feet and their specific relationship in Ultimate Frisbee. Hope you enjoy it!

Cleats tips and Knowledge:

Each foot is unique, you can adapt your cleats to your feet by lacing or tying them differently. Maintaining your cleats can only be good too (read on the same topic)

Choosing the best pair of cleats for Ultimate is not an easy task, so we wrote down here what’s important to look at, as well as a few articles on how cleats are made (video)shoes secrets and the lesser known – but most important part for comfort – the Last.

About your feet:

First of all, you may want to participate to our Survey on Footwear, Feet and Lower Limbs Issues in Ultimate.

Here is an article to get to know your feet better, as well as 2 very interesting articles on injuries in Ultimate by practitioners Amanda Moore and Michael Lovich.

Melissa Witmer, from the UAP provides exercises to Warm Up your feet, as well as agility drills. An additional video she just published about quarantine (stopped just at the right time 😉 ).

About TOKAY:

A bunch of useful links to: measure your feetsave money on your order and about shipping. Here you can find out more about our Ultimate frisbee Cleats, Flip-flops and more.

Get to know our ambassadorswhat the Ultimate press says about our cleats, and our partnership with USA Ultimate, get to know also our partners EUROSTARS (with a nice interview here) and Ultileague (read more here).

If you have more questions, of course feel free to reach out to me at: robin@tokay-ultimate.com

Ultimate Stories:

Have you seen that video?!

We wrote a pretty cool History of Ultimate Frisbee Cleats in 5 episodes: Here’s the link to the 1st one telling you who invented cleats.

A very nice article about Photographing an Ultimate tournament, by our friends from Focus Ultimate.

[Interview] Injuries in Ultimate by Michael Lovich

Made of 26 bones, 33 joints and about 100 muscles and tendons, our feet are one of the most complex parts of the human body. They have to be agile enough to adapt to any track, but stable enough to ensure a firm base of support. It’s not worth saying that ultimate players are sorely testing them…

We sat with Dr. Michael Lovich, Chiropractic Functional Neurologist, Chiropractic Sports Physician and of course Ultimate player, to talk about the injuries that can happen to our feet while playing Ultimate.

If you’re interested in this topic, you may want to participate to our survey on Feet, Footwear and Lower Limb injuries in Ultimate.


Founder of Delta S  Performance, Dr. Michael Lovich has post-doctoral specialty training in functional movement based rehabilitation using therapeutic corrective exercises. Additionally, he has served as a medical director, team doctor, and on medical staff for various organizations and events in professional, amateur, collegiate and high school athletics.

On his website you can read: “My job is to stay updated and current with the research to provide the best possible treatment to keep you as healthy as possible. This is not a product you can buy, this is an experience you and I together use to change your life”.

What are, according to you, the most common injuries in Ultimate?

There is no other sport that involves constant jogging, breaking into a sprint at any given moment, and of course, repetitive cutting, to the extremes that ultimate frisbee takes it. Athletes need to train their whole body and brain to be able to provide the balance and agility needed to succeed on the field. 

More often than not, I see ultimate athletes get lower extremity injuries. In this article, I’d like to ignore major injuries, like pathological fracture and sprains, and focus on the most common injuries. These are more mild injuries, like muscle strains, that can limit or hinder performance, although most players will try to play through. Most of these are very preventable and easily improved. 

There are certain weak points that the sport of ultimate frisbee stresses more than others. For example, the power in throwing a flick comes from the Psoas Major and Iliacus muscles activating to drive your hip forward. The most common injury that I’ve seen has to do with one of the most important skills of the game: cutting. 

The soleus muscle, when completely activated, performs “plantarflexion” of the ankle, it moves your ankle so your toes point away from your face.

However, muscle activation can be tailored asymmetrically to create whatever output is needed to accomplish a task. When activated asymmetrically, the soleus helps to stabilize the ankle while running and cutting.

The soleus helps your ankle stabilize and adapt when cutting, because your foot may be at variable angles to the field surface. It also provides “spring” and “bounce” with its connection to the plantar fascia on the bottom of the foot. In this way, a weaker soleus muscle may fatigue throughout a game of ultimate and cause other parts of the leg to compensate for this change in function.

On the sidelines, I find most minor injuries that can impact player performance stem from improper conditioning of the muscles of the leg, especially the soleus. The pain a player feels tends to be the weak point in the chain. Although there may be pain in the ankle, knee, hip, quad, hamstring, etc., working on the soleus (and sometimes combined with the hip flexors and glutes) can be the key to clearing up these minor injuries before they become bigger!

