[Team Interview] The OTSO Bear Pack

Get a peek behind the strong and silent facade of OTSO. These unexpectedly chatty and hard working men from Espoo, Finland are ready to devour the competition this season. Find out about the team motto and sauna sessions that are making OTSO the best it has ever been.

Cover Photo Credits: Maruša Lešnik for Windmill

Fact Card

Club: Espoo Ultimate Club: OTSO
Year club was founded: Espoo Ultimate Club in 1990 and OTSO in 2006
City, Country :  Espoo, Finland
Division: Open

Best Results :
National Championships: 1st, 6 times in a row
Continental Championships: 7th at EUCF 2014
World Championships: 34th at WUCC 2014 in Lecco

What are the goals of the team at WUCC and beyond?

Cincinnati is one big milestone in a long series to come for Otso. We have kept our focus in this summer for couple of years now with dedication and understanding what it means to play in Worlds. Otso wants to play it’s best ultimate at the elite level, work hard and enjoy the ride whatever it brings. And whatever it brings we will cherish for future.

OTSO at Windmill
Photo Credits: OTSO

How are you preparing to accomplish these goals?

Athlete: Preparation for the tournament has allowed us as all to grow as Athletes to a whole new level through great training programs and motivation.

Evolution: We treat our game as an organism that grows, evolves, adapts and becomes stronger with every training, with every tournament and with every season.

Execution: When it is time to execute, we are focused, united, confident and positive towards any challenge.

OTSO playing CUSB at Windmill
Photo Credits: Maruša Lešnik for Windmill

What should the world know about your team and its journey to Worlds?

This is the best Otso ever. We practise hard with good focus but also remember to have fun as well. Our team culture has evolved during the years and our main motto for games and tournaments is “Make mistakes but make them at full speed”. Mistakes happen in every game but if you do it at full speed, you have given your best effort and it’s more “forgivable”. On field you can see it as less frustration, zero yelling at teammates (besides positive yelling) and faster recovering from mistakes, focus on the next play.

Last year in Caorle we played very confident and solid ultimate, just one dark moment in the game that mattered most. Seven wins and only one loss gave us positive vibes and a good kickstart for our journey to Worlds.

Usually the bear is a lonely wanderer but we come as a pack and the team spirit is one of our biggest benefits. We spend lots of time outside the field as well, especially in Sauna, that’s the place where you really bond with your teammates. Between the games we keep ourselves active by playing any small game possible. Here’s few of them: HIV (One touch, one bounce), Läpsy, Lefty Ball. Come play with us and/or teach us new ones!

OTSO playing CUSB at Windmill
Photo Credits: Maruša Lešnik for Windmill

What can your opponents expect from you this season?

A well deserved opponent that enjoys a good fight and great game. We are not too serious though and even though we live in the backwaters of Europe, we are capable of some finely tuned chit chat. We are interested in players and teams across the world, So come meet us!

Thank you OTSO for sharing your team in this chit chat with us, and the best of luck playing at full speed this season!

[Team Interview] #hoppZUF

Meet the Züri Ultimate Flyers, more commonly abbreviated to ZUF (because their strong T-Rex arms get tired when writing long words). Luckily those same arms have no exhaustion when it comes to plastic, which has given ZUF the energy they needed to steadily build up their team these past three years in the face of player turn-over and incredibly complicated team tactics.

It has been an absolute joy getting to know this team and it is also really satisfying to finally know dinosaur connection origin story… although translating their excellent dinosaur based humor into French was a bit less fun. Without further ado: ZUF!

Fact Card

Club: ZUF
Year club was founded: 1984
City, Country :  Zürich, Switzerland
Division: Women’s

Best Results :
National Championships: 1st in 2012 & 2013 (+ Mixed 2009-2012)
World Championships: 19th in Lecco (WUCC 2014)

Crowdfunding Campaign?
We ran a Hat Tournament with a Party, which raised some Francs and helped us introduce ultimate to more people in Zürich, which is a larger club goal of ours. The party featured drinks made with moonshine, including a mammoth jello-shot in a disc that was auctioned off. While it’s hard to say if the highest bidders actually “won” (it was pretty gross), we appreciate their support (Thanks, Ed and Ethan!) Some players produced and sold hats, while our younger players ran their own crowdfunding campaign, which has now closed (successfully!) .

