6 steps to choose your ultimate frisbee shoes

Finding your perfect fitting cleat is not an easy task. Each foot is different and most of the cleats are designed for other sports than Ultimate Frisbee.

So here are some few tips to find the one to make your life with: your next beloved game cleats!

Buying shoes in a store :

Comfort is a critical aspect of the shoes, and each pair of feet is special, so you may want to test your shoes for real before trying them. Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Bring your own socks
  • Choose for immediate comfort: the shoe will deform with the time, but if some parts of the shoe are initially uncomfortable it is better to try another model.
  • Shop in the evening: feet swell during the day, so don’t shop first thing.
  • Test shoes on both feet: we all have a foot larger than the other.
  • Buy a beautiful shoe: the one that give you the game winning swag!

Buying online :

Buying online shoes isn’t easy, given that brands tend to have their own characteristic shape of shoe… But with more and more websites allowing customers to return shoes, it can be a good option to find more specialized cleats:

Studs shape :

Many studies tend to show that I shaped studs tend to increase the risk of injury (especially under the heel, where they restrict your foot during rotational movement). You should seek out cylinder-shaped studs.

According to the type of shoes you’re buying :

Each shoe is developed for a particular sport, according to the athletes’ needs (agility, springiness, protection, etc.). Here is a chart of pros and cons of the kind of cleats you could buy to play ultimate Frisbee :

Pros Cons
  • Easy to find
  • Lightweight
  • Very narrow forefoot
  • High lacing that limits the fitting
  • No toe stud
American Football
  • Toe stud
  • Mid-cut models
  • Bulky
  • Narrow Forefoot
  • Lacking Comfort
  • Good grip on muddy fields
  • Studs are too big for use on hard ground
  • Heavy
  • Metal studs are not allowed in Ultimate
  • Toe stud
  • Mid-cut models
  • Bulky
  • Difficult to find in stores
Field Hockey
  • More cushion
  • Higher soles that limit stability and explosive power

For indoor practice, handball shoes present a good alternative since the sport is played with similar movements (short sprints and hard cuts).

Fit your feet:

Each foot is different. Their length can vary, but also their width, arch, toes shapes, etc. . . Unfortunately, no brand exists today that would provide a different fit for a same model of cleat (just like Asics – for example – does this for running shoes).

In this article you can learn more about what makes a great fit for Ultimate.

Depending on your finances :

There are cleats for any kind of budget; you even often see the same model from a brand presented in different ranges. In these cases two factors should be taken into account: the quality of materials and the finishing of the product.

For example in the lower prices range you will have poor quality synthetic leather (non-breathable, poor durability) and a unicolor outsole; whereas in the higher priced scale you will have real kangaroo leather and a nice finishing of the outsole, plus a cushioning insole.


  1. I do like that you suggested choosing shoes that will make you feel comfortable, and try another shoe if your choice is initially uncomfortable. My brother is interested in buying football cleats. He said that he wanted to play football without having to struggle in foot discomfort so he can run and move smoothly. Thanks for sharing this.

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