I have found the “joint by joint” approach to be highly useful for effective rehab. It is a framework that tells us generally if a joint needs to be stable or mobile:

  • The foot needs to be stable. 
  • The ankle needs to be mobile.
  • The knee needs to be stable.
  • The hip needs to be mobile.
  • The lumbar spine (low back) needs to be stable.
  • The thoracic spine (mid back) needs to be mobile.
  • The cervical spine (neck) needs to be stable.
  • The scapula-thoracic joint (shoulder blade on ribcage) needs to be stable.
  • The shoulder joint needs to be mobile.
  • The elbow needs to be stable.
  • The wrist needs to be mobile.
  • The hand needs to be stable.

The feet do not live independently, so any feet centric approach should also, at minimum,  consider the ankle, knee, hip, and lumbar spine. For example, if you’re playing and need an ankle brace that is limiting your ankle mobility, unless you have structural changes in the ankle, you should have a goal to rehabilitate your ankle until you can play without the brace. Otherwise, please understand that using braces in one area will cause your body to create compensation patterns elsewhere. 

Is there any recommendation or warning you’d like to make for Ultimate players?

A strong stable foot and knee, and a mobile ankle and hip should be the goal. It’s my recommendation when choosing ultimate footwear to avoid high-top shoes. So grab a Bosu Ball, strengthen and mobilize your ankle, and get crackin on some “short foot” exercises! I have found the Toe Pro made by Tom Michaud (mytoepro.com) to be most effective for strengthening the feet!

In terms of gear, is there anything you’d recommend watching for?

The best gear is no gear. Condition your body to be able to handle the rigors of playing Ultimate Frisbee. If you start to feel symptoms, start with kinesiology taping, I recommend RockTape or TheraTape. White athletic taping for an ankle wrap really only supports for about an hour anyway. We have some kinesiology taping strategies that have been really helpful. 

When buying cleats, make sure you get cleats that fit your foot’s shape. In the ski industry we used to refer to boot fitting as trying to fit a rectangle into a cylinder. Same goes for cleats. Pick a pair that is lightweight and made to cradle your foot. Be careful using cleats that have a “wraparound” cuff, like the Nike Vapors, the tongue plays an important role in providing control for the upper part of the cleat as it contacts the talus. Learn how to use appropriate lace techniques to really allow your foot and shoe to move as a unit!

Note: You’ll find all these technique in this article.

[Job USA] We’re hiring a Sales Ninja

Company Description

Started in 2016, TOKAY is making great cleats dedicated to Ultimate Frisbee. After a successful Kickstarter in 2017 and a first version in 2018, we launched our new model – TOKAY Flight – in 2019.

TOKAY Flights are Light, Comfortable, Breathable and Grippy as hell. By providing technical, high-quality products, TOKAY aims to helps players improve their game, and do their best on Ultimate fields.

Solving feet issues for players by making a comfortable shoe is as important to us as protecting the players by creating cleats that will not harm the athlete.

The company relies on the following values: Performance, Fair Play, Equity and sustainability. We thrive to show those values through our Customer Service, our editorial line and brand animation.

TOKAY is proud sponsors of USA Ultimate, The EUROSTAR Tour and The European Ultimate Federation as well as many leagues and tournaments. Constantly growing, TOKAY is Based in Europe and well established in North America. To serve better the players of this area, we are looking for a Sales Ninja on the North East cost of USA.

For more information visit: https://tokay-ultimate.com

Position Description

You will be in charge of expanding the fun of TOKAY over the USA and Canada by rocking booth at selected events and building relationships with the great humans of our community.


  • Organise TOKAY’s presence on partner events.
  • Attend events (7 – 8 times per year) to run merchandise shops and represent the company in the best light possible, complying with company standards and best practices.
  • Create engaging social media content that ties into TOKAY’s event merchandising.
  • Create post-event reports and analyses and make recommendations for future opportunities.

Secret Missions

  • Build and market offer to teams, leagues, tournament directors, and other partners.
  • Organise small group events to let players test and buy TOKAY.
  • Follow up logistics and After Sales service of the outcoming sales.

Digital nomad with flexible schedule. This post is reporting to the company president. It requires a location in the north eastern region, and the ability to travel in the US. Position starting from March 2020.