ZUF at Tom’s Tourney

What are the goals of the team at WUCC and beyond? How are you preparing to accomplish these goals?

No bones about it, we are just a bunch of dinosaurs trying to make it in the anthropocene.

  • Are we meditating? You bet!
  • Are we using social network analysis and machine learning to inform our tactics? Sorta.
  • Are we particularly ambitious? Not really.

We were super excited that Switzerland got a second women’s bid!!! We’ve adopted some hatchlings from other Swiss teams to boost the numbers of our herd– with a focus on developing players and Swiss ultimate. Our talon-ted pickups took on the challenge of working out, working hard, and working as a team. Additionally, we practice twice a week, have one group gym session and at least one independent session a week, and a running program designed to first build endurance, then speed. Switzerland is pretty compact, so external players have been able to attend some weekday trainings in Zürich and we have had three training weekends.

ZUF at Disc Days Cologne
Photo Credits: Matthias Zuber (for Disc Days Cologne)

Our evolution has progressed through early, chemistry building tournaments, like Prague Winter and Skybowl to more focused tournaments like Tom’s Tourney and Disc Days Cologne. Plus we won the 2018 Swiss Beach Championship along the way!

We have just four returners from Lecco ‘14 so it is difficult to guess how we will stack up to the competition outside of Europe, but we aim to play cohesively and would like to finish in the top half of the spirit rankings.

ZUF facing YAKA at Tom’s Tourney

What should the world know about your team and its journey to Worlds?

We were delighted and a bit surprised to find out that Switzerland had a second women’s bid! We have been on this journey for three years, before the #roadtocincinnati existed. Back then, we introduced new offensive and defensive systems and, honestly it was a bit of a (tyrannosaurus) wreck — we finished last at Skybowl and lost every game in the first round of the Swiss Championships – clawing back up to third in the final round. Over the course of that season we also lost several key players to injury, so shyer/less experienced players had to take over more responsibility. But all that can be considered prehistoric – we are back to health and have gotten much more confident with the systems and move as a collective mind on the field.  During that phase we also adopted the Dino as a mascot, since one of our pregnant teammates would come cheer for us in a T-rex onesie. To the chagrin of some players, the Dino is here to stay.

ZUF getting in selfie-shape at Tom’s Tourney
Photo Credits: ZUF (Caroline Saul)

Some Stega-stories for ya:

  • Have we made up our own party themes for themeless parties? You bet!
  • Have we, on occasion, convinced other teams that those were the official themes and gotten them to join in? Oh yeah!
  • Have we sourced fans from Tinder? You haven’t?
  • Have we had to change a cheer that a non-swiss player made up because ZUF spelled backwards is the “c-word”  in swiss german? Jä!
  • Have the ZUFis danced more this season than we ever have before?  Thanks, Tess!

ZUF Training Weekend
Photo Credits: ZUF (Caroline Saul)

What can your opponents expect from you this season?

Do you mean their T-rexpectations?

Our playing style can be characterized as RAWR! We’ve heard opponents (and, honestly some of our players) describe our offense as “chaos”, which we are choosing to take as a compliment. One of our most experienced players notes, “What I really love about playing with ZUF is that the system is so confusing and I love a challenge!”

See you in Cinci! #hoppZUF

ZUF facing the Seagulls and Deskeagh at Tom’s Tourney

Thank you ZUF for this delightful pun-filled foray into you Jurassic Plans. Wishing you the best of luck this season!

[Team Interview] #YAKAddict

One of the first teams we worked with, and perennial first ladies of France: YAKA. Known for their 10 French Nationals wins, team selfies, and intimidating team pictures; YAKA are aiming to equal or improve on their 2017 bronze medal finish at EUCF. Read on to see how YAKA, despite player turnover, are working hard to present a united front at WUCC. 

