3 Tips to Save Money on Your Order

Finding the perfect pair of Ultimate Frisbee Cleats is a challenge. That’s why we developed TOKAY with all the little details we need to play in mind, creating for you a great Fit, a sharp cleats pattern and removing all the unnecessary to have them as light as you could dream of.

Thanks to TOKAY, you’ll enjoy your practices and games fully, and we’re pretty sure making a deal on your best pair of cleats will only add to that feeling! That’s why today we share with you a few tips to save on your order at TOKAY.

Free Shipping

From 3 pairs ordered, we automatically offer shipping anywhere in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. Just choose the pairs you want and check out.

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Group Orders

Teamwork is the 101 of Ultimate, if you find 4 or more additional duct taped cleats owner, make sure you reach out to me to get more discount!

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Set you currency to USD

If you live in the USA, you can set your currency to USD, in addition to saving on exchange fees, our conversion rate is interesting. Here is how you can make that magic happen.

Mobile: go to the menu in the top right corner to access the settings and select USD.

Desktop: Access the setting directly in the header to switch from EUR to USD.


Not receiving the right size is never a good news, but we’ll make our best to make it a good experience. If you didn’t received the right size, you can find someone to test and buy it from you, and we’ll send you your right sizes pair free of charge!

Better checking your size

Too lazy to Measure your feet? 

OK, here is the trick that works most of the time, you can compare our fit to your usual shoe size. If you’re used to buy your cleats a bit bigger than your casual shoes, make sure you compare to your casual shoe size, not your cleats size. We made the Flights so they will cushion your feet, no need to buy them too big for that.

  • If you’re using the European, UK, or US Women sizing system, you can order your TOKAY in your usual size.
  • If you’re using the US men sizing system, you should order you TOKAY half a size smaller than what you’re used to.

If you have wide feet, don’t worry, your TOKAY will handle it. If you have EXTRA Wide feet, then you should consider going half a size higher.

And if you want to make sure about your size….

You should definitely test your size here.


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