TOKAY will be providing the Onboarding, support and toolkit to help you make your actions a success.


  • 3-5 years of related or transferable work experience.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) and social media is a must. Experience with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is preferred, but not required.
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Bachelor is preferred.


Based on a percentage of the sales, and defrayal.

Application process

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to robin@tokay-ultimate.com before Feb. 24th 2020.

Selected candidates will be contacted for a first interview to present further details and answer your questions (15-20min).

A second interview will be led with the ongoing candidates (40 – 60 min).

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.

No further discrimination will be made on your ability of throwing a lefty no-look scoober, I’d be happy to see the video though…

[2019] A Real Life tale

To tell 2019 I have to start with a “Once upon a time” as this year was filled with so many ups and downs, with suspense and surprises. As every tale, it concludes with a moral.

Innovation and sustainability

When planning 2019, I had wanted to organise TOKAY on 2 words: Innovation and sustainability.

On innovation, we achieved quite a lot for a single person team: Launching a feet measurement app, releasing the TOKAY Flight, and of course our Ultimate dedicated Flip-flop, gem of the year.

In 2019 TOKAY also released the Ambassadors program, giving the opportunity to players who had been supporting the project from the early stages to integrate TOKAY more officially. It also included news players who wanted to advocate for the brand they liked. Dear ambassadors, if you read this, thank you for your support!

Sustainability wasn’t such an easy matter to assess. While I could lead some actions that will have a positive effect on TOKAY’s environmental impact – such as reorganising the supply chain – sustainability requires to lead proper studies to evaluate those impacts before drawing conclusions. Those studies are underway, publishing the results on 2020. 

Not an easy start

Early 2019, I realised TOKAY wasn’t doing well, the launch of the company had required more resources than expected. As I had no experience in administration, it took me a while to realise it and take proper actions, the project was about to crash.

To this, added the stealth of the remaining stock. A few months before receiving the TOKAY Flight, most of the pairs from the first model were stolen from my van. The production was also delayed…. I had to cancel last minute my attendance to Tom’s Tourney: sorry again guys, see you next decade 😉

Those news hit me hard, as I was seeing the project tearing apart. I had to face the reality and started sketching a new plan: opening the company’s capital to welcome new investors and set up a better followup of TOKAY finances.

A Crazy summer

The TOKAY Flight arrived just in time for Windmill. Well, a small quantity of them, brought into the luggage of my production partners, the day before Windmill. The little detail is that they arrived to Milan, so I had to drive 15h to Amsterdam to be on time. 

They received a warm welcome from the community, and the intensity of the European Ultimate summer didn’t give me much time to think about anything else, with 2 week long tournaments: the adult and youth European Ultimate Championships in July and August. Adding to this the Club Championship and Master, I guess the European Ultimate Federation staff and partners didn’t get much time to think about anything else either. Congrats for surviving this summer!

The EUROSTARS were also a blast, not only for their victories during the tour, but also for the support I received from the team. Can’t wait to see you all girls next summer!

In October I pushed the travels further and crossed the ocean to Attend Lobster Pot, a College tournament in Portland, Maine. As it was my first trip to present TOKAY in the USA, I made the most of it and gave a bigger tour that end the weekend after at the Boston BUDA fall league. The whole trip was full of insights to help TOKAY develop in North America!

But let’s not get ahead on 2020. This trip in the USA marked the end of the traveling season, and I have spent the end of the year on more boring conventional tasks.

A real life moral

This story is a happy ending one, but the ordeals TOKAY and I have been through this year taught me a lot.

When facing those hard situations, I started working on my mental health, learning how to take care of myself so I kept enjoying what I was doing and wouldn’t lose sight of what is worth in life.

Whatever the situation is, you need people on your side. From my partners to my family I wouldn’t have done anything without them. Out of 2019, my best memories come from the times I’ve spent on the fields and from the people I’ve met.

So I hope you had a great holiday time with the people you love. For 2020, I wish you the best time with those people, and the rest will come along.

On to 2020!

[TOKAY Story] LAST: the Critical Part you can’t see

In the shoe industry there is a saying “Last comes First”. The Last is the shape on which your shoes are built, and that gives their fit. It’s the first thing to determine before validating the upper or the outsole. 

Read on to learn how we made TOKAYs comfortable and efficient for your feet.

What exactly is the last? 

The last is the shape on which the shoes are made, it determines their inner shape.