Cover Photo: YAKA’s Virginie and Daniela in the Tom’s Tourney 2018 Finals vs. Iceni
Cover Photo Credit: The ShowGame © Tristan Millington

Fact Card

Club: YAKA
Year club was founded: 1986, women’s team YAKA was founded in 2005
City, Country :  Noisy-le-Sec, France
Division: Women’s

Best Results :
National Championships:
outdoor: 1st in 2007 and from 2009 – 2017 (10 titles)
indoor: 1st in 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18 (3 titles)

Continental Championships: 3rd in 2017
World Championships: 23rd in 2014, 22nd in 2010

Crowdfunding Campaign?
Yes, right here: link.

What are the goals of the team at WUCC and beyond? How are you preparing to accomplish these goals?

WUCC 2018 will be our third World Club Championship. After Prague in 2010 and Lecco in 2014, this year we intend to continue our quest for international results, of course, by improving our previous ranking. But in terms of sport, we would especially like to confirm our European bronze medal by finishing in the top 3 of the attending European teams.

From the point of view of Spirit, we are insisting that every player knows the rules perfectly, but especially that every player takes pleasure in being at these World Championships. This is a huge celebration of the ultimate world, and it is up to us to represent French Ultimate in the most beautiful way possible!

YAKA team picture taken at Tom’s Tourney
Photo Credits: YAKA

Our preparation is built on collectivity. We had a big roster turnover between the 2017 and 2018 season, so we organized several training sessions (and selection rounds) to quickly build a new group, and then we immediately went to confront other European teams: in Ghent for a training camp with the Belgian team Gentle and the English team Iceni, and then at different tournaments: Vienna, Brugge, Amsterdam. Our first sports results are very encouraging for the future! (A victory in Brugge, 2nd place in Vienna).

We will continue our training plan until the end: 2 technical and tactical training sessions per week, as well as 3 physical training sessions. A large core of players train together in Noisy-le-Sec, but we also have several players located far away, including 2 players from Nantes, 2 from Grenoble, and 6 girls living abroad. While some might think this is not ideal for preparing to attend a World Championship, at YAKA we are used to working with remote players. Our communication within the team is essential; even at a distance, we are in touch every day to give news, to motivate, and especially to share jokes and various delusions. The YAKA 2018 group is doing extremely well as we prepare for the big appointment of the summer!!

YAKA’s Robyn and Virginie facing the Dutch U20 team in the Tom’s Tourney 2018 Semi-Finals
Photo Credit: The ShowGame © Claire Baker

What should the world know about your team and its journey to Worlds?

For Cincinnati, we think we have armed our squad to fight against any team: our American recruits will help us to decipher the American and Japanese game that they are used to dealing with; our European recruits (Austrian and Dutch) will bring us better knowledge of the Northern and Eastern European game. This is a real asset to us who are by now very familiar with the Belgian, English and Italian game, teams that we have played very often over the last 2-3 years.

For WUCC, we have worked on our collective trust! Going to the other side of the world to play Ultimate is just huge. It will therefore be necessary to enjoy every moment and to make the most out of this opportunity!

Anecdote: During our European bronze-medal run in 2017, the mayor of Noisy-le-Sec, Mr Laurent RIVOIRE, made the trip to Caorle in Italy to support us and experience that adventure with us. With two club teams in Cincinnati (YAKA in women and Iznogood in open), will the Mayor be present in the United States?!

YAKA’s Sarah and Aude in the Tom’s Tourney 2018 Finals vs. Iceni
Photo Credit: The ShowGame © Tristan Millington

What can your opponents expect from you this season?

In terms of our team cheer we will not be original: we have had the same yell since 2007, a cheer that has been passed down from generation to generation 🙂

On the other hand, in terms of playing style we will continue the work of recent years: that is to say (without revealing too much), a well-oiled offense with dangerous players in the different areas of play, and several defensive cards in our pocket: from great individual physical capabilities to different collective zone defenses!

We can not wait to launch our “Makina” lines (powerline) in Cincinnati!

YAKA’s Rasta at Vienna Spring Break and Robyn at Tom’s Tourney
Photo Credit (one): © H.-P. Zerlauth
Photo Credit (two): © Tom’s Tourney

Thank you YAKA for enabling us to get even more YAKAddicted! Best of luck to you and the Mayor at WUCC!


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“If you are on this site you’re an Ultimate player that cares about their performance, and therefor care about the tools to make you the best you can be. Tokay’s Cleats are the tool we have all been waiting for.”

Product Review: TOKAY Flight Cleats
Written by Lindsay Soo
16 Oct. 2019

“I like these TOKAY Flight cleats a lot. I love the distinct look and the comfort. I like knowing that I could throw them on at any point and not have any issues with pain or blisters”
– Lindsay

The Showgame
Written by Leila Denniston and Josh Coxon Kelly
11 Oct. 2019

“I enjoyed playing in them both on grass at EUCF and then on 3G. I didn’t experience any slips or grip-based frustrations.”
– Leila

“From the tiny details from blog posts […] to the shoe box which has cut-outs to create a disc-holder – you can tell the product is a labour of love”
– Josh

Skyd Magazine
TOKAY Flight Cleats Reviewed
Video by Liam Grant
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“Definitely, definitely, definitely the best cleats I’ve ever had.”
– Liam Grant

The Showgame
Written by Hannah Pendlebury and Sean Colfer
13 July 2018

“We’ve trained in snow and rain, and these have been good for those sludgy conditions.”
– Hannah

“There’s been a couple of times when I’ve stepped on the side of my foot and I feel like these have kept my ankle from turning.”
– Sean

Product Review: TOKAY Ultimate Cleats
Written by Simon Pollock and Katie Raynolds
10 July 2018

“I’ve loaned the extra tryout pairs to teammates in need, with a hearty recommendation. They loved them, too.”
– Katie

“From the ease of the first fit with my true size to the work on the field, TOKAY’s cleats really did feel like an upgrade.”
– Simon

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Review: TOKAY cleats / boots
Recorded by Felix and Edgars
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“They never let me down.”

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“I think they’re probably the best cleats I’ve ever owned.”

SKYD Magazine
Product Review: TOKAY Ultimate Cleats
Written by Robyn Wiseman
24 April 2018

“The attention to detail in designing and manufacturing these cleats surpasses any other cleat I have seen.”


Focus Ultimate
Revue de TOKAY par Nass
Ecrit par Nasser M’Bae
3 octobre 2019

“Ces crampons sont juste le top – les petits crampons sur le côté permettent d’avoir un bon grip lors des changements de direction, quelle que soit la surface. Depuis Győr, je ne quitte plus mes Tokay et j’ai bien hâte de découvrir les futurs modèles…”

Frank Vallée
Vidéo par Frank Vallée, en Français
9 May 2018

“En bref ç’est un excellent soulier qui offre énormément du support pour votre pied et votre cheville.”


Tokay im Test – der ultimative Schuh aus Europa?
Geschrieben von Anna Gerner und David Metzger, auf Deutsch
15 August 2018

“Ich kann TOKAY wirklich nur weiterempfehlen.”

– Anna Gerner

“Ganz klar das größte Plus des Schuhs ist der Komfort!”

– David Metzger


Greta Melega racconta la sua esperienza con le nuove Tokay
Scritto da Greta Melega
11 Oct. 2019

“Sicuramente saranno la mia scarpe per i prossimi appuntamenti frisbeestici.”

– Greta Melega

Giovanni “Cioppo” Santucci ci parla delle nuove Tokay
Scritto da Giovanni Santucci
9 Oct. 2019

“Sono soddisfatto di averle provate e consiglierei a tutti di farlo.”

– Giovanni Santucci

[Team Interview] How to Fly like a Rabbit

The team that inspired these short team interviews is up next: the Flying Rabbits.

Robin had the pleasure of attending one of their team trainings earlier this year and was impressed by the humor they brought to everything they did. Case in point: their warm-up routine is thoroughly rabbit themed and includes “picking the carrots” and “the hunter position”. An awesome club that deserves the world’s attention, everyone who has attended their annual “I Don’t Carrot All” tournament would agree.