You can see how they enter into the fabrication process in that video that shows how TOKAY prototypes were made:

To make a last, the shaper uses a standard foot shape, to which they will add or remove some material to adapt it to the requirements.

This shape depends on many parameters:

The making of a last is a subtle mix of art and science, and requires a lot of experience.

Once the wooden last has been validated, it is scanned and scaled in each size. The lasts are then produced to be used for production. In a project such as TOKAY, approximately 100 lasts are required. They are made in a plastic that can be melted and re-used at the end of the project.

How is our last specific to Ultimate?

In Ultimate we don’t need to control anything but our body with our feet. This allowed us to make a more anatomical shape, bringing more comfort and movement efficiency to the players. 

Most of the cleats on the market are too narrow, either because the sport they are made for requires to control something with the foot – like in soccer – or for aesthetic reasons -like most of the football shoes.

A narrow last compresses your feet, while those would rather require some space to expand naturally. Why? When you run, the arches of your feet – formed by your bones and bent by your tendons – expand to absorb and then restore the energy between your body and the ground. If your feet cannot expand naturally, not only do you prevent them from working at their best, but you also increase the risk of injuries.

The changes we made to a traditional last

  • Wider sole base: a wider sole base gives more space to the foot to naturally expand when running. It also limits the wear and tear on the side of the shoe, by limiting the tension on the soft materials. At last, a wider sole base allows for a wider outsole, providing more ankle stability.
  • Wider toe box: As well as the sole base, the wider toe box allows your toes to move more naturally inside the shoes when cutting.
  • Higher toe box: A higher toe box prevents the top of the shoes from pressing on your toenails, preventing blue nails.

If you have a closer look to TOKAYs forefoot, you could almost say they look like sneakers. In reality their shape is in between soccer and sneaker, as too much room would let your feet crawl into the cleats, creating other problems such as blisters. 

That’s when the art of the last maker comes in…

Our last’s (but not least) story.

The way you spent the time on a 14h road trip.

When I started TOKAY, I had a roadtrip to the holy place of shoemaking in Europe: Montebeluna, Italy. It also happens to be the region of Prosecco if you ever tried that sparkling wine (haven’t you? You should 😉 ).

North of Italy is still very industrialized, most of the sectors are full of small, very specialized companies, strongly bonded together to deliver outstanding products. Italian craftsmanship is outstanding, most of these companies rely on very technical experts that could be called artists in their field of competence.

We took the road with my brother and crossed all the north of Italy from West to East to meet a shoemaker I was in contact with. Even if we didn’t end up working together, he gave me the address of one of the most famous Last making companies in the area. 

I tried to call them but had no answer. As it was our last day in Italy, I decided to go and visit them anyways.

As I wasn’t expected I was received directly by the Last maker, instead of the usual sales representative. Wed could have a chat with him for 2 hours, explaining the sport and its movements. He took out of the shelves a couple of existing lasts to understand how he could work from them to make the exact right shape that would fit you best.

A few weeks later I received the last I’m still using on the TOKAY Flight.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and could learn more on how cleats are made. If you have any question related to the article, drop it in the comment section!

[UltiLeague] The Fair Ultimate Pro League

Have you heard about UltiLeague? The new professional league proposed by Mike Palmer and 7 year Windmill crew member Milan Goud (yeah, no less than the people rocking the Ulti Broadcast company Ulti TV!). 

We have interviewed them, we got excited, and I think you will be at the end of this interview too. 

Why? Read on!

What’s the general idea behind Ultileague?

It’s the Ultimate League: it’s community controlled and powered by people, it’s mixed gender because we strive for equality, we go for diversity of cultures and languages from around the world; it’s a story about ultimate that wants to be told and spread.

Community controlled because we see a sport league that is influenced by the people doesn’t exist on this scale. There’s the basketball tournament’ in the US that does community engagement to a great point, and it works like a charm. There’s a Dutch professional cycling team that is sponsored by a community of 16000, it competes on the highest level. We want to do the same for Ultimate on a global scale.

We say nobody’s equal until everyone is equal, we should start showing children that games should be played with women and men in one team. Young girls should be empowered to go and play on the highest level.

The above is everything that makes the ultimate story unique, and what we think the existing pro ultimate leagues don’t get right. To be frank, we like every ultimate initiative, but we try to do it our way which is in our opinion the fastest way to grow ultimate.

That sounds promising, and when do you plan to release it?