Fact Card

I Don’t Carrot All

Club: Flying Rabbits
Year club was founded: 2014
City, Country :  Brussels, Belgium
Division: Mixed

Best Results :
National Championships: 2nd (Mixed Division)
Continental Championships: 2 participations at EUCR-C (Mixed Division)
World Championships: None, yet.

Crowdfunding Campaign?
We did not do a public funding campaign.

Robin attending a Flying Rabbits training earlier this season
Photo Credits: the Ultimate Life of John Kofi

What are the goals of the team at WUCC and beyond? How are you preparing to accomplish these goals?

Our goals are multiple and can be summarized as: to take and offer a maximum amount of pleasure during our week at WUCC. To achieve this, we are working on several aspects.

Sport first. We want to give our best. In addition to our extra weekly trainings, we have a physical training program that we set up many months ago. Tactically, our coach Sigi Bodson has also concocted several custom-made plays and worked a lot on our defensive and offensive maturity.

Onto spirit. We are really aiming to be without reproach during Worlds. We are working on the 5 traditional axes of SOTG, and especially on the category “rules knowledge and use”.

Flying Rabbits at G-Spot
Photo Credits: © Raf Celis

Throughout our preparation, we are also trying to get a maximum amount of experience out of playing other teams.

Collectively, it is also a big challenge to attend with 28 players while keeping good team cohesion, foolproof spirit, and defusing any frustrations. To get there at our best, we have been assisted by two coaches, Caroline Delmeire and Nathalie Ledur, specialized in team development.

All of our preparation has already borne its first fruits at G-Spot and, we hope, will bring even more results during Windmill, which will be the dress rehearsal before WUCC for many teams.

Flying Rabbits at G-Spot
Photo Credits: © Raf Celis

What should the world know about your team and its journey to Worlds?

Our club was created in 2014 by players who were almost all beginners. From the start, the club’s crazy dream was to be “2018 World Champions”. At the beginning of the joke, we did everything to align the stars gradually over the seasons. Last year, after a huge amount of effort, we managed to get second place at the mixed Belgian outdoor championships … all still on track with the original joke!

We hope now that the conclusion of our founding dream will be as crazy as possible.

Flying Rabbits at G-Spot
Photo Credits: © Raf Celis

What can your opponents expect from you this season?

We are quite famous for our Spirit, our songs and our very mixed game. These are characteristics that we will not change, quite the contrary in fact!

For those who would like the crispy details of those Rabbits going to WUCC, every week on Facebook we publish descriptive cards introducing each player. In addition to being very funny, everything we publish is true, so do not hesitate to check out our page.

Robin attending a Flying Rabbits training earlier this season
Photo Credits: the Ultimate Life of John Kofi

Thank you Flying Rabbits for this peak into your team preparations, and the best of luck this year realizing your founding dreams!

[Team Interview] The “Krassgeile” Mainzelmädchen

We have already had the pleasure of working with a bunch of incredible clubs and teams this year, and we would love for you to meet them. Next up are the Mainzelmädchen. After winning the German national championships in 2017, they are now on the hunt to impress both on the continental stage and at WUCC later this summer.

Cover Photo Credits: © H.-P. Zerlauth

Fact Card

Club: Mainzelmädchen
Year club was founded: 1996 in Mainz, cooperating with Darmstadt since 2011
City, Country:  Mainz and Darmstadt
Division: Womens

Best Results:
National Championships: 1st (2017)
Continental Championships: coming this year
World Championships: coming this year

Crowdfunding Campaign? No

What are the goals of the team at WUCC and beyond? How are you preparing to accomplish these goals?

We will play the WUCC in Cincinnati. This is an exciting big event and goal for everyone in the team. We attach great importance to focusing on our play, independently of which team is playing against us. In this way, we are sure that we can get our 100% performance (and more for sure).

Also, our big aim is to defend our national title in the Women’s division.

Mainzelmädchen at Vienna Spring Break
Photo Credits: © H.-P. Zerlauth

For these two goals (mostly for WUCC), we are working hard individually and together. We do additional muscle and stability trainings, sprints and high intensity interval trainings, throwing and of course the team trainings together.

We had several training weekends and picked three international tournaments for preparation (Benelux Cup, Vienna Spring Break, Windmill).

No matter how games are going, we will work together as one team till the end.

Mainzelmädchen at Vienna Spring Break
Photo Credits: © H.-P. Zerlauth

What should the world know about your team and its journey to Worlds?

We have a really pleasant group with lovely individuals – everyone takes care of every others, we respect us and really have a lot of fun, no matter what the circumstances give us.

Our team is nearly 100% “original” club team without pick-ups. From the 20 players, only one player joined us for the big event but she already played a tournament with us and knew the most of us. Because she belongs to us as a matter of course, I (captain) forgot to introduce her at the first WUCC preparation session.

This is we are very proud of and we think what “club championships” really is. We know each other very well, developed together and have our really unique team culture.

Mainzelmädchen posing in their matching TOKAY’s at Vienna Spring Break
Photo Credits: the Mainzelmädchen

What can your opponents expect from you this season?

We are sure that we all widely stepped forward with our preparation, physically and mentally. It is easy to keep the motivation high when you are clearly leading. Our challenge is to keep the high intensity and positive energy throughout the games independently of the score.

Our team keyword is “krassgeil” which means like “extremely amazing” – this is what every single player believes about herself and the team.

Mainzelmädchen at Vienna Spring Break
Photo Credits: © H.-P. Zerlauth

Thank you Mainzelmädchen for this incredible insight into your capital t Team, and the best of luck this season nationally and internationally!

[Team Interview] Meet the Wizards

We have already had the pleasure of working with a bunch of incredible clubs and teams this year, and we would love for you to meet them. First up are the Wizards from Geneva! They have a magical way of describing their season… 😀

Fact Card

Club: Wizards
Year club was founded: 1984
City, Country : Geneva, Switzerland
Division: Mixed

Best Results :
National Championships: 2nd in Mixed (2017). In Open the best result was 3rd (2008).
World Championships: First participation in Mixed. Last time was Open masters in 1999… or Open in 1995…

Crowdfunding Campaign

What are the goals of the team at WUCC and beyond? How are you preparing to accomplish these goals?

For our first participation in the WUCC mixed division the main goal of the WIZARDS – after quidditch has stopped – is to gain a maximum amount of experience and continue to progress.

We do not have a ranking objective and we intend to approach the tournament one match at a time… Like Gandalf or Merlin, we will see where our magic and our incantations lead us.

In general, this participation to WUCC has allowed us to form a strong group with some players who have joined us from  beyond Geneva’s borders.

We ended up cutting Harry Potter from the final selection because he really lacked team spirit.

We have increased the intensity of our trainings and prepared a new magic potion adapted to the humidity of Cincinnati. We now have to check whether it complies with anti-doping standards.

We also have new brooms as well as two or more original strategies, all innovative and bewitching, but we will be keeping those to ourselves for now.

Further related to optimal preparation, we have a dietician of Elven origin who very strictly guides our diet. We eat mainly mushrooms and roots, and some weekends we have the right to a cup of wildebeest blood.

Wizards in action at their home tournament Talampaya
All pictures by The Ultimate Life of John Kofi

What should the world know about your team and its journey to Worlds?

An important thing to know is that we are not old, but rather “experienced”.

Similarly, we are not especially small, but our center of gravity is lower than average.

We reflect the image of our city, with a population from all over the world. We speak a dialect – wizzinite – based on French, English, Khuzdul, Orkish, Italian, a little German and a touch of Berber. The vocabulary is very limited. We say “Daï Daï”, “Hammer” and “Bombone” a lot. That is enough for us for now.

We have a majestic war cry to encourage us before our matches, it is very melodic, but unfortunately we do not sing very well.

We recently kidnapped Sherkan, the Genevan eagle and mascot of the local ice hockey team. We put him in a cage with Jean-Luc – our favorite raven – we would like to see what happens … If we do not see concrete results, we sacrifice him to the next full moon.

Wizards in action at their home tournament Talampaya
All pictures by The Ultimate Life of John Kofi

What can your opponents expect from you this season?