We are continuously revealing information, ideas, and milestones step step by step! We went live with the idea in the summer and the response was overwhelming. For me—Milan—personally I launched some companies before, but never it got picked up so fast by people and with such passion. It’s an amazing feeling but also daunting. That is one of the reasons why there was a short silence after all this momentum, we all needed to get our ducks in a row. We needed to get a lot of stuff sorted personally and professionally, from the website and all the forms, to personal long distance relationships.

There’s so much possible in this idea, and where and how to start moving forward is crucial. First thing on our agenda is to prove that fans want this almost just as much as the players. We need the first validation from the fans, we aim to persuade the fans of the players that want to play in UltiLeague.

That is why we improved our website to focus more on the fans. These fans are people that will hear about ultimate through a friend, colleague or family member. They probably know one or more ultimate players, but they are not religious—like us players—yet. The players usually can’t stop talking about it, but now they have a way to convert their close ones into fans by offering value. The value UltiLeague offers to people is in entertainment, fair entertainment that is. We offer exciting live streams and amazing game days.

Did you already drive a lot of interest to the project?

Can you imagine we’re closing in on 1000 players that already applied, just in Europe.

Players applied in the masses! People from ultimate companies are emailing us, people are buying memberships; it’s phenomenal, the response we got. It gets our hearts racing and our fingers typing during late nights and during the weekends. So many players applied to play—I totally get that—because what if you can start making a living from playing and spreading something you love, and an activity you now pay a lot of money for.

The trick is to drive interest in people that are not yet fans of ultimate, that don’t play it, but they can become and start playing it, and in turn their kids. That’s the way we want grow ultimate in the world.

So, how can I be a part of it?

We would like to change the way people interact in this world, Ultimate as a sport is our medium, our vehicle to drive this change. It has the best values. You can be a part of that by going here https://www.ultileague.net/join-ultileague  

When you’re a player and want to make a living playing and spreading the sport you love, apply to UltiLeague in Europe here. www.ultileague.net/apply-player

Everyone around the world can be part of it. Either by sponsoring a player, team, or the complete league. Just go to Ultileague.net and check out the options. www.ultileague.net/

Thank you Milan for your time.

As you got it, at TOKAY we’re 100% with you!

3 Tips to Save Money on Your Order

Finding the perfect pair of Ultimate Frisbee Cleats is a challenge. That’s why we developed TOKAY with all the little details we need to play in mind, creating for you a great Fit, a sharp cleats pattern and removing all the unnecessary to have them as light as you could dream of.

Thanks to TOKAY, you’ll enjoy your practices and games fully, and we’re pretty sure making a deal on your best pair of cleats will only add to that feeling! That’s why today we share with you a few tips to save on your order at TOKAY.

Free Shipping

From 3 pairs ordered, we automatically offer shipping anywhere in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. Just choose the pairs you want and check out.

Visit Our Store

Group Orders

Teamwork is the 101 of Ultimate, if you find 4 or more additional duct taped cleats owner, make sure you reach out to me to get more discount!

Drop me an Email

Set you currency to USD

If you live in the USA, you can set your currency to USD, in addition to saving on exchange fees, our conversion rate is interesting. Here is how you can make that magic happen.

Mobile: go to the menu in the top right corner to access the settings and select USD.

Desktop: Access the setting directly in the header to switch from EUR to USD.


Not receiving the right size is never a good news, but we’ll make our best to make it a good experience. If you didn’t received the right size, you can find someone to test and buy it from you, and we’ll send you your right sizes pair free of charge!

Better checking your size

Too lazy to Measure your feet? 

OK, here is the trick that works most of the time, you can compare our fit to your usual shoe size. If you’re used to buy your cleats a bit bigger than your casual shoes, make sure you compare to your casual shoe size, not your cleats size. We made the Flights so they will cushion your feet, no need to buy them too big for that.

  • If you’re using the European, UK, or US Women sizing system, you can order your TOKAY in your usual size.
  • If you’re using the US men sizing system, you should order you TOKAY half a size smaller than what you’re used to.

If you have wide feet, don’t worry, your TOKAY will handle it. If you have EXTRA Wide feet, then you should consider going half a size higher.

And if you want to make sure about your size….

You should definitely test your size here.

[EYUC 2019] The Unofficial Ultimate Teams Playlist

Yo Gang,
We’re so excited to come at EYUC 2019, Wroclaw, Poland, from Aug. 10th to 17th!
To rock that week with you, we’re setting the EYUC Unofficial Teams Playlist.