A lot of black magic, but in keeping with the spirit of the game.

In terms of style of play, it will be simple: chicken’s blood, lizard’s scales, dried llama fetuses, all with an inclination towards the dark side of the force.

And we promise you that we will abstain from all forms of levitation.

Wizards in action at their home tournament Talampaya
All pictures by The Ultimate Life of John Kofi

Thank you Wizards for this incredible insight into your teams, and the best of luck this season!

[Travels] At Rising Home

A few weeks ago we attended Rising High; an excellent tournament in Ingeborg’s old home town of Delft, the Netherlands. She definitely suggested attending the tournament her former club hosts, and we’re both very glad she did! At Rising High we had our booth out in the sun, surrounded by 8 fields chock-a-block full of high-spirited ultimate.

The organizing teams (all three of which played and volunteered throughout the tournament) did an excellent job hosting three days of disc joy for intermediate to experience teams, providing us excellent food at a great location with an excellent party to boot! Thank you for the excellent work Force Elektro (and the Power PUF Girls!), Ingeborg had the best time being home.

Hosts Force Elektro and the Power PUF Girls in action at Rising High

Work Hard Play Hard

Attending a tournament as your job is obviously a very awesome and fun type of work, but it does usually means not playing any actual Ultimate while we are there. Furthermore, we have come back from tournaments and realized that we had not thrown a single disc that entire 2 – 3 day period. Whoops.

All of that was very different this year in attending Rising High. Before the tournament proper got underway, Robin played the one day HAT tournament with the blue team. The excellently titled Rising Hat is an excellent opportunity to meet the people you will be playing against for the rest of the weekend, and for Robin is was a chance to play before working the rest of the weekend.

In a nice turn of events, things would not remain so clear cut. Since a few HAT players forgot to bring cleats, Robin worked a little during the HAT tournament; and because Robin found out that one of the teams at Rising High would have only 6 players for the tournament, he ended up playing for a lot of the weekend! Eventually WAF found a few more players, and they had a luxuriously large team of 9 players.

Here are a few pictures of Robin stretching his legs with WAF.

Naturally Ingeborg got a little jealous of all of the on field frolicking fun that Robin was having, so she picked up with her old regional women’s pick up for the second day; back in pink with the Power PUF Girls!

Disc Giveaway

Once again we ran our disc giveaway competition. And once again the Callahan Catcher disc was claimed seconds into the tournament while the Greatest Thrower remained unclaimed. A lot of players cheerily boasted that they would do the deed in the next game, but this remained all talk and no action. One team even took a time-out in order to strategize how they could execute a successful Greatest; but that time-out only led to an almost immediate turnover and zero successful Greatests.

(left) Harald of the Frizzly Bears, our Callahan Catcher
(right) Greatest attempt, picture by Cheron Huskens

We want to congratulate Harald of the Frizzly Bears for successfully catching a Callahan score in their first game of the tournament. Funnily enough, it was during their game against Force Elektro, the team who had won the Callahan Catcher disc at Tom’s Tourney the weekend before! Harald credits his team’s excellent junk defense for throwing of FE’s offense. A floaty disc went up to the poached handler in the endzone, and Harald had “way too much time to get the disc,” the score and the TOKAY Giveaway Disc to boot!

Also a special shout-out to the Belgian U20 team for scoring 3 Callahans in a single game! And also for winning the tournament…

Fun in the Dutch Sun

Congratulations to all of the winners at Rising High 2018: Dutch U20 Women for winning the women’s division and Spirit, Belgium U20 Men for winning the High Open division, Flying Colors for winning the Rising Open division and to BORA for winning the Open Spirit prize.  Also a huge congratulations to Jet Set for winning the party and Undutchables for winning the flip-cup tournament.

Perhaps it was our time on the field playing, or the ever present sunshine, maybe even the flip cup tournament or that falafel lunch on Saturday… for all those reasons and a thousand more, Rising High was a joy to attend and felt more like a holiday than any tournament we attended has so far. As always it was a pleasure to meet and re-meet many wonderful people in our little world of Ultimate. We look forward to catching up with you all soon, and are eagerly anticipating our next travel destination!

[Travels] TOKAY at Tom’s Tourney

Making History

We were very excited to be at Tom’s Tourney this year, in part because Tom’s happens to be an important marker in TOKAY’s short history. In 2017, Tom’s was the first tournament that we attended with some of our earlier prototypes. We only had two pairs there for players to trial, but even then we already had a great weekend talking to players about our project.

This year we returned with the first generation of TOKAY cleats: tester pairs in 18 sizes and many boxes full of cleats for sale! The compare and contrast below fills us with joy at how far we have already come with this project.

TOKAY Booth at TT2017 vs. TT2018

We’re looking forward to the work ahead (and there is plenty of it) to continue to grow and build TOKAY, but we also took the time to sit down with a tasty Belgian beer and revel in what we have accomplished so far.

Crazy Hazy Lazy Days of Ultimate

Tournament hosts the Freezzz Beezzz made some history of their own, winning their own tournament for the first time in Tom’s history! A huge congratulations to them, for the win and for putting on such an incredible tournament. Both the level play and the ambiance of Tom’s were fantastic once again. Great ultimate, weather, food and drink were available the whole weekend long; and the waffles even made two appearances much to Ingeborg’s delight!

Spectacular performances in the Open Division 1 Finals

We also want to shout out Tchac for their silver medal finish. This team holds a special place in our hearts and they were a delight to watch. Ingeborg in particular is a huge fan of the defensive Seagull chear: *flaps arms like wings* “kakaaaw kakaaaw.”

YAKA put on a dominant performance in the Women’s Final

Another French team close to our hearts is the spectacular YAKA of Noisy Le Sec. They won Tom’s Tourney this year for the first time since 2007. Despite losing to Iceni earlier on in the tournament, they shut them out of the finals.

It was great to see their international pick-ups gelling well with the rest of the team and an honour to meet the incredible Robyn Wiseman in person. For those of you who have not read her very positive review of our cleats, click here. For those of you more curious to see the dominant performance we saw, check out Fanseat’s coverage of the finals here (Fanseat subscription required).

Disc Giveaway

We ran another disc giveaway at Tom’s Tourney, and while the Callahan Catcher disc was claimed within the first few points of the first round of games, the Greatest Thrower once more went unclaimed.

(right) Andris Otisons of Force Elektro, winner of our Callahan Catcher Disc Giveaway

Andris Otisons of Force Elektro was the talent that caught the Callahan. In their game against DMB (Deine Mudder Bremen), Force Elektro rushed down to set up after the pull. While Dommi worked his magic on the mark, Andris Otisons played some nice tight dump defense on the open side handler. After said handler cut up field and diagonally back, Andris snuck a peak at the disc heading his way and deemed it his catch to make. A layout was required, but landing successfully in the endzone Andris got himself a Callahan score! And a TOKAY disc for his efforts!

Old and New Friends

We were super excited to see increasing numbers of TOKAY cleats rocking around in all three divisions. We saw them on the feet of individual backers, teams that made club orders (special shout out to the Flying Rabbits as well as ZUF and Gentle Ladies), as well as players who purchased them at Tom’s and immediately ran off to play games in their new cleats!

We had an incredible time at Tom’s Tourney, and hope to be back next year!

TOKAY Travels

Curious about our upcoming travel plans? Check out the events we will be attending over then next few months in the overview below.

Hope to see you there!


Brugge, Belgium
4 – 6 MAY




2 MAY (23:59 CEST)

Delft, the Netherlands
11 – 12 MAY




7 MAY (23:59 CEST)


Nottingham, UK
2 – 3 JUNE




30 MAY (23:59 CEST)

Gera Lario, Italy
16 – 17 JUNE


due to the short notice we gave that we would be attending this awesome tournament, no coupon code is or was available.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
22 – 24 JUNE




19 JUNE (23:59 CEST)

Lyon, France
30 JUNE – 1 JULY




27 JUNE (23:59 CEST)


Toscolano-Maderno, Italy
7 – 8 JULY




4 JULY (23:59 CEST)