How does it work?

Each team can contact me by email, facebook or Instagram to propose one song, and we’ll add it to the palylist! (please make sure it’s available on Deezer)

We’ll run some giveaways based on the playlist during the event, so make sure you send your song and stay tuned on:

Wanna get some early mood? Sound on!

As official footwear supplier of the EUF, we’ll have a booth at EYUC.
We’ll present there the TOKAY Flight.
LighterStronger, more Breathable, still Grippy as hell, that’s all the features of the TOKAY Flights that will make you forget you’re wearing cleats to concentrate only on your game.

As we’ll have limited stock on the tournament we recommend you to either:

– order your pair for a delivery for a home delivery,

– pre-order your pair on using the coupon code: EYUC2019, offering free shipping and a delivery on site in Wroclaw.

Order Now

Check here the songs each team proposed:


AUT Song – Artist AUT Song – Artist
CZE Bang Bang – Jesse J. BEL Bad Boy – Inner Circle
GBR Song – Artist CZE Song – Artist
GER We are family – Sister Sledge FIN Ukkometso – Pate Mustajärvi
HUN Song – Artist FRA Taj – Blr Rave & Crave
ITA Si, ah – Frah Quintale GBR Song – Artist
NED Song – Artist GER Not Afraid – Eminem
SVK Song – Artist IRL I’m Shipping Up To Boston – Dropkick Murphys
FRA Rythm of the Night – Deep Divas ISR Stronger – The Score
ITA The Show Goes On – Lupe Fiasco
NED HUTS – The Blockparty
POL Street Fight – Adam Jensen
SLO Song – Artist
SUI Rolli & Schoggi – Seppli MC
SVK Song – Artist
SWE Legendary – Skillet


Sponsors, Partners and Supportive parents

EUF Song – Artist
LUCKYGRASS Song – Artist
EURODISC Song – Artist
FANSEAT Money money Money – Abba
ULTI.TV Flashlight – Parliament
Duch Gry Champion Song – Crystal Fighters
Ulti Zone Go With It – Oliver, Chromeo
Klara Lipertova Hilltop Hoods – Cosby Sweater
FOCUS Ba ba ba – Miss Li
Graham Maskell Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen
TOKAY  Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore

[EUROSTARS] Get ready for the 3rd Tour

EUROSTAR players showing off their Spirit on TOKAY’s booth at EUC 2019.
Credit: Dina Dumanskaia

In 3 weeks, and for the 3rd year in a row, the EUROSTARS Tour is coming back to put their hand on the Americus pro cup again.

Beyond the cup and the game results, the EUROSTARS is an awesome project built to promote gender equity in Ultimate
through professional, elite level women’s games and clinics. Their key objectives are:

  • INSPIRE women and girls worldwide
  • HIGHLIGHT the widespread female talent found across Europe.
  • PROVIDE dedicated European women the opportunity to play semi professionally in a team deep with talent.
  • SHARE spirit globally, in all its glorious international flavors.
  • PROMOTE and feature female athletes.

So first of all please make sure you follow the EUROSTARS in their journey on:

TOKAY is proud to be the official footwear supplier of such a beautiful project, so we have gathered below all the relevant information you could need to follow the Tour.

Americus Pro Cup

The format of the Americus Pro Cup is easy:

The EUROSTARS teams – made of 16 European Elite Club players from 12 countries – will face 7 of the top US and Canadian Club teams over 2 weeks.

While the EUROSTARS represent Team Europe, all 7 Teams will represent Team America, after each game, the points will be distributed as follow:

  • Win by 1: 1 Pro-cup point
  • Win by 2 or 3: 2 Pro-cup points
  • Win by 4+: 3 pro-cup points

Support the tour and feel the excitment of the games live:


You’ll also be able to follow all these exciting games from home thanks to Fulcrum Media.

You can support the Tour by ordering your TOKAYs using the coupon code EUROSTARS on Tokay-Ultimate.com

For each pairs purchased with this code, you’ll receive a 10% discount, and the same amount will be given to the project!

Standing & Schedule

Team EUROPE: 14 Results Team AMERICA: 3














Best of luck girls!

If just like us you don’t want to wait for 3 weeks before feeling the excitement of the games, you can watch the games from last year HERE, as well as beautiful highlights videos like